Have a friend or colleague who loves the beach and they currently have an approaching birthday? Or perhaps you simply want to give them a gift as a way of appreciating your relationship with them. Then you went to the right place, for this list is carefully curated to suit those beach-loving friends that we have.

Therefore, take out your notes and jot down these gift recommendations for that friend of ours who loves the beach, the sun and the sea.

"Beach Bum" Sunblock

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Soaking in the sun and enjoying the sound of the waves while beach bumming is fun, but what is not fun is sunburns. They don’t look good and worst, they are also painful. That’s why if you know your friend is a big fan of the beach, then it is best to give them a sunblock that would keep them protected, making sure they can have fun without worrying about getting burnt. The best part of this sunblock from Sun Bum is it's vegan and reef-friendly, making it ideal for those who also dip into the sea to admire the marine life.

"Sun Bum" Leave-in-Hair Conditioner

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Another sun protection up on this list; this time its UV protection for the hair. Saltwater can leave anyone’s tresses in a dry state, and so is prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to hair damages. Help your beach-loving friend protect their hair by giving them this leave-in conditioner, which both protects and nourishes the hair. Infused with natural ingredients, this leave-in-hair conditioner is vegan-friendly, gluten, paraben, and cruelty-free. Spray on to wet or dry hair and help detangle your locks while protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Beach Towel

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Being on the beach means getting wet is inevitable, and that’s why giving your friend a beach towel will surely help them a lot not to run out of towels to dry them off in between their dips on the sea. This beach towel comes in 2 items, measures for 30 by 60 inches, and is made of 100% cotton, creating a soft and durable cloth that can last for a long time. Since these beach towels are washing machine friendly, makes them low maintenance, saving extra time and effort on cleaning them up after using them.

Beach Ball

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Enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea more by playing classic beach ball games. Heavy duty and multi-colored, perfect to use when playing beach volleyballs which requires a ball that can take heavy damages. This beach ball features multi-colored stripes, and comes in assorted sizes to choose from according to you or your friend’s preference. Made of vinyl and weighs for about 1.60 ounces this heavy-duty beach ball can withstand all beach ball games you and your friends will play.

Hair Removal Gel

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Fans of beach bumming love to flaunt their bikini body, new beach outfit, or simply just wear fewer clothes to enjoy the sun more; Nevertheless, most of them (specifically most of the ladies) would prefer to flaunt all those after they had cleanly shave clean. Help your friend keep their stock of hair removing cream by giving them this hair removal cream from Veet. Housed in a pump container makes the usage of this product less messy, and the utilization of aloe vera and vitamin E in the formula keeps the skin soft even after shaving.

Oversized Unisex Mesh Bag

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Have your friend keep all of their belongings into one place by giving them a bag that is large enough to fit all of their beach essentials. This mesh bag features tons of compartments for water bottles, clothing, and more, which can help your friend organize their items more efficiently. The mesh material of the bag is also beneficial if they are carrying their sandals with them and they don’t want to catch all of the sands their sandals accumulated through their walk on the beach.