If you want something unique to surprise your giftee especially if his or her name begins with the letter A then you can check out our top gift ideas that begin with the letter A.  We have grouped them accordingly to help you out based on the theme that you want to project for your surprise gifts.  Check them out below for your reference.

Presents usually reflect on how you prepare for the upcoming event whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or just because, how you present your gift to your loved one or peer makes a reflection of your preparation, time spent, and the thought you put on that gift.

So, go and check these gift ideas that begin with the letter A!


  1. Addictively Delicious Food and Sweets
  2. Affordable Hobbies, Gadgets, and Electronics
  3. A-OK Kitchen and Dining Gadgets and Gizmos
  4. Audacious Home and Garden Gift Ideas
  5. Adorable Fashion and Accessories
  6. Awesome Toys and Playstuff
  7. Amazing Books for Children
  8. Other Gift Ideas That Begin with the Letter A

Addictively Delicious Food and Sweet Gift Ideas That Begin With the Letter A

Foodies would certainly love to receive something to munch on.  It gives your giftee a gastronomical experience to remember.  It can be through an expensive dinner date or even through a surprise breakfast in bed, perhaps. These can also be given as gifts by themselves, stocking fillers, or basket fillers just to add up to your surprise. Either way, you can surprise your loved one, friend, partner with any of these edible gifts that begin with the letter A.

Apple Chip Snack Pack

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These apple chips are a great gift that begins with A. These are lip-smacking delish and these are quite healthy because they are baked and there is no sugar added. Perfect for people who are a) vegetarian or vegan, b) health-concious, c) eating paleo, or d) all of the above. Did I say delicious?


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Airheads! So sweet, so fruity and it looks like your tongue when you are biting it and some stick out! This is the wet dream of the sweet tooth, and these can be eaten by almost anyone, as these have no nuts, gluten-free and kosher.

Apricot Jelly

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Apricots are so yummy! Therefore apricot jelly is super yummy. If you have someone who likes peanut butter and jelly sandwich or just like snacking on fruit jelly by itself (like 8-year-old children).

Almond Chocolate

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Almond chocolate! This is a personal favorite of mine (and my wife’s). This simple candy is so delicious, especially when the almond inside is crunchy and fresh. One good brand you can choose from is Kirkland Almond Chocolates. Yum!

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Candies

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These delicious apple cider vinegar jellies are a perfect diet tool as it gives you something to munch of and it suppresses appetite. This would be much appreciated by your weight-conscious friend who is always finding ways to lose the extra bulge.

Aloha Protein Bars

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Protein bars are often associated with people who are bulking up while weightlifting, but they can also be eaten when you are just trying to gain weight! You do not have to lift weights, just exercise. However, they should not be used when you are trying to lose weight, remember Regina George from Mean Girls? She unknowingly ate these and gained weight.

Almond Cake

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The sweet tooth just can’t get enough of almonds but to make it even tastier, why not make a cake out of it! These mini almond cakes by Bonne Maman are super tasty and are cut into small bite sizes for your convenience!

Avocado Spread

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Dips are scrumptious for chips during movie time but you can make your munching time healthier by having this avocado spread as a dip for your favorite chips.

Asparagus Snack

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Wow, this is quite weird, but this is real. You can actually buy a snack made out of real asparagus! The Poshi Asparagus Vegetable Snacks are low-calorie and super healthy. perfect for those who are trying to lose weight or are health concious.

Astronaut Candy (Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich)

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Many kids want to be an astronaut and this will definitely excite them and trigger their imagination! These freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches are one of the most amazing things ever! Dry and crumbly, but super sweet and tasty! Definitely one for the kids and the kids at heart!

Affordable Gadgets and Hobbies That Begin With A

We all have different ways of using our past time.  Some of us do have some interesting hobbies that we love to do to use our time wisely.  If you have a recipient who has a particular hobby and you would like to support him or her then equipment or material would be highly appreciated by your giftee.  Check out our top finds under this category that all begin with the letter A.

Archery Set for Kids

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This archery set is for kids.  This would help your child to learn about archery and how to play the game the simplest way possible. Maybe they can even carry this amazing sport to their adulthood!

