Every celebration counts for girls and you can be assured that every girl, no matter what type of personality, is looking forward to her Sweet 16 celebration! After all, she is now entering an age where she is almost a true lady, and is quite a princess, and who does not dream of becoming a princess, right? Thus, you have the responsibility to make her 16th birthday a magical time, one that she would never forget for a long time, and come on, she is all girl and innocence at this age and she would need a fairy godmother to make all of her dreams come true, even if in just two year time, she would probably laugh at all her silly Cinderella-themed dreams.

So, make sure that all of your gifts are well-thought of and appropriate for a 16 year-old girl that thinks that she is a princess and for all we know, she might really be one, so prepare a royal-worthy gift!


Gadget Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls

Coin Stealing Panda Coin BankOzobotBop It!

Gadgets are the life of teenagers nowadays and honestly, since the fast circulation of information is the way of life in the modern world, no one can really begrudge the youth for holding on to their gadgets. Also, social life is all but centered in the social media so it is quite selfish to keep them away from their pals just because gadgets are often viewed in the bad light. Nevertheless, a gadget-related gift would be greatly appreciated by your 16-year-old girl.

Phone Cases

Cases for Her Beloved Phone!

Flowing Liquid Hard Case for iPhoneFur iPhone CaseWallet Leather Case for Samsung S3

Have you ever seen a youth today that is not holding on to her phone? Well, as mentioned above, teenagers love their gadgets, so giving her a phone case, which you can even have customized online is going to make her really happy, because it adds to her fashion style, since she is carrying this all day, everywhere.

Room Make-over!

Room Decor Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls

Black Cat Light Switch DecalCurtain Fairy LightsFlower Three Panel Wall Frame

Teenagers are sensitive people, because they are still going through their adolescence period so they are confused and prone to irritability that sometimes lead to depression, so it is actually practical to create a safe haven for your 16-year-old girl, some kind of sanctuary where she could clear her thoughts. Also, as a 16-year-old who still a strong dreamer, a room with a princess-y ambiance is definitely in order.

Pink-y Wall Papers

Wallpaper Arts for a Teenage Girl’s Room

Gold WallpaperButterflies WallpaperButterfly Faery Wallpaper

How else can you create a princess-themed room without changing the wallpapers to pink-y and dreamy walls! There are online manufacturers that accept customized orders so that you can design a wall art and paper that would surely fit your girl’s personality and daydreams. In addition, it would greatly surprise her to come to a seemingly “new” room, which would make her 16th birthday even more special.

Memory Keeper: A Scrapbook

Scrapbooks for Your Teenage Girl

There are many stories that the elderly love to tell people, but if you observe closely, you can see that most memories that people treasure with them are those that they have made during their adolescence and of course, memories from their sweet sixteen where everything is so innocent and fantasy-based, maybe even silly, but definitely worth to remember.

Teen girls like to personalize and express themselves with scrapbooking, so why not give her one?

Scrapbook Supplies and Art Sets

Supplies for Her Scrapbooking Endeavours

Ultimate Scrapbook40 Pcs. Gel PensWashi Tape Set

Help her keep those memories that she is making at this age, by giving her scrapbook-related items, such as the book itself and then the designs that would color back to life all of those memories. Also, scrapbooking is a fun hobby to have and although it can be time-consuming, it is also a way for your 16-year-old girl to put her creativity to test and help in developing her artistic side.

Baby Steps: High Heels

Shoes for Teenage Girls

It is said that you should always wear a beautiful shoes because it would guarantee that you also get to the most beautiful places and so, a nice high heels is a must-have for your 16-year-old girl.

Chunky Lace Up Oxfords High HeelsPumps With Bows Pink Stilleto

Give her a pink high heels and she can readily wear this during her Sweet 16 while she is gliding across the ballroom while dancing to those people that she holds dear to her heart. It is, after all, every girls dream to wear show-stealing high heels, one that makes their legs look longer and helps them strut with all confidence in front of many people.

You can also get other pastel-colored high heels for her. Remember to choose according to her skin tone and personality, and of course, choose the height that is best suited for her.

All Things Girl-y: Gifts for a Budding Woman

Shany Lip Gloss SetSilver Heart Necklace“Carnival” Charm Bracelet

Before becoming a 16-year-old girl, she probably has little care about her appearance, but as she reaches this age, she would be more self-conscious and would start to develop a more feminine side. Therefore, help her out by giving gifts that would define her princess personality and of course, highlight her still developing beauty.

Drop Earrings

Dangling Earrings Look Very Nice!

Blue Heart Drop EarringsCrystal Cube Drop EarringsStatement Earrings

Do you know how much style and edge a small drop earring can give to a girl? Well, it gives a lot of aura and femininity to wear one, so do not pass up this chance to give her something heart achingly beautiful and defining as well. Drop earrings also give a certain vulnerability to a girl, something kind of swoony, and this adds up to her attractive side. There are boys that would trip themselves just a get a glimpse of your girl!

Flowing Dresses

She already has a drop earring that can accentuate a dress! Thus, buying a flowing dress is the next thing that should be in your to-buy list, because a dress is like one of the most iconic gift that any 16-year-old could have.

After all, she has the figures now, which means that a flowing dress would look incredibly lovely on her body and definitely scream how princess-like she really is.

Lip Glosses

Make Up Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls

L.A. Girl Super Intense & Extra GlossyCreme LipsticksGlory Of New York

Princesses do not have chapped and pale lips! Pay attention to those lips and give her a lip gloss, or lip glosses, because seriously, she cannot just have one gloss! By giving her this, you are helping out in brightening her features and making her realize just how beautiful she looks.

Princess Crown Ring

Presents for the Little Princess Inside Her

Who says that she has to wait for her prince charming in order to get a ring of her own? Beat the boy and give her a princess crown ring now! It would complete the princess ensemble and give her an energy boost, because honestly, who would not swoon when they are given this ring?

Looking for More Gifts for Your 16 Year Old Lady?

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