Here comes the bride, and before she gives herself to her groom, she needs to prepare herself for her wife duties and he dashing friends come to the rescue!  Bridal showers are fun and as we know gifting the bride to be is one of the highlights of this party.  Gifting etiquettes for bridal showers are not that difficult to follow, see them all below for your reference.

Should I Follow the Gift Registry?

Yes, if the bride has one then you should.  The gift registry is a guide for you to follow so you would know what the bride really likes as a gift for her bridal shower.

Can I Buy a Gift That is not Registered from the Gift Registry?

Generally, you can buy a gift which is not registered from the bride’s gift registry.  Anyway, this is a free country and even the bride can’t dictate you on what to give to her for her bridal shower but just ensure that what you would give to her would be coming from your heart!

What if the Bride Does not Have a Bridal Registry?

It does happen sometimes, either the bride does not want to appear like a dictator or it slipped her mind.  As her friend, you can enlighten her that having a bridal registry can save her from having the same item several times.  Imagine having ten coffee maker as gifts or eight toasters perhaps?  If the bride to be still does not want to have a bridal registry, maybe you can coordinate with your peers on what to bring for her so that she would not have the dilemma when she gets to open her bridal gifts.

When I Bring a Gift on the Bridal Shower Does it Mean That I Do not Need to Bring a Gift on Her Wedding Day?

No.  Gift giving during the bridal shower is like an unwritten law that everyone follows not unless the bride clearly stated that her bridal shower is just a party and no gifts are required.  Gift giving for the newlyweds is a customary tradition.  If you gifted the bride on her bridal shower it doesn’t mean that you need not to bring a surprise for her wedding ceremony.  You can bring any gift that you can afford as a sign of your gratefulness for the invite and as a congratulatory token for the couple’s union.

Does the Hostess Get the Bride a Gift?

Bridal showers do have the gift giving part as the highlight of the party and as the hostess, just like anyone else is customary to get the bride a gift.

What Kinds of Gifts Should I Bring?

Gifts for the bridal shower are usually based on the theme of the party.  It may be a lingerie party, a spa party or an anything goes party.  Traditionally, it’s a female lore to bring gifts during bridal showers and the gifts are either for the bride to prepare her for married life or things that they can use as a couple for their new home.