Not all of us have extra dads out there, we may have a loving dad but in some families they have step dads for a change.  Step dad may not be your biological father but he still loved you like his own child.  You are grateful for having him as your parent and you would like to surprise him and give him a token of appreciation for everything that he has done.  You may ran out of ideas on what would be the best gift for step dad but worry no more because we have the finest selection from the market.  You can see our hand-picked gift ideas below that would surely win you brownie points from your step dad.  Actually for some, step dads are not step fathers or second dads but he is a bonus dad after all!  Two dads are better than one, right?  We have the prepared list of gift ideas for your step dad that you can gift any of these items on Father’s day, on his birthday or just because.  Check them out for your perusal.

Step Dad Keychain

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Surprise your step dad with a heartwarming message on this handmade keychain which says: “A real man loves another man’s child as his own.” Any step dad would release a tear or two when he sees this heartfelt message engraved by hands on this one of a kind aluminum keychain. This personalized keychain which says: “some heroes wear capes mine married my mom” is also a tear jerker keychain made by hands with love. You can personalize it by adding your name with a heart on top too.

Best Step Dad Journal

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You love your step dad not only because he married your mom even if you are in the picture already but he has won your heart because of his kindness and warmth. You can tell him more about it on this special journal with the front cover of: “You are the best step dad because…” You can also choose the paper inside from white cardstock sheets which are perfect for scrapbooking, kraft sheets, traditional blank white sheets or lined white sheets. Fill this up with all the best qualities that you see in your step dad. This gift for step dad is a simple yet a very valuable possession that he would ever have.

Framed Inspirational Quote for Step Dad

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As the saying goes, any man can be a father but not anyone can be a step dad. This framed inspirational quote would brighten up your step dad’s day anytime he sees it. This gift for step dad is a one of a kind gift that he can treasure forever. He can post in on his office wall or on the living room for everyone to see how much you adore him as your step dad.

Words for Step Dad Mug

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Does your step dad love to have some coffee or tea on his break in the office? You can bring light to his coffee breaks by gifting him these words for step dad mug which contains all the positive attributes of him. This gift for step dad would bring any man’s heart be warmed by love and affection. It takes a strong man to acknowledge and love someone else’s child as his own and we salute step dad for being one! For the step dad who is always on the go this travel mug would be the best gift for him. It assures a spill free coffee even when the road gets tough to handle.

Daddy’s Home (Movie)

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Just when the step dad is starting to get close to his instant family then the real dad comes along! This funny movie would surely touch your step dad’s funny bone and give him some bursts of laughter. He can easily relate to this movie, for sure. One of the best gift for step dad that would be memorable for him since you can join him with the gang to watch this on your movie night at home.

The Smart Stepdad (Book)

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The step dad may have an instant family when he married your mom and it is quite hard for him at first. If you see that your step dad needs some advice or a self-help tool then this book would be the perfect gift for step dad. This book entitled: The Smart Step dad: Steps to help you succeed would give him an insight on how to be a parent. It’s difficult to be a parent but most especially if the child has a different gene pool from yours. This book would really come in handy for your step dad and would give him a wider horizon in his parenting life.

"Best Bonus Dad Ever" Shirt

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You don’t see your step dad as another dad or daddy number 2, for you he is the best bonus dad ever! Tell him how much you appreciate him by gifting him this “best bonus dad ever” shirt. This comes in different colors to choose from and fits true to its size. This is a practical gift for step dad that he can wear anytime to show off the world that he is the best bonus dad ever.

Looking for More Gift Ideas for Your Step Dad?

You can also go and see our other lists for dad. They will apply as great gift ideas for your step dad, too! Is he geeky? Loves tech? Loves fishing? A couch potato? Someone who is uber rich?