She has lived for over one year away from home and going her way through university life. It has been a difficult, yet amazingly exciting year for her, but she is a 19-year old girl now and it is her last year as a teenager, the last 365 days of her teenage years, and that definitely means a lot. After all, she is soon going to enter the adult life and surely, you know—we all do!—that there is no more going back after that. However, no matter how scary it might seem that your girl is growing up way too fast and maybe she is not ready for drastic changes as well, this is a good thing, because she is on her way to discovering who she really is and day after day, she is growing closer to all of her goals in life.

With all of these awesome changes going on, you got to get her a gift that would both remind her of home and how it would always be with her no matter where she goes or what path she chooses to take, while also cheering her on with her life decisions. Then, scroll down below for gifts for 19 year old girls!

Stuff Her with Food

Delicous Gifts for 19 year Old Girls!

Healthy Gourmet Gift BasketFruit and Nuts Gift TrayCalifornia Delicious Starbucks Coffee Mornings

As she leaves home, this is when she would realize how much she has taken advantage of all the food available at the tip of her fingers. University life is extra harder because sometimes, she would experience not getting a break due to continuous classes or maybe she is short on budget, or it is raining pretty hard and she cannot get out to get food. But you would not want her to become hungry and lose her good figure, so give her some food to help her get by.

Chips, Chocolate and Other Delicious Food

It Does Not Hurt to Indulge a Little

Cookies Chips & Candies Care PackageFrito-Lay Snack SetHungry Man Gift basket

She is probably eating fast food nonstop and Mcdonald’s cheeseburger and fries and milkshake has become her every day and every hour food, but then she is probably a little short on chips (it can be a little too hard for her budget) and of course, sugar is needed for all of your 19-year-old girl late nights, not to mention that the monthly visitor would wreak havoc on her diet and make her crave for chocolates!

Coffee Maker for Her Dorm

Coffee is crucial in college, seriously. So maybe it makes her a little more nervous than necessary for the scheduled examinations, but at least it helps her keep her eyes open during lectures, which is a challenge especially if the class starts at 7AM, so instead of making her teeny allowance go to Starbucks golden coffee, get her a sturdy and trusty coffee maker, which makes coffee available for her 24/7. Now she would always be awake and alert. Go get her a single serve coffee maker, like this!

Perfumes for a Young Woman

She Smells Good, Which Makes Her Feel Good!

Vera Wang PrincessRed LaceDolce & Gabbana Light Blue

She may be running around the campus, from one building to the next, just to get from one class to another, and sometimes, the distances can make her sweat like crazy. Lessen her worry by giving her perfumes or colognes that would ensure that she smells fresh and alluring all day long.

Necklace Perfume Makes Scents Last Longer

Fragrant Gift Ideas for Young Teenage Women!

Zysta Aromatherapy NecklaceOil Diffuser NecklacePerfume Bottle Necklace

Yes! You heard that right, sometimes, a sprayed-on perfume can only last for a few hours, so this perfume-y necklace elicits an aromatic scent that makes sure that you smell pleasant without a need for reapplication.

Make-up Kits for a Young Lady

Lipstick SetBobbi Brown Blush On SetBamboo Makeup Brush Set

She is no longer a child now, after all, she is no longer home with you, so it is not right to still tell her not to use make-up! She can use make-up, because college is like a four-year dry run for the real world and once she enters the workplace, make-up is required by the office. Also, it can give her a confidence boost, especially when everything in her academics life is falling apart, at least she physically looks put-together, even if she is breaking down with all of the papers and examinations that she has to pass.

Ucanbe Naked Neutral Eye Shadow PaletteLA Girl Beauty brick EyeshadowClinique Waterproof Mascara

Eyeshadow Palette. It is a dream come true to have a palette of eyeshadows that has a different shades of colors, which your 19-year-old girl can use depending on the event she has to attend and of course, the mood that she is in at the moment. Eyeshadows are also great more highlighting ones features and also hiding your girl’s tired eyes.

Waterproof Mascara. Okay so emphasize on the waterproof here, because wearing a mascara all day especially when it is extra hot or rainy can be disastrous as it drips down your girl’s cheeks, thus a waterproof mascara ensures no make-up slip up. Also, it helps in making sure that no matter how hard your girl cries over a break-up, the looming bills, or college life in general, the mascara would stay on.

Tech-y Gifts for 19 Year Old Women

Fast information is crucial in college because you have only a few hours to finish everything, thus, get her a reliable gadget in order to help her out with her studies. She would be very depressed if she does not have a properly-working laptop or tablet to do her papers on.

Laptop for Her School Work!

This is an important gadget to have in college because professors are requiring a lot of papers but assigning hectic deadlines, so imagine your girl trying to cram herself into overfull internet café and being even more stressed out than she has to be.

Also, THESIS! Don’t be so heartless and get her a new generation of laptop, which has a faster processor and greater RAM capacity.

I recommend the newest Dell Inspirion. I use this and love it!

Kindle FireSamsung Galaxy TabSeagate 1.5TB External Harddrive

Tablet. She cannot always bring her laptop around, so a tablet is an alternative, and it can also hold pictures of notes and pdf/ebook files of her books, since most universities are starting to adapt to newer technology by using digital books as references instead of the old-school physical books, those heavy physical books are also hassle to carry around the campus, and it can also be sued for digitally writing her notes. Get her either a Kindle Fire or a Galaxy Tab.

Hard Drive. There are a lot of files that you cannot simply delete especially when you are doing your research paper, so your 19-year-old girl would be relieved to have a hard drive to depend on, so that she can safely and securely store her files away, including of course, movies and a lot of selfies! Seagate produces high quality external HD. Try this 1.5TB HD.

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