Liquor makers are one of the best jobs someone can have. It gives them the privilege and joy of tasting newly-invented alcohol first handedly above everyone else who are yet to discover the hottest drinks to indulge in – which explains why the job itself is interesting especially for those who love alcohol drinks.

However, what a few may have failed to notice, there are also downsides for this job. Every brewer must have experienced what it felt like to be frustrated over a mistake or two, and any possible source of stress that they may get.

How do you make them feel that they are loved and appreciated? If that is what you are unsure of, you can give them a nice gift which can symbolize your unwavering support for them. To give you a few choices, here are some of gift ideas for winemakers that you may want to consider.

Personalized Beer Tray

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This is a liquor tray made from a one of a kind premium caramel bamboo, which also comes with taster glasses and can be added with a personal touch by customizing the name of the gift recipient. If you are hoping to give them a gift which they can use in their profession, this tray would surely be of help to them whenever they are handing complimentary drinks to their loyal customers. Who knows? They just might make a drink and name it after you!

"Brewtiful Day" Mug

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It is a sturdy mug made from a high grade ceramic material available both in 11 ounces and 15 ounces. This is also printed with a funny phrase, “It’s a brewtiful day.” To add up, it is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. Sure, wine makers drink their own creation most of the time, but it doesn’t mean they don’t drink other liquids. They also might like coffee, which is why you should get this mug for them. Aside from its function, the printed phrase on it will definitely make them feel good about themselves, especially their jobs.

"Drink Good Beer" Quilt

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This is a printed fabric panel quilted through the use of a sewing machine. It is made up of cotton quilt fabric, aurifil thread, and cotton batting. The middle layer is made up of low loft batting with 100% guaranteed cotton fabric to provide a flat appearance and prevent any puff underneath. To add up, it is also finished by adding a double fold binding and sewn on both sides with the use of mechanical and human effort. Every brewer needs a unique decoration for their wall; hence this mini quilt will be a wonderful gift to give to them. With its eye-catching print, their customer who will see this will surely appreciate the store of this brewer even more which can guarantee an owner of a new loyal customer.

Brewer's Log

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It is a notebook and a log book which is perfect for a winemaker. Its front cover is created with an 80lb cover recycled craft paper, while the back cover is made up of heavy weight chipboard for more sturdiness of the item. The sheets inside are purely recycled materials, and was coil bound by hand using black bindings. A log book is essential for every brewer, especially during those times when they are inventing a new drink which is bound to be another magnificent creation of them. This notebook will be useful for them to jot down important notes about a particular drink, or when they are creating a list of the ingredients of a new drink.

"Brewmaster" Shirt

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This is a comfortable tee which is made of premium ringspun cotton material. It is also available in a wide array of colors and is printed with the phrase, “BrewMaster - Drink All You Want. I'll Make More.” If you are hoping to get something useful in their field of work, this shirt will make a wonderful gift item. Aside from the soft and comfort of the fabric, the printed statement matches their profession which makes it possible for them to use this at work.

Wine, Wine Barrel and Grapes Keychain

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It is a single key chain made from bronze toned materials which comes with a number of charms such as an illustration of a wine barrel, bottle and purple grapes crystal. If you are looking for something simple yet memorable, this key chain will be your best option. Considering their profession, the charms of this accessory will be a perfect match for them and will surely be used efficiently to compile their important keys.

Miniature Wine Barrel

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This is a miniature replica of the traditional Portuguese wine press used in the past with an attached barrel. Its measurements are 9 inches in length, 9 inches in width with a 13/11 dimension. Nothing beats this tiny barrel if the contest is about creativity and looks. It will definitely be a wonderful gift for a brewer or a winemaker since this is related to what they love doing. They will be able to use this as a décor in their desks or in their bedside tables.

Customized Pint Glass

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It is a pint glass which is both dishwasher and microwave safe. It is also printed with a customized logo according to the buyer’s preference. Every brewer or winemaker surely got a lot of drinking glass, but nothing beats the most ideal glass for their profession. This pint glass will be a wonderful personal belonging for them because of its purpose and the customization provided along with it.

Home Winemaker's Companion (Book)

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This is a compilation of more than one hundred recipes that will surely suit any tastebud, and informative instructions and guides on how to set up equipments. A winemaker surely loves new drinks. If you know someone who likes to experiment on recipes, this recipe book will surely be a great addition to their knowledge. Using this, they will be able to tweak recipes and add their own signature taste to it.

"This Might be Wine" Starbucks Parody Drinking Cup

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It is a travel mug made from top of the line materials to prolong its durability. In addition to its design, it is also printed with a hilarious phrase, “This might be wine.” This gift item is one of the most ideal gifts ever invented since this allows them to carry their favorite drink everywhere they go. Also, the funny phrase printed on it will keep people wondering if the recipient is really drinking coffee or wine.

So, there you have it. Did you like our special list? Which one will you most likely get?

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