Sometimes, it seems like yesterday that your little girl is dreaming of a princess themed-life for her sweet sixteenth birthday, and she is now approaching her 17th year and becoming more and more mature as she starts to embark on her Junior year of high school. But then, as ABBA says, she is only seventeen and living the life of a dancing queen! She is definitely at the peak of her teenage years, the year where she is bound to fall in love, experience one of the most painful heartbreak at her age, and then move on to think about her upcoming senior year, where she would be at the crossroads for her career.

One thing is for sure though, she has never been more youthful as she is today and 17 is said to be the most impressionable year in a girl’s life and so, you have to be there for her so that she can properly enjoy her youth while simultaneously developing her own personality, which is a key element in her future career choice and of course, for her social life, which is also at the peak at this age. Therefore, you have to give her a gift fit for a 17-year-old girl and help her create memories that would color her youth brightly.

Good Hair Day

Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls’ Hair

Hair BowsFlower GarlandHair Spa

As a 17-year-old girl, she would be so sensitive about her physical appearance and she would expected to spend so much time doing her hair style, and perhaps, it would irritate you to no end because she is going to be late for school! But then, it is also partially due to peer pressure and society’s expectations of a teen girl, wherein they have to be put-together, but not so much like a lady, since they are “not allowed” to look so mature yet. Anyway, just help a girl out, after all, hair styles are really important.

Hair Accessories to Make Her Beauty Stand Out

Hobo Hair GarlandLarge Hair Bow

Since she is still in high school, it is known that she cannot just style her hair however she wants it, or she would be called in by the guidance counselor, so she has to abide by the school rules and regulations regarding student hair appearance. Thus, in order to avoid being called in by the teachers, why don’t you give her hair accessories? This way, she does not have to do something drastic to her hair, and yet still look amazingly different every day!

For the Love of Pink Cheeks

Gift Idea That Will Make Your You Lady Blush

Everyone loves a little blush on a girl and even though the vampire stories are on demand right now, in real life, pale is not that awesome, so get some color on those lovely cheeks with cheek tints and blushes. Also, blushes can make a girl look put-together and extinguish the tired and gaunt look on a person.She is going to be head over heels in love if she receives a cheek tint and blushes from you, because she knows that you care about her girl needs and that you understand her need to become physically attractive. By seeing herself in the mirror as a beautiful girl with blushing cheeks, she would slowly build her self-esteem and at the end of the day, become the confident lady that you know she is bound to become someday.

Nail Make-over!

Nail Care and Beautifying Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls!

12 Piece Manicure SetNail Polish SetCute Nail Polish Blower

Yes, teenagers are so sensitive that they even have problems even with their nails! But then, nail arts are also in the latest trend today so don’t feel so weird when your 17-year-old girl is spending hours after hours just trying to think of the best art for her long nails (which you really think is not hygienic, but let the girl so with this anyway) and of course, even if she has spent a lot of time with her nails, she would end up changing it the next week and going through the process all over again.

Cute-sy Nail Art

More Nail Beautifying Presents!

Nail Art Detailing SetFalse Nail Tips Setnail Rhinestones and Stickers Set

Seeing that she thinks of her nails as an important aspect of her physical appearance then that would be a helpful idea for your gift list, since you can now look around for glittery nail polish and even those in-demand matte nail polishes that can (warning!) induce a drool from your 17-year-old girl.

Fashion Statement

Fashion Gift Ideas for Teen Girls!

Since she can be a little self-conscious, then you know how much she pay attention when it comes to her clothing, thus, you know how much she would appreciate a gift that would add to her closet. What is even funnier is that girls this age always seems to think that they have no clothes, even if they have a room full of it! The bright sides is, any fashion-related gifts is like a gift from heaven for them.

Black HoodieCharcoal Colored SweaterKimono Cardigan

Hoodie. The trendier, the better, so what is even better than giving her a hoodie? Aside from being trendy, it is also practical since it can shield her from the unexpected rain or even save her skin from extreme heat. Not to mention that it can make her look “edgier” and maybe, attractively athletic.

Cardigans. She have so much clothes, but she still thinks otherwise? Worry no more with cardigans since it can help her with the mix and matching of clothing article. All of those clothes that have worn once before, she can now repeat wearing it again, because a cardigan gives a new aura.

Other Thoughtful Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls

She is going to love a thoughtful and well-thought gifts, especially ones that personally suit her personality.

Embroidered HankiesWhy We Broke Up BookDiary of a Young Girl (By Anne Frank)

Embroidered Handkerchief. Embroidery is like the thing of the 80s era, but then again, classic is always “in” so giving her an embroidered handkerchief is a bound to surprise her because it is unique and touching.

Young Adult Books. Not so much a lady, but not so princess-y anymore. 17-year-old are constantly trying to find out what they want now, so you can help her out by giving her Y.A. books that would broaden her mind and give her an idea of how other teenagers deal with adolescence and the changes that it brings.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

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