Check out this list of gift ideas that begin with the letter B below.

Special occasions call for celebrations!  We dress up, we eat out and most importantly we do pick something meaningful for the celebrant as a token of your appreciation and love.  It can be an elaborate gesture or a simple remembrance but either way, the thought of remembering your loved one and picking out a gift is already a kind gesture that is highly appreciated.

Some gifters want to make a theme on their presents to make them unique and more memorable for the giftee.  If you are looking forward to making a bunch of gifts for your friend, loved one, or relative which has a theme of the letter B then you can use this list of gift ideas that begin with the letter B.

These are quick finds from the web that can be a gift on its own or a stocking filler to your bunch.  Couple it with a surprise presentation and you would certainly gain brownie points for sure!


  1. Belly-Busting Desserts, Fruits And Food
  2. Best Gadgets and Hobbies
  3. Beautiful Children’s Toys and Gifts
  4. Breezy Children’s Activity Books
  5. Bewitching Jewelry and Clothes
  6. Bombastic Kitchen and Dining Gift Ideas
  7. Bold Home and Garden
  8. Other Beautiful Gifts That Start With B

Belly-Busting Desserts, Fruits And Food Starting WIth the Letter B

The letter B can stand for a scrumptious snack such as brownies.  Actually there are tons of food gifts that begin with the letter B.  If you want to fill your basket with goodies to munch for your besty or your babe then you can check out our delectable finds for an appetizing surprise that your recipient would look forward to.  Ready, set and bombs away!

Baked Goods Gift Basket

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Thinking about the best gift to give to your significant other?  Worry no more, if you would ask me nothing would be better than to give something scrumptious to feast on especially if your significant other is a foodie as well!  Check out this dazzling baked goods gift basket, it is a collection of delectable baked goodies such as Belgian chocolate chunk brownie, fudge walnut brownie, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and more.  What makes it even more special is that it comes with an elegant basket that could be a keepsake when all the baked goodies are gone.

Brownies Tin Box

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One brownie is scrumptious so you literally can’t stop at one, so a tin can full of brownies is such a great gift! This is so perfect for those who like to share, or for those who do not like to share. Delicious!

Belgian Chocolate Truffles

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Everybody loves chocolate! Belgian Chocolates? Even more so! These soft-centered melted choc coated in the harder chocolate shell is enough to make any woman (or man) melt! For a romantic gift starting in B, this is great.

Barnana Bites

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Delicious! The Barnana Chewy Banana Bites is one of the moistest, tastiest, weetest banana snacks I have ever tasted! If you know someone who love fuit snacks, then Barnana would be the perfect “b” gift. Also for the health concious, because Barnana is Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Gluten Free, Vegan and Kosher.

Berti Bott's Every Flavor Bean

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Do you have a Harry Potter fan? Then the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean would be the most amazing gift ever. Not only that they get to experience real wizard candy (yes, I checked) they also get to try the infamous bogey flavor bean! Delicious and yucky at the same time! Amazing experience.

Bak Kwa

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Bak Kwa is a Chinese pork jerky that is sweet and sometimes spicy. If you ever have visited Oriental Asian countries, Bak Kwa is a nice  treat to eat and are readily available on the streets. Luckily Bak Kwa is also available in Amazon so you can enjoy it without spending money for a plane ticket.

Bob Ross Happy Little Mints

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It is Bob Ross! The uber chill painter, the God of good vibes, the saint of happy little accidents! The mints themselves are a good way to stave off bad breath, but really, what you are buying here is the Photo of Bob in the mint tin!

Bacon Hot Sauce

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Those who can eat pork love bacon! This bacon hot sauce will make everything taste like spicy thin pork slices! This is just amazing.

Baby Yoda Hot Choco Bomb

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These amazing Baby Yoda Choco Bombs do not only look adorbs but also are yummy. This is a DIY project, so head on over to Simplistically Living.

Best Gadgets and Hobbies That Start With B

We need to use our time wisely, just like what the old folks say time is gold.  Once time is used it can never be retrieved back.  Some of us, use our free time on sleeping or playing but some do make a difference and call them a hobby.  If you have a friend, loved one or a special someone that you would like to surprise today and you thought that you would like to show that you care and support the hobby that your recipient chooses then the perfect gift would be a piece of equipment or material to support and enhance once skills.  Check out our great finds of hobby materials that begin with the letter B.

