The grumpy dad is hard to buy for because when asked: what does he like for a present? He would usually reply nothing or just save your money and don’t buy him anything.  Dad is not grumpy or grouchy ever since he was born; he became grumpy due to a lot of reasons.  Maybe life was tough on him as he grew older but for sure there is still a side of him that knows how to be happy.  Help your grumpy dad commemorate the beautiful memories that he cherishes so that he can be a little less grouchy and be nicer.  We have rounded out the top finds to best fit your grumpy dad.  Check out our list of gifts for the grumpy dad below for your reference.

Funny Grumpy Dad Shirt

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Fussy is what mom says about dad all the time. Dad is not a grumpy all the time, he is just not that sociable and hates stupidity at its finest. You can make fun of your grumpy dad’s ill temper through this gift for the grumpy dad which is funny shirt with the caption of Dad: “for those about to talk shut up!” This comes in a variety of colors to choose from and fits true to its size. It is made with 100% cotton which makes it comfortable to wear, your grumpy dad will be less grouchy when he gets to wear this because it feels soft to the skin and makes the wearer feel cozy and refreshed. This other funny shirt with the caption: “Do I look like a morning person?” shirt with a grouchy dad on the side is also the suitable gift for your grumpy dad. This caution: grumpy dad shirt is also too funny not to share!

"If You Have Kids" Mouse Pad

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Your grumpy dad may try to explain his fussiness and short temperedness to you or to the people around him to defend himself and his grumpiness. You can surprise him with a gift for the grumpy dad with this one of a kind mouse pad. This mouse pad has the caption of: “If you have kids then you would be grumpy too.” This is one of the favorite lines of your grumpy dad to give his self some justice as to why he is difficult to deal with most of the time. Kids may do have tantrums and get the best of us and as for our grumpy dad; dealing with his kids made him the grouchy dad! He can use this on his office or on his favorite PC at home and make his surfing funny as he sees your thoughtful gift on his desk.

Grumpy Old Git Gift Set

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To make your grumpy dad remember the good old days when he was less grouchy, feed him with his favorite food such as chocolates and mints bundled with his favorite pair of socks too. This grumpy old git gift set is a great gift for the grumpy dad to lighten up his mood and make him smile a bit. This gift set comes in a complete package of the best mood enhancers that your grumpy dad needs. It comes with Toblerones, mints, anti BS air freshener and a coffee mug too. This gift set is ready for gift giving anytime as you please to make your grumpy dad to a happy one.

Sisters Redeem Their Grumpy Dad (Book)

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This book entitled: Sisters redeem their grumpy dad is a surefire hit to melt your grumpy dad’s heart. This book is a life story of the author which recalls her memorable experience when he decided to become a dad at the age of 50. Who would have thought that a grumpy dad would turn out to be a good dad after all? This would be one of the best gift for the grumpy dad to warm his cold heart up.

Get Off My Land Wall Mount Sign

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Dad hates intruders of his land especially the kids from the neighborhood who only bring trouble to his lawn. He is called the grumpy dad because he always telling them to scram! Let your grumpy dad save his voice and let this wall mount do the talking for him. This “get off my land wall mount sign” is a funny gift for the grumpy dad but it would be very helpful in telling the intruders to back off dad’s lawn.

North Beach Culinary Experience

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Dad is not a grumpy old troll from the beginning. He became grumpy because he faced plenty of unfavorable situations in life that made him forget how to have fun. Surprise him with a food and wine tour such as this gift for the grumpy dad which is a North beach culinary experience. For sure your grumpy dad would be a happy dad after this gastronomical experience from top 4 restaurants in the metro.

Aerial Scenic Tour

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Your grumpy dad forgot how to be the light of the party and have fun. Let your grumpy dad experience a beautiful aerial scenic tour to have his grumpiness subside even just for a while. Through this gift for the grumpy dad, he would learn how to see the city in a new perspective, literally. He would see the scenic attractions on a bird’s eye view and for sure he would be marveled because of its beauty.

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