Having a family member or a friend be stuck in the hospital for a couple of days is not worrying the people surrounding them but also themselves. We need to shower them support throughout the whole time they are there and even when they finally get discharged. A little token of love and support will go a long way to help them with recovery.

Here are some gift ideas for someone coming home from the hospital:

Throw Blanket

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You can never have too many fuzzy blankets. Throw blankets with faux fur makes you feel cozier and we all know how queasy hospital makes us feel. While you can’t hug your loved ones all the time and shower them with your warmth, give them this blanket as an alternative. Don’t worry, it’s just faux fur!


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Drawing is a proven stress-reliever for some of us. Give your artsy friend this 100-page sketch pad to let out some of the tension. This can last for months on end and are made with high-quality paper, even better because they are recycled! You don’t have to worry when you get a little too rough when erasing your sketch errors because the papers are sturdy. Also, if they ran out, you can always stock sketchpad for them right?

The Three Stooges Movie Collection Set

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They say laughter is the best medicine then gift them this movie collection set of the classic comedy trio The Three Stooges. Laugh away the sickness with Larry, Moe, and Curly and you’d be all better in no time. Even in black and white, the video quality is crisp and clear. What makes watching The Three Stooges better? Watching them with your family and friends over a box pizza.

Animal Socks

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Getting cold toes in the middle of the night is frustrating enough when you’re sick and barely had the energy to leave the bed and fetch yourself a pair of socks from your drawers. Sometimes your blanket is not enough to give you all the warmth you need to lull you into a good night’s sleep and cold feet is the worst of all. Wear socks before diving into bed and you have a guaranteed relaxing sleep at night. The animal prints are just bonuses.

Cocoa-scented Candle

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There are times when someone is not allowed to have sweets when sick. For a fun and relaxing alternative, give your chocoholic friend this cocoa-scented candle to help her relax. Since she can’t eat chocolates for now, at least she can smell the intoxicating aroma! Chocolate is also said to enhance the production of dopamine or happy hormones and that will speed up your recovery even more. You can light this hot cocoa-scented candle during your naps and bath times.


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Chills are one of the most common symptoms of various diseases. So staying warm and toasty is only a natural solution so why not wrap yourself in a soft cardigan? Made from soft cotton that is comfy to the skin and comes in a loose-fitting form that allows just the right amount of air to your body. The two pockets can be for keeping your phone with you at all time or just keeping your hands warm.

Massage Wand

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Getting a massage is one of the most common solutions to relieve stress and heal some minor body pains. This massage wand is made out of selenite, a gypsum crystal that is said to have healing properties like removing energy blocks and cleansing the body from negative chakra. You can also see the beautifully etched tribal pattern that adds appeal to a simple massage wand.

Charcoal Sleeping Set

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Staying in a hospital for some time can drain you out of energy. It’s definitely one of the most uncomfortable places to stay and sleep in especially with the steady stream of doctors and nurses checking in on you every once in a while. You don’t get enough sleep and the ordeal can continue even after getting discharged. Bring back your energy and bring in a little calmness before you sleep with this charcoal sleeping set. This set comes with a sleeping mask (which you have the option to choose for the fabric), a lavender sleep sachet (which can help with insomnia), and a drawstring bag to keep the two tidy during the day.

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