Bluetooth Speaker

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Amplify your sounds and have the best jam session ever with this great Bluetooth speaker.  This Bluetooth speaker can connect with up to two gadgets at the same time.  It would just play alternatively from each gadget which is like having your very own DJ on the floor!  This Bluetooth speaker has a built in 3000 mAH which can have up to twelve hours of playtime.  Plus this JBL Bluetooth speaker is Ipx7 waterproof which means you can bring it on the beach with you without worrying of splashing some water accidentally on it!  This JBL Bluetooth speaker is  has a voice assistant integration too so it’s like having your very own Siri be in charge of your jam as you relax and have fun!

Backgammon Game Set

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One of the oldest board games of all time.  Nothing beats the classic way of killing time when technology is not that popular before.  Playing board games with family and friends is a great bonding experience that can give the players a great time without the fuzz of fidgeting one’s gadgets.  This game set is great for the backgammon fanatic friend that you have!

Bartending Shaker and Equipment Set

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Bartending can be an amazing talent and quite a useful skill in the process of wooing the ladies! Of course, having the right equipment is the first step in learning how to mix your own cocktails!

For instruction, you can also get Bartending Basics. This book would be perfect for your aspiring bartender.  This contains simple guides on how to mix cocktails and more.

Ballpen Voice Recorder

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This is literally a spy tool! If you like to make that special someone feel like they are James Bond, then this voice recorder ballpen is the right “B” gift you can give. Super useful when recording down the voice of a lecturer or the threats of the boss. Oops!

Back Massager

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“Back pain in your area”

“My lower back is killing me, I must confess, I still believe”

If these are the songs you hear frequently, then maybe it is time to get a nice back massager (and some Advil). This vibrates and heats up to give that ooh and ahh. Comfort at last!

Beard Grooming Kit

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For those guys with a beautiful face full of hair, this grooming kit will be a great idea. This way, he can make sure his face’s Obra Maestra will be well preserved and kept shiny and healthy. It is like a macho salon treatment for your facial hair!

Beats Pill

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Have a wireless speaker anytime and anywhere with the Beats Pill by Dr. Dre. All you need to do is to connect your mobile phone or any music device via Bluetooth and let the music maneuver you all the way!

Bluetooth Headset Neckband

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Now, you can take calls even during driving or when you got both of your hands tied up.  Thanks to the Bluetooth headset neckband that you can use even during your busiest episodes in life such as while driving, during jogging or a running session, or even as you get caught up beating your deadlines.

Beautiful Children's Toys and Gifts That Start With B

Playing is the best way to enjoy for kids!  Mostly they can play for hours without keeping track of the time, they can go on running around or playing over and over again like nuts.  Actually, not only do kids enjoy playing with toys, even the kids at heart are going gaga over toys and because of that we, therefore, conclude that toys are one of the best gifts that you can give to your special someone, friend, relative or child if your recipient is a full-blooded gamer and toys are just their thing.  See our top finds under this category, for sure you would hoard most of them for they are all fun to play with.  See the listing below for your reference.


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If your giftee is a little child, then a push car they can ride is one of the most amazing gifts you can give them. This little red buggy will enhance creative role play, communication with adults and it can tame the naughty ones during walks in the mall or the park. Plus the nice red color is just so gorgeous.

Baby Einstein Plush Toys

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Baby Einstein plush toys are just too cute! Take a look at this baby octopus plush. Just adorable.


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Of course, who does not love Barbie?  Every girl loves Barbie and playing with this doll has been a rite of passage from childhood to puberty.

Beach Toy Set

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Perfect examples of beach toys are the usual rake and pail set that we use to make sandcastles.  Of course, there are other paraphernalia together with it to make the sandcastle more gorgeous than ever!

Brainteaser Game

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Use your family time wisely with these brain teaser games.  You can have fun and sharpen your minds as you create a family or friendship bond.  You can get to choose from simple brain teaser games up to complex ones.  There is always a game for everybody to enjoy!  From wooden puzzles to card games, there is certainly a great game for everyone to get hooked with and have the greatest time ever!  Leave all the gadgets behind and just enjoy authentic fun games with your family and friends with these brain teaser games!

Brain Stress Balls

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So yucky! So good! These brain stress balls are a great toy, an excellent thing you can pelt at your friends, and an amazing stress ball when you want some stress relief. This is perfect for both children and old people alike.

Beauty Salon Toy Set

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Making your little boy or girl play pretend haircutting, drying and blowing is a great way to pass the time and keep them quiet. You can also play as a customer and tell them to beautify or to cut your hair! This is great for aspiring hairstylists and barbers!

