“Help! My uncle recently had just been diagnosed with stage four cancer. He practically raised me and we are really close. I want to cheer him up with a gift! What should I get him?”

I am really sorry to hear that! Knowing someone in your family has an impending death is not a pleasant experience. This, however, is much, much harder for the person who is terminally ill, of course.

The best gift you can give your terminally ill loved one is your time and service

The love language of time and service makes people forget problems.

If they are moving around the house, you can bake them a delicious meal, offer to clean their house, or just keep them company.

If they are bedridden, the best thing you can do is visit them and offer a listening ear. Listen to their rambles and expressions of sadness. If you have nothing to say, you can say, “I do not know what to say, but I am here for you.”

You do not have to fill every moment with chatter, though. Just focus on being there for the person. Not on the TV, not on your next agenda for the day, not on what you will cook for dinner when you get home. Focus on the person.

What if I want to give something tangible, like a keepsake or a book?

You know, the physical presents you can wrap and give to the sick person.

It is really hard for bedridden people. Flowers and healthy, wholesome food are good ones. Of course, you have to consider the dietary restrictions of the loved one.

For those who can still move around the house, you can help them take their focus out of their illness with your gifts.

Do they have a hobby? You can buy them something that ramps up that hobby. An example is a guide to growing huge crops for a gardener.

If they are okay with pets, a new puppy will give lots of cheers to the person. Puppies are cute, energetic and you cannot help but smile when they run around. Do they hate dogs? How about cats or a parrot?

Things that bring comfort are always welcome too. Comfy blankets, fuzzy slippers, a bathrobe, bubble bath, scented candles. You can also bring some artisan tea… You just have to love a good, authentic tea you cannot buy just anywhere.

Do not neglect to be there for them, though. Your time and service are the best presents you can give, more than physical gifts.