The groom to be is now saying goodbye to being a bachelor and tonight he would have fun as a single guy for the last time.  Stag parties or bachelor parties are often organized by the best man along with the groomsmen to surprise the groom-to-be.  Stag parties are usually boys’ night out.  The spotlight is on the groom since we all know that the wedding is mostly focused on the bride as she steals the show.

Do I Have To Bring A Gift For The Groom On His Stag Party?

Men are not really fond of gifting their friends of the same gender some presents.  Usually, bachelor parties are comprised of fun activities, drinking, and pranks on the groom.  Since everyone would be mostly drinking and mostly the activities do not happen in one place alone, gifts are not given unless specified on the invite.

Men Registry: Do They Exist?

Yes.  Men’s registry does exist, although it’s not really the usual norm.  Grooms to be can also be specific in stating what they prefer to receive as a gift for their stag party or for their wedding day.  You can check out the man registry of the groom for more details if you are in doubt on what to gift him.

What kind of gifts should I give to the groom at his stag party?

If the groom has a man registry, then all you have to do is to check it out.  You can also ask the best man or his groomsmen if you are only acquaintances to give you some light on what to gift him.  If you know the groom and there are tons of gifts that he likes to receive then you just need to pick out the gift the groom likes and that would suit your budget as well.  Gifts range from personal items that the groom might be needed in his married life.   You can also give him some gifts that he can use on a daily basis.  Some guests at the stag parties usually the close friends of the groom, do give gag gifts most of the time.  If you are planning to give a gag gift to the groom, you can do so but just ensure that it would not be offensive since you do not want to dim his light before his wedding day.

What If I Want To Give An Expensive Gift For The Groom, Can I Just Chip In With My Friends?

You can give a group gift along with your friends.  It is acceptable to chip in with a group if you are planning to surprise the groom with a major surprise.  Experience gifts usually take in and are mostly enjoyed by the groom such as being a fighter jet for a day, bungee jumping or other extreme activities that he would like to do before tying the knot.

What Would Be Off Limits As A Gift, If I Am Planning To Surprise The Groom With A Gag Gift For His Stag Party?

If you want to make the groom laugh out loud at his stag party by giving him a gag gift, you can do so as long as it is not offensive.  Don’t insult or ridicule the groom too much that it makes his self-esteem be lowered just to make fun of him.  No matter how close you are to the groom, there are certain jokes that are not meant to be made just to make a classic prank for the groom.  Remember the movie Hang Over?  They got the groom to be a freaky tattoo on the face, and it does look nasty!  Nothing too offensive and permanent as a piece of advice.