Apple Watch

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You can stay connected to your iPhone even without looking at it literally through this stylish and eye-catching Apple watch.  This Apple watch is part of the Apple Watch Series 1 which comes in a thirty-eight-millimeter size in a rose gold color made of anodized aluminum chassis with a touch of pink sand sport band.  This Apple watch is connected via Bluetooth and could last up to 18 hours.  The 1.3-inch display of this Apple watch can let you see your apps, alerts, and more.  You can even surf the internet on your wrist via Wi-Fi.  Be up to date and still keep connected right at your wrist without your iPhone out of your pocket.

AncestryDNA Set

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Ancestry tracing is one of the popular hobbies last year. More and more people are getting curious about their ancestry and who their close and distant relatives are. This set not only gives you your ancestry but also insights into your body and race, giving you tips on how to take care of yourself.

Amazon Smart Home Bundle

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What is better than getting Amazon Echo, Alexa, Stick Up Cam and Smart Plug? Getting them all at once of course! This exciting gadget package will “Amazonize” your home and make it a bit more technologically advanced.

Albatross Survival Tool (Survival Knife)

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Wilderness survival and camping are two of the most popular hobbies for those who like the great outdoors. Men, especially, will appreciate this Albatross 6-in-1 survival knife. It acts like a knife, acts as a flashlight, ignites fires, destroys glass, cuts rope and *gasp* opens beer bottles. This is one of the most fantastic gift ideas that start with A, for the manly men.

Ant Robot Building Kit

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This is so cool! If you are looking for a toy for an adult geek, then look no further than this robot building kit! Not only you are building a robot, you are also building an ant robot! How cool is that? Super-duper science-sy. Your geeky friend will adore this.

Axe (the folding type)

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Axe are so useful when it comes to hiking and camping and fishing. This is why a folding axe like this would be a great gift (that begins with the letter A) for those who love the smell of the woods, the river and the beach. Oh, by the way, this folding axe can also transform into a hammer and knife! Awesome!

Ant Habitat

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This is a nice science gift! An ant habitat will not only look good on display, it is also a good source of entertainment. You can view how ants interact inside and outside the colony with this super cool-looking ant habitat. Ants are not included. You have to buy them from outside sources.

A-OK Kitchen and Dining Gifts That Start with the Letter A

The place where food is prepared and served! If you like your kitchen and dining area to be fun and glam, then getting some accessories with help achieve what you want. The better news? We compiled the best kitchen and dining gift ideas that start with A.

Animals Fridge Magnets

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The children are going to love these! These animal fridge magnets look so much fun and will make the kids want to stay in the kitchen. maybe to help or just talk with you as you cook dinner!

Army Man Bottle Opener

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What’s a beer party without a fun beer bottle opener? This army man capper is the only thing the kitchen needs to supply beer and soda parties with a nice conversation maker piece. Super recommended for kids and the kids at heart.

Avocado Oven Mitts

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Holy guacamole! What a nice pair of oven mitts and pot holders! This oven mitt set is made of pure, thick cotton lining, making it uber resistant to heat and tears. Also, it has an avocado design, making it a nice thing that starts with the letter A! Also perf for those who are obsessed with this healthful fruit.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

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With the ‘Rona being a major threat nowadays, you should always wash your hands. However, touching a soap dispenser’s handle kind of defeats the purpose when there are more than a few people in the household, huh? The solution is one of these automatic hand soap dispensers! Super convenient, super hygienic, plus, it is super cool to use.

Apple Sponge Holder

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Did you know your kitchen counter can harbor millions of bacteria overnight? And you just put your sponge over there? Get one of these apple sponge holders and say bye-bye to bacterial contamination of your sponge. Plus, this looks so cute!

Air Fryer

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Air fryer owners are like the upper caste members of the culinary world. They can broil, grill, bake, steam, and fry (obviously) in just one nifty kitchen tool. If you want to descend to the ranks of the priests and the teachers and stop being an untouchable, get yourself an air fryer and stop using that boring frying pan!

Audacious Home and Garden Presents That Start With A

The whole house and the plants outside will just be lonely if we did not get them stuff that begins with A. Here are some gift ideas for your home and garden.

Artificial Topiary Plants

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Beautifying the front patio, porch or balcony can be hard. How about a splash of greens? The artificial topiary can definitely spruce (pun intended) up the area without the need for maintenance like watering or fertilizing.