Breezy Children’s Activity Books

Holiday staycation is fun and refreshing but if you have kids, it would mean constant whining and complaints from them.  To ensure that your staycation would be peaceful and worry-free, you need to equip yourself with tons of activity books that your kids would be busy with.  Check out our great finds under this category and see which one would suit your kiddos.

Big Baby Brain Enhancer

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This amazing book exercises a child’s mind before they are ready for grade school! The photos have nice and bold coloring and only a few words and phrases are on each page, which is perfect for teaching how to read! All in all, a great book for preschool children.

Baseball Activity Book

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If you and your child both like baseball, then this baseball-centric activity book will give you hours of fun.

Brain Games for Dogs

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Let your kids train your pooch to keep them busy and to let your dog learn a trick or two with this brain games for dogs book. A super fun way to bond with the doggos.

Bible Stories: A Touch & Feel Book

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If you want to teach reading the Bible, then Bible storybooks are the way to go. The book is just so adorable, is nice to the touch and the text is just too cute with its lyrical and rhyming style. A good storybook for Christian parents and babies.

Brain Games for Clever Kids

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Brain Games for Clever Kids: Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind is a puzzle book that is meant for older kids. This book includes more than ninety puzzles ranging from memory, word, numbers, and spot-the-difference games. This is a great way to stimulate the mind without the use of a phone or a tablet.

Bewitching Jewelry and Clothes

Some women or even some men prefer to have some bling to complement one’s wardrobe. It may be on special occasions or even on a daily basis.  If you have a recipient who prefers to wear some accessories and would love to have an addition to his or her collection then clothes, jewelry or any accessory would be a delightful surprise!

Beaded Lanyard

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People who want to accessorize and work in uniform have it tough. It is difficult because uniforms usually restrict large and bord accessories. Well, this beautiful lanyard doubles as a piece of jewelry and an ID holder! It can also hold keys, wallets, and whistles! This is a super nice fashion gifts that begin with B.

B Alphabet Jewelry

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One of the best “B” jewelry gifts I can think of is a piece of alphabet jewelry. Most women will love the simplicity and the cost shouldn’t be too high to burn a hole in your pocket. Besides, a piece of necklace is always a great idea.

Bloodstone Necklace

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One of the most beautiful precious stones is bloodstone. It looks like crystallized blood, which makes it a cool gift for fans of vampire, zombie, or slasher genre, as well as those who love playing videogames. Bloodstone is also the birthstone of March.

Bomber Jacket

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Retro is the new new! Bring back the 70’s with a bomber jacket that will make you look and feel cool. Back to the future cool. These jackets used to be called “flight jackets” and were made for plane, fighter, and bomber (hence the name) jet pilots. But hey, if it looks good, you do not have to be in that profession to wear it!

Bird Shirt "Stay Coo"

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This super cute bird shirt is a play of the phrase, “stay cool”. This shirt looks nice and people who appreciate a good pun will love to get their hands on this shirt. made of 100% cotton, so it is breathable and can be worn ok a nice autumn or summer night. Stay coo, my friends.

Beard Facts Shirt

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This superb shirt shows a minimalist photo of a guy wearing sunglasses and sporting a majestic beard and mustache. This funny shirt recites the facts and benefits of having a beard. This is perfect for those who are proud of their facial hair.

Bear Hooded Pajama

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Rawr! A bear kigurumi is just what any geek would love. These bear kigurumi (hooded pajama) is unisex, so buying a pair can be a great gift for geeky couples, especially those who love animals, love video games, or those who just appreciate all the cute things nature has to offer.

Bombastic Kitchen and Dining Gift Ideas That Begin With The Letter B

If there is a place where cute and geeky stuff can go, it is the kitchen. Kitchen timers, egg keepers, bread makers, toasters, and all those electronic gadgets are just screaming to be turned cute. Here are some gifts for the kitchen and dining that start with B.

Bread Maker

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There is nothing like a morning with homemade bread to eat. Soft, warm, and crunchy on the outside. The joy of making it is huge too, but sometimes we just have no time waiting at the oven for the bread to cook. The solution? This automatic bread maker! The breadmaker will do everything for you, just supply the dough! This is perfect for people who love nice, warm homemade bread but do not have the time or energy to make them. Bon apetit!

Blender (Single Serve and Personal)

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For that special single guy or gal who is into fitness and health, you can get this single-serve blender! This is perfect in concocting that special protein shake or making a smoothie that promotes a healthy-looking physique. This is a wonderful health gift idea!

