In choosing who will be the best man at your wedding, it can be either the groom’s closest brother or one of his best friends. The most important thing you should remember he or they should be reliable and they have an eye for every detail you need to your wedding and most especially they have the most active part of your groom’s life because being the best man is one of the honorable titles at the wedding ceremony.

The best man is the responsible one to prepare in handling unexpected events to prevent the both of you to have embarrassing moments, organizing the bachelor party, there’s somewhat being called your groom’s right-hand man.

In return for being the most reliable man, you can prepare a present for him. Here below are some of the coolest gift ideas for the best man:

Globe Lamp

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Help him to sleep soundly at night with this globe lamp. It highlights and reminds him different destinations around the world that he still needs to explore solo or with someone really special.

Panoramic Pod

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To someone who’s into photography and certified traveler, this is the perfect gift for your best man. An ideal tool to capture the beautiful scenery of every destination he visits plus, he will no longer be stressed on how to showcase and expose the beauty he has witnessed during his trip.

Movie Night Basket

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After your big day, he might want to enjoy his “me time” give him a bunch of food in a basket with original DVDs he’d like to watch. In this way, he will be relaxed at the comfort of his home, avoiding him to spend money in expensive restaurants and movie theater.

Inflatable Sofa Bed

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Surprise him with new sofa bed because he’s too thrifty to replace his old and sneaky sofa, a sofa bed is better for single men, who do not have an ample time to make his bed at night. It saves more spaces at his apartment and it’s very functional whenever he has visitors who’d like to lounge and sleep over.

Pancake Maker

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If he’s a pancake lover since then, you must let him try something new instead of an old way of cooking pancake, to use pancake maker is easier, convenient and less time consuming.

Wine Tote

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For wine enthusiasts, give him something handy where he could place his favorite wine to drink with his circle of friends. Wine Tote can hold one long bottle, it also has several uses such as eco-friendly tote bag when buying groceries needed at home, hot traveling mug can also be placed here when driving to prevent any liquid leakage.

USB Mini Fridge

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A portable and practical gift to your best man, everywhere he goes this would be an assurance that he will never go thirsty and hungry ever again. USB mini fridge is perfect storage to someone who is always on-the-go lifestyle. Small chocolates, snacks, and other beverages can be placed here.