Acorn Garden Decor

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Wow! This looks like it came from a fairytale picture! This acorn garden decor will add a bit of magic to your garden and will feed the inner child in you. Sentient, bipedal chipmunks are not included.


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If you want to grow your own herbs inside your own home, then this would be an amazing gift! The Aerogarden combines aquaponics and artificial grow lights to get that garden out of… erm… the garden and into your house. Sunlight is totally optional now.

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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Fill your room up with an empowering smell that will keep you relaxed. This aromatherapy diffuser is a one-of-a-kind aroma diffuser that is made of wood. This aromatherapy diffuser combines functional nebulization with a touch of sophistication. Essential oils should never be placed in plastic nor heated when you want to obtain the medicinal effects of these aromatherapy oils.

African Lady Wall Art

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This piece of painting is just beautiful, that is what I can say. This will go with modern design homes or pop-culture bedrooms. Such a nice, colorful decor, this is.

Alpaca 3D Lamp

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If you have a child that loves alpaca, then this is an amazing gift! This 3d map will be a stunning display in their bedroom, with its 16 beautiful colors. Pretty nightlight that comforts the little tykes as they sleep!

Adorable Fashion and Accessories Starting With A

Clothes can be given as a gift too! Here are some gift ideas that people can wear and begins with the letter A. Stay awesome!

Avocado Coin Pouch

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Another avocado on the list! If you can’t have enough avocado, you can trust this fruit to hold your coins too! Super cute piece of accessory that people will help but admire and touch because it looks so real!

Agate Anklet

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Agate is one unique piece of precious stone. Wear one fashionably well on your feet. This is special in this list because you can use either “agate” or “anklet” as the word that begins with A.

Astronaut Backpack

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Do you have a kid that loves space and would like to become an astronaut one day? You can even make their imagination alive with this astronaut backpack! They will surely love to go to school using this one.

Auntiesaurus Shirt

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Rawr! Antisaurus shirt is one good and fashionable gift for the auntie who would do anything and will destroy anything that will make her niece or nephew cry. Not for real dinosaurs, of course!

Armani Watch

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Men love watches, so why not get him this Armani watch?

Abercrombie and Fitch Cologne

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This unisex Abercrombie and Fitch cologne is just what one needs to splash on to make themselves smell nicer and feel more confident. Plus, I have to admit the nice smell is a turn-on!

Awesome Toys that Begin With the Letter A

Games, toys, and other activities are the usual activities that kids and even the kids at heart mostly do in their free time.  Check out the toys for the kids and even the kids at heart that begin with the letter A. What are you waiting for? Let the games begin!


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An abacus might be a little (OK, a lot) outdated when it comes to calculating, but it can still teach the little tykes to count. Especially with this beauty, the colors can help with the child’s sight development!

Astronaut Costume Set

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Almost every little boy or girl would like to become an astronaut. In fact, being an astronaut is one of the top fifteen dream jobs of kids! Be sure to nurture those space dream by giving them this beautifully crafted astronaut gear! Please give time to play pretend with them, too!

Astronaut Barbie

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Most of the time, it is little boys that would want to become an astronaut one day. However, there are some little girls who are fascinated with space. This Astronaut Barbie is one of the best things that can happen to a little girl wishing to be with NASA one day. This doll will be a great source of creativity and imagination play for her.

Alice in Wonderland Word Game

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The Alice in Wonderland Word Game will help kids socialize and practice their creativity and intelligence. This game can be played by three to eight persons, so this gift will be the perfect game whenever there is a sleepover.

Anatomy Play Set

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This playset is amazing! This can help your child understand the internal organs that humans have and where they are located. This can give a child a sense of the importance of the organs inside of the body, the parts that we cannot see.

Animal Plushies Set

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Rawr! If you like your kid to love animals, then this animal plushies set is the way to go! This cute set comes with four beautiful soft animal toys (tiger, zebra, lion and monkey)  that go inside an equally cute carrier. Make playtime even more fun, by doing pretend zoo, jungle, or even super animals stories.


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Physics is so cool. If you have a child who loves Physics, then you can make them fall in love even further with this Aquapod! This bottle launcher looks too cool. It is like a recycled botte launchpad.