Beer Making Kit

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For the beer lover dude that you can’t live without, what would make him busy in his free time?  Well, beer crafting would be a great idea!  He would surely love to brew his very own beer for a change.

Bee Grateful Cutting Board

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Sometimes, in the pursuit of material things like possessions, money, and a job position, we forget that we are blessed. This “Bee Grateful” cutting board cutely and light-heartedly reminds us to thank our God for the blessings we receive each and every day! The pun in this gift idea is just too strong, so it is a plus too.

Baby Yoda Dishwasher Magnet Labels

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If you are like me and keep forgetting that the plates in the dishwasher are not clean yet, then you must get one of these Baby Yoda Dishwasher Magnet Labels! This is a perfect solution to a problem yu never knew you had!

Butter Holder (Whale)

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Imagine this. You woke up on a clear Sunday morning. You sit on the front porch on the table and your love brings in a tray of perfectly made coffee, enticing toast, and this whale butter holder. It is just perfect. This whale butter holder is just too cute and will cheer up moody Mondays or rainy weekend mornings. However, this is also perfect for a perfect breakfast morning.

Bear Paws Oven Mitts

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Baking can be made super fun with these bear paw oven mitts! You can hold that hot pan and tray while looking cute and fierce at the same time! These bear paw oven mitts are made of real cotton, so you are sure they will not burn or scorch whenever you hold that delicious smelling cookies or whenever you pull out the cake to test if it is done!

Bold Gifts for the Home and Garden

The garden and the home are also nice targets when giving gifts. Here are some gift ideas that one can use at their living room, bedroom, or garden!

Back To the Roots

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Grow your own garden in a can! Yes you can with this Back to the roots: garden in a can series.  Your friend with a green thumb would be delighted to grow their very own garden right by their window only or just in the balcony of their rooms without taking much space!  This back to the roots: garden in a can is a great way to grow your own food at the comfort of your home.  From vegetables like dill, cilantro and basil or even organic mushrooms that can grow in just ten days.

Boho Dreamcatcher

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A dreamcatcher is a Native American item where a hoop gets a weave of thread in the form of a net or a spider web. This is usually hung on top of a person’s head to catch bad dreams and is traditionally made as protection for infants. Nowadays dreamcatchers make great decorations in the house, but more so in the bedroom or at the garden porch. This boho dreamcatcher looks so nice and rustic. Perfect for people who love simple but elegant things.

Batmobile Parking Sign

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Nananananananananananananananana Batman!!!

You did sing that, didn’t you?  This Batmobile parking sign will be a superb gift idea for the Batman geek. This sign is going to be perfect not only for the garage (obviously) but also on the bedroom door, inside the bedroom, or just as a decoration on the mantle. Actually, you can put this just about anywhere, really.

Other Beautiful Gifts That Begin With the Letter B

Looking for more, are you? Here are some other gift ideas that begin with the letter B, but we cannot fit them somewhere else.

Bad Moms

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Life has always been stressful and one of the common ways to escape reality is through movie watching.  Movie junkies can relate much to this and because there are plenty of films to watch, you can’t help but to zone out and watch all the movies you want with your significant other.  Bad Moms is a great and funny movie. Try this one!


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You can let your funny bone be tickled and see some really weird antics from Borat and sort of learning culture about Kazakhstan. Plus, it is Sasha Baron Cohen! that alone is a good reason to get a copy of this.

Bring It On

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This feel-good movie will make you feel like your back in high school and let you be in a time warp for few hours.

Backstreet Boys’ Compilation of Hits

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Who doesn’t love the Backstreet boys?  I don’t know about you but I grew up with their hits and every time I hear one of their hits, it just brings nostalgia and any BSB fanatic would definitely agree with me on this!  See this compilation of hits of the legendary Backstreet Boys from their very first single up to the latest.  Imagine five albums in one compilation!  That’s great value for your money, indeed!  Each CD is enclosed in a paper sleeve which is great for it would not take a lot of space especially when you bring them with you in your purse.

B is for Burglar

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Book lovers would enjoy a good read every once in a while.  If you have a bookie friend who loves to read then a good book would be a tremendous gift!  B is for Burglar is one of Sue Grafton’s alphabet series of novels.

Back to Blood

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Surprise the love of your life or your favorite library buddy with any of these bestsellers that will certainly give your recipient the chills and a great reading time for sure! Back to Blood is one of the most wonderful novels in the fiction genre.

“A big, bitter, funny, craftily plotted book that grabs you by the lapels and won’t let go.”―New York Times Book Review

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