Have you ever experienced an extreme pain in your muscle? If yes, you probably know one or two massage therapist or masseur in your life.

They are the persons who had undergone training and specialization to be able to stroke a muscle properly during massage. The knowledge they had acquired allowed them to hit specific spots to ensure that the pain will disappear right after.

Whenever a person feels a sudden muscle pain or whenever they just want a little pampering, people would always resort to a nice body massage to remove body ache and reduce their stress levels as well. There are even some cases when a massage therapist is so good, that you’ll fall asleep!

So, if you are one of the lucky few who got to experience the magic of their touch, it would be great if you could at least repay them with a small token of gratitude aside from the cash you paid. Here are some of the gift ideas for your massage therapist that they will surely appreciate!

Personalized Massage Therapist Necklace

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This is a nice accessory made from aluminum, Tibetan silver and chain. Its inclusions are one hand stamped 1 1/8 inches round aluminum pendant stamped with the words, "massage therapist", one hand ¾ inches round aluminum pendant with a name or any kind of customization up to 13 characters, one hand charm, one small heart in the middle of the pendant and your choice of chain. If you are looking for a simple accessory which therapists can use, this necklace should be included in your list of choices. Since this is a small item, it would be easy for them to carry it around by wearing the necklace. Also, since it is closely related to their profession, it would also be alright to use this during their working hours.

Massage Therapist Mug

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It is a high quality ceramic mug available in 11 ounces and guaranteed to be dishwasher and microwave safe. For its design, it is printed with a few sentences such as, “Pain removing, health improving, back repairing, always caring, muscle kneading, stress relieving, miracle working massage therapist” in black font color. Every therapist surely needs to grab a drink before and after their tiresome job for the day. By giving them this mug, they will be able to enjoy their favorite drink even more and they will also be proud of the profession they chose after reading its creative print.

Massage Therapist Super Power Shirt

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This is a soft and wearable t-shirt made from cotton material for a more comfortable feel when worn. It is also pressed with the phrase, “I'm a massage therapist, what is your super power?” using professional materials. Shirts never go out of style despite of the latest fashion trends arising lately, which is why this is one of the best choices you have. Given that it is related to their work, they will be able to use this to their work in case their uniforms got dirty or to change into after their work.

Keep Calm I'm A Massage Therapist Tote Bag

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It is a trendy and useful tote bag made from 100% good quality cotton tote with a natural color, a 22 inches handles and measures about 15.5 inches in height and 15 inches in width. To add it up, this is also printed with a statement saying, “Keep calm, I’m a massage therapist.” This tote bag will definitely be appreciated by them since they can use this alternately with their usual bag. Also, they can use this as a shopping bag whenever they do their groceries to be able to carry everything easily.

Massage Stone

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This is a relaxing massage stone with the size of 3 inches for length and 2 inches wide, which is approximately ½ inches thick and comes in the shape of oval. It is a wonderful feldspar massage stone with streaks of tones such as cream/ivory with black. Sure enough, every massage therapist knows how to use a massage stone. Even though they frequently get in touch with this item, it is very rare that they are able to use it for themselves. Giving them this massage stone is one of the great ideas you can come up with since they can use this whenever they are at home or when they intend to give someone a nice massage for relaxation.

Handpainted Funny Massage Therapist Wine Glass

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It is a dashing wine glass made from a 20 ounces wine glass and hand painted using non-toxic kind of paint, and can hold up to 20 of liquid which stands at 8 inches tall. This is top rack dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended to ensure the durability and to make the glass last longer. Massage therapist would surely love a glass of their favorite liquor after a long and tiring day at work. To be able to enjoy their drink even more, this glass will surely let them savor the taste and feel proud of their amazing job as well.

Drug Handbook for Massage Therapists

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This is a book with a paperback cover, about different drugs that a patient is taking and the possible effects it might have to the massage treatment. If you want your masseuse/masseur to be an effective and great one, they need this book to be able to prevent any unwanted occurrences to their patients during the time of the treatment.

Amazing Masseuse Custom Plaque Tin Sign

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It is a wonderful and creative art print made from an aluminum/tin blend which does not rust or fade indoors. Also, it is a sturdy metal panel with a measurement of approximately 1/8 inches in thickness. For its design, it is printed with high quality archival inks with a glossy finish with the statement saying, “(Their name), you are an amazing masseuse and you make the world a better place.” If your massage therapist has an eye for creativity, they will definitely love this art sign. Also, the statement printed in it will motivate them to do better in their jobs whenever they see this.

Massage Wall Clock

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This is a useful wall clock with a measurement of 10 inches for its diameter. It comes with a black plastic frame with a clear cover, and the clock has precision quartz movement. For its design, it is printed with a background image of a massage session. Often times, massage therapist lost track of time when in the middle of a session. They have to glance at their wristwatch or phones, just to know what time it is. To help them work efficiently without being bothered by looking at the time, they can hang this inside the massage room for ease or tracking the time.

Anatomical Hand Keychain

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It is a handcrafted key chain with an illustration of an anatomical hand behind a glass. This also includes a split key ring and a large swivel lobster claw. If you are looking for a small and simple gift for a reliable massage therapist, this key chain will definitely be of help to them. Using this, they won’t lose any of their important keys again as they can easily compile it in this key chain. Also, they will be fond of using this because of its trendy style which suits their profession.

Looking for More Gift Ideas for Your Massage Therapist?

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There you have it! If you have anything else in mind that you believe would be a perfect addition to this list, don’t hesitate to tell us!