Animals in Eggs

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This amazing toy set contains eggs that you would have to chisel and chip away first before the animal figurines reveal themselves. This would be a great  gift idea for animal lovers and children who are fascinated by archaelogy. Superb gift idea.

Ark Toy Set

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A is for Ark! And This Ark Set is a toy that begins with A!

If you want a religious-themed gift idea for your child, then look no further than this Noah’s Ark toy set! This comes with eight different pairs of animals, the ark and Noah himself!

Atoms and Molecular Modelling Playset

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For older children who are fascinated with molecules, atoms, and chemistry, this us a great way to get them to love this branch of science even more.

Amazing Children’s Books That Start With A

Children would always be kids and although they are kids, reading should be part of their system as well.  You can give your loved one an activity book or a bestselling children’s book for a more explorative and cognitive venture towards gaining more knowledge and vocabulary.

A Kitten Tale

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Fear of the unknown is always apparent for many and even kittens are experiencing this!  Check out their journey and how they got through it in this book entitled: A Kitten Tale.

A Perfect Day

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Winter and blizzards can be fun and that would not stop you from having a perfect day after all!

A String of Hearts

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Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, it can also be for friends.  This book entitled: A String of hearts is a feel-good story that illustrates the love between friends.

A Wish for Elves

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Holidays are indeed stressful for elves and since there’s a boy who made a wish for elves, Santa is now faced with a troublesome workload.  This fun book in comic strip style is a great holiday gift for your kiddo ages 5-8 years old.

Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids

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Activity books for kids. It can be like a crossword puzzle or Sudoku-styled activities acna be quite stimulations. Also, activity books like this Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids will be a great way for the little tykes to learn more about science and nature and appreciate it more.

Other Awesome Gifts That Start With A

Some gift ideas just do not fit with any categories above, so here are more gifts that start with A!

Letter A Initial Necklace

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Nothing beats simplicity when it comes to gift-giving.  If you have a recipient who is a minimalist and prefers to have simple yet rocking gifts.  Check out this alphabet jewelry which features a tiny monogram of the first letter of your recipient’s name.  The pendant is made from matte silver rhodium-plated material that is tarnish-free that is carefully suspended in a beautiful sterling silver chain necklace.  The chain can run up to eighteen inches in length.  This would be a perfect necklace that can be worn every day too.

Letter A Charm Bracelet

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If the letter A is such a significant letter for your special someone then a charm bracelet with the letter A initial would be the perfect gift!

A is for Alibi

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If you have a bookworm friend or a loved one who is fond of reading to spend his or her past time, then gifting him or her a book would certainly add some sparkles to the eyes of your giftee. For the suspense seeker bookworm, the novel “A is for Alibi” would suit your giftee well!

Anna Karenina

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Anna Karenina is a classic love story by Leo Tolstoy which would certainly swoon your hopeless romantic friend. This classic novel has been reiterated in movies and in TV show series over and over again because of how nice the story is.

And Then There Were None

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This book is a classic that was written sometime in the 1930s.  This book sold over 100 million copies worldwide.  The story is full of mystery and suspense which will keep the reader glued to his or her seat just to finish it at once!

A Christmas Carol

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The movie junkie buddy you have would love to watch some movies whether it be a blockbuster or a classic.  Sit back and relax, prepare the popcorn, chips, chocolates and other movie bundles that you have and let the movie marathon begin! A Christas Carol is suitable for the kids and even the kids at heart.

A Beautiful Mind

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If you love Russel Crowe then you will love him even more in this blockbuster movie which has been a favorite of many ever since it hit the big screen. This amazing movie won a Nobel Laureate in Economics and Abel Prize and has positive reviews from critics.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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This is one of the best horror flicks of all time. Although this movie has been around for decades, this video copy is on Blu-ray so you can enjoy this even more! Want a scary date night that leads with your love jumping into your arms? This is a great idea.

Aromateraphy Gift Basket

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If stepping up is your game when it comes to gift-giving then why not make it grand and surprise your whole team with this perfect gift basket of aromatherapy goodies.  This is a perfect gift basket full of nice smelling stuff like shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Body Scrub, Eucalyptus Oil, Bath Bomb, Handmade Soap, Scented Soy Candle, Bath Crystals, Shower Steamer Tablet, Eye Mask, Tweezer, Eucalyptus Potpourri!  There is something inside that is meant for everyone, after all!

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