Someone you know is getting married and you are invited, inevitably you are asking yourself now the age old question: What gift should you give?   To ease your panicking brain from falling apart, we now present to you our top five tips of the gifting etiquette for wedding ceremonies.  See them all below to help you out on your quest in finding the perfect wedding gift for your favorite newlyweds!

Check Out the Items From the Couple’s Wedding Registry

This is a no brainer tip, the couple put up this wedding registry for a reason and that is to let their friends and family know their wish list for their wedding day.  Having a wedding website is starting to be a common trend that couples have and they usually provide a link to their online wedding registry as well. Through this link, you can see the couple’s wish list and you need not to pressure your head on thinking of what to buy for them anymore.

Please Do Give the Newlyweds Some Useful Gift Items

That They Can Treasure For a Longer Period

Wedding gifts usually vary from kitchen items to dining ware or even bed and bath items.  If you are planning to give the newlywed a gift from the previous mentioned items, do ensure to give them quality items that they can cherish for a period of time.  It doesn’t need to be too expensive just ensure that it’s not too cheap either.  Simple kitchen appliances would do but also take note of the wedding registry so that the couple would not end up having two or more items of the same appliance.  You can also give your gift items in a bundle to create a theme, like if you are planning to give some bed and bath essentials, why not give a spa like environment through your gifts.  Soft towels, spa essentials, cozy blanket as a bundle would be the perfect gift bundle if you intend to create a spa like environment as your wedding gift theme.

Don’t Be a Cheap Gift Giver

It is like an unwritten rule from long time ago: “thou shall not be a cheap wedding gift giver”.  As a rule of thumb, please do not spend less than fifty dollars for a wedding gift.  Yes, this rule is applicable even for a distant relative, a co-worker or an acquaintance.  You should spend the amount that you think would be appropriate for the couple but just ensure not to set your budget lower than fifty bucks.

You Can Give a Group Wedding Gift

Group of friends usually do this, chipping in to give a fabulous gift for the newlyweds.

If you are planning to give a group gift, it would be great to give a luxury item or an experience gift that the couple dreams of!  You can either give an all-expense-paid trip to the love birds or a kitchen upgrade that they never bothered to have.

The newlyweds usually love these kinds of gifts especially if they are coming from their close friends or relatives.

Money is an Appreciated Gift


I have discussed this before, money is an acceptable and very much appreciated gift (unless, of course, if one of the couples is Bill Gates’ child) because having a wedding and building a new home costs money. If you have no idea what to give the couple, spare them the trouble and give them money packed in an envelope. Just be sure to consider culture when gifting money. (Example, the Chinese want a red envelope, not white.)

Give Your Wedding Gift On The Day Of The Wedding

Or Maximum Within Two Months After The Ceremony

Wedding gifts are not always received on time, some newlyweds do admit that they do expect to receive a wedding gift from their guests.  Given the latest technology that we have right now, wherein shopping online is widely rampant, delays in gift-giving can be minimized or even be eradicated already.  By buying your gift online, you can save time and energy by letting the gift be shipped directly to the couple.