Holiday cheers, the festive decorations, exaggerated preparations and the expectation of having a blast holiday is already becoming rampant as the holiday season draws near. Bountiful tables are already prepared, the activities for the days to come and even the outfits that need to be worn are all set and well thought of. The holiday season is merry and everyone feels ecstatic but there is also another side of the holiday season that makes this a bit overwhelming and stressful too.To alleviate the stress and the draining part of thinking on what to gift on the coming holiday season, we have collected the interesting and charming gift ideas that you can surprise your loved ones with. From the stocking fillers up to the main gift giving event, we got them all covered from the list of gift ideas that begin with the letter Z. See our personal favorites and check out if it also becomes yours.


Gifts for the Kids

Children are the happiest recipients of gifts during the holiday season. They do look forward for this season to come because they are very aware that the adults in the family would surprise them and fill their stockings with bunch of gifts. Kids would always have the excess energy to burn. Since they are constantly whining when they are unentertained then why not keep up and give them some books, toys or even some snacks to keep them pacified. While the kids are busy, you can do your own alone time or even catch up with the other relatives since your baby sitting time is spared through your fabulous gifts. Check out our great deals of gift ideas from the list below per sub category.

Children’s Books

Literature Gifts That Begin With The Letter Z

Here are some books that start with the letter Z in the title and will inspire reading among the children!

  1. Zero
  2. Zero Is the Leaves on the Tree
  3. Zero the Hero
  4. Zero the Hero Saves the Day
  5. Zoo-Looking
  6. Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I’m off to the Moon!
  7. Zoomer
  8. Zoomer Builds a Racing Car
  9. Zoomers’ Handbook
  10. Zoomer’s Out-of-This-World Christmas

Candies and Other Munchies

If he child a candy lover? Here are some food gifts that start with the letter Z. Do not forget to brush!

  1. Z bar
  2. Zappers (Zed Candy)
  3. Zachary
  4. Zagnut
  5. Zeppol
  6. Zero Bars
  7. Ziploc
  8. Zombie Gummy Candy
  9. Zone Perfect
  10. Zotz

Toys to Play With

If you are looking for more keepable gifts that begin with the letter z, then toys are a great option. Here are some ideas:

  1. Zartz
  2. Zee Beez Zing Toy
  3. Zebra Plush Toy
  4. Zhu Zhu Pets
  5. Zing Air Storm
  6. Zing Air Zyclone
  7. Zing Flip-n-Stack
  8. Zingo
  9. Zip Ball
  10. Zip Bin
  11. Zippie
  12. Zoob Builder Kit
  13. Zoomobile Car Designer Kit
  14. Zolo Creativity Play Sculpture
  15. Zolotopia
  16. Zombie Board Game
  17. Zome Tool Crazy Bubbles Kit
  18. Zorbz
  19. Zyphoon

Gifts for the Young at Heart

Kids are not the only recipient that you have this coming holiday season. The young at heart or the older people in your group are also part of your list that you need to surprise. Each of us has a unique personality and we have varying tastes when it comes to likes and dislikes. But the key to having the perfect gift is to know by heart the wants and needs of your recipient. To help you out on your quest in getting the top gift for your young at heart giftee, you need to check out our great finds from the list provided.

Accessories, Gadgets and Electronics

Some small items you can choose to give. Like always, they also start with teh letter z.

  1. Zelda Ocarina
  2. Zus – Smart Car Locator and USB Charger
  3. Z Wave Home Control

Books for the Book Lovers

Book Gift Ideas That Begin With The Letter Z

Like reading? Here are some books whose titles begin with the letter z. These are perfect for the bookworm!

  1. Zebra Forest
  2. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald
  3. Zane and the Hurricane
  4. Zeitoun
  5. Zero Game
  6. Zero Night
  7. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
  8. Zero to Hero
  9. Zone of Interest
  10. Zone One
  11. Zookeeper’s Wife
  12. Zorro
  13. Zulu Heart

Anything Under The Sun

Since we are caught up with the last minute shopping and everything on sale seems to be worthless for you, then you need to use your thinking cap and extract your creative juice. You can either make your own gift or put some personal touch to your gift to make it one of a kind. You can go shopping for hours and spend a fortune on your gift but only to find out that your gift doesn’t create an impact to the recipient because it lacks luster. In order to give the gift that would be appreciated by your giftee, you need to bring out the creative side of you and think of other gifts that you can shower to your recipient. Going beyond your comfort zone or being out of the box is one of the ways to win your recipient’s heart. Check out our great deals of gifts that are classified anything under the sun from the list provided below for your perusal.

Food to Share with the Brady Bunch

Cook these foods and share it.

  1. Zabaione
  2. Zabaglione
  3. Zuccotto
  4. Zuger Kirschtorte
  5. Zwetschgenkuchen

DIY Gifts

Some DIY gifts I found in the web. These gifts also begin with the letter z.

  1. Z Palette. Check out this video by Arabella on Youtube to know how to make your very own Z palette. You can gift this to yourself or to someone who loves make up and other cosmetics.
  2. Zip Up. Learn how to zip up your favorite dress from this blog:
  3. Z Fold Card. See how to make a Z fold card for this coming holiday season by checking out this blog: See this blog for the detailed step by step procedure.
  4. Z-Wave Automatic Blinds. You can make your home look and feel smarter by having a DIY Z-wave automatic blinds. Check out this site: for more information.
  5. Zoo Trip. Be a tourist guide to your family and friends.
  6. Zen Garden. If someone you love has a garden already or would like to have a refreshing look at the backyard then you could give the gift of service by decorating the garden and transform it into a Zen garden. By putting the right plants, stones and even a gnome, you can easily achieve a DIY Zen garden.  You can use the plants that your recipient love or make use of beneficial plants as well such as Citronella and lavender to fight mosquitoes and emit a relaxing aroma as well.   A Zen garden can also be achieved in smaller or miniature version so that your recipient can enjoy a refreshing look at their window pane or even on their counter top or office desk.


67. Zombie Survival Kit

Zombies are hard to beat and defeat because they are already dead to begin with and any zombie fanatic would know by heart how to cease and defeat them for good!  When the day comes and some would turn into zombies, a zombie survival kit would certainly come in handy!  This Zombie survival kit is suitable for the zombie fanatic friend that you cared for most.  It includes twenty four useful items inside such as: a multitool, a hunting permit, zombie warning stickers, a skull face mask, a tactical knife and a lot more!  You need not to wait for the Zombie Apocalypse to come for you to give this awesome gift because it is also useful for those who loves to go out in the wild and go camping, hiking, mountaineering or any time.  You will never know when zombies can strike so it’s better to be ready and equipped all the time.

68. Zentangle Coloring Book

Relax and inspire without the added cost of a therapy or a shrink by mixing and matching colors with this zentangle coloring book.   Coloring books are not exclusively for kids anymore, because these coloring books are also helping adults to combat stress, relax and even meditate.  This Zentangle coloring book is comprised of Zentangle patterns of meditative art made of bijou tiles, beautiful tangles and inspiring artworks.  Inspire yourself or your distressed friend with this zentangle coloring book.