How could the time pass by this fast? From watching him take his first shaky step into watching him step into the world of adulthood, it is truly amazing how far the both of you has come and now he is navigating the tough real world on his own, with occasional phone calls that he drops for you when his hectic schedule allows, but do not begrudge him so much. He is probably regretting ever wanting to grow up, so the joke is on him.

On a serious note, though, your 20-year-old man is in a crucial stage in his life, this is mostly what determines what he actually would be as person, so he is going to need all your support and all the encouragements that he can get. Therefore, it is now time to pull off some gift ideas to cheer him up when he is down and stir his memories of home (and hopefully makes him smile!) even from far away.

Go ahead and check out the gift ideas listed below and make your 20-year-old man feel less alone in this big, old world!

Here are some great gifts for 20 year old guys.

Coffee Maker

You know what happens once your boy assumed his role in the adult world? He would start to miss his days as a youth, especially when all the stress of the real world has managed to catch up with him, and he keeps having long, dreary nights full of work. For some countries, he would still be in college, just a year or two from graduation, which spells a heavier academic load and high pressure in internship programs. Furthermore, as much as you probably don’t want to think about it, he is already joining parties and meeting up with drinking buddies, so he would be grateful for a fully functional coffee maker in his dorm or apartment!

A Cozy Blanket

What comes perfectly with a warm cup of coffee made from the finest coffee maker? Cozy blankets, of course! After a hard day at school, exhausting hours he has spent for his internship, and an insane party (which you are hoping he did not attend, admit it!), your 20-year-old boy is going to bury himself in bed, so keep him warm with creative, fluffy, cozy blankets, which you can order with a personalized design, and be careful in choosing the cloth used, because they determine the quality of the blanket. A little suggestion? The fluffier, the better.

Key Ring and Cuff Links

Coming-Of-Age Gifts for 20 Year Old Guys

Carbon Fiber CufflinksBlack Gunmetal Keyring

Your 20-year-old boy is at the very beginning of his journey towards his own life goals, which you share with him, and there are times when he would be down, experiencing depressive episode followed by a normal twenty’s crisis. The road to success is a colorful world, but it can be really tough, and without you close by his side, he would need a gift that would remind him why he is suffering sleepless nights and full plates of work. Give him a meaningful gift, one that would give him something to focus on whenever he feels like giving up. Get him a key ring, personalized with the emblem of the car that he wants the most and a pair of cuff links, a symbol of the success that is yet to come.

A Complete Suit Set

Fashion Gifts for 20 Year Old Guys

What is a cuff link without a complete set of suit? This is another reminder that he has to hold on even if he is already at the verge of breaking down and questioning why he is making himself suffer with so much stress. A suit is almost always associated with power, success, and ambition.

So, by giving him one, his brain would immediately associate it with power, success, and ambition, giving him a burst of motivation whenever he is looking at it. Not to mention that he can really use a good suit for interviews and seminar attendances.

Tri-fold Leather Wallet

Being a 20-year-old is challenging and he would need a lot of support, not that you should spoon-feed him (even if you really want to) because he has to fight his own battles now and learn to carry his own crosses in life. One of the hardest thing he would face is financial troubles and simply knowing that there are bills to come is probably making him cringe. But this is the adult world and he must face that challenge with as much strength as the other problems that would come his way. Get him an awesome tri-fold leather wallet, fill it with important pictures of family and friends, and maybe a letter saying that someday, when all is said and done, when he has reached his goals in life, he can fill this wallet with cards and enough money that would get him what he wants and more.

Sturdy Wristwatch

He is 20 years old and definitely ready to mingle. Social life is one of the most defining aspect of his age and he is out there making a lot of friends (a lot of girlfriends?) and a wristwatch is a cool fashion statement, adding some sort of attractive spell whenever he moves around. And of course, it would help him keep always on time for academics, for internship, and important interviews.

So get him not only a beautiful wristwatch, but also a sturdy one, with high endurance for the stresses of his entire day.

A New, High Performance Laptop

He is buried beneath paper works. You can be assured of that, so don’t be angry when he is not answering your calls or forgetting to reply to your text messages, because he is probably pulling his hair out and breaking down in front of his laptop, trying to meet a 5000-word paper that has to be submitted in a matter of hours (Yikes!) so a slow and outdated laptop is bound to stress him further. Thus, gift him with a new generation Apple Mac Book and make sure to get an extra keyboard for him, just in case.