Your little girl is not so little anymore and to think that she is already 20 years old is probably putting some tears in your eyes, but do not worry, because now that she is already entering into adulthood, she would also realize how important you are to her and how she misses home. After all, there are so many responsibilities in the adult world, not to mention the never-ending bills that haunts her every step, but then this is life and you cannot fight her battles for her. It is not like you are abandoning her, because you really have to guide her through adulthood so that she can make all the right decisions (hopefully) and propel her forward in her career, since this is a make-or-break stage in your 20-year-old woman’s life.

Go ahead though and find your 20-year-old women as welcoming gift that would help in lifting up her spirits and giving her motivation to face her hectic schedules.

Here is the list of gifts for 20 year old women.

Let’s Face It: Skin Care Gift for Her Face

So she is no longer going through adolescence so facial breakouts are diminishing and hormonal imbalances are starting to become quiet, but she can still look haggard and eternally exhausted and maybe a whole lot older than she looks if you would not help her take care of her face. After all, college is difficult and all of her extra-curricular activities are making her schedule extra hectic, so give her a gift that would remind her that she needs to take care of her skin and not just put on so much make-up.

Coffee Facial ScrubNight and Day Moisturizing Cream

Facial Scrub. This is a basic necessity in facial care regimen and should be part of every girl’s ritual, but it is really to neglect even the most basic of things when you are really busy, which could happen to your 20-year-old girl, so get her a basketful of facial scrub or just a bottle of one, so that every time she sees this standing tall and proud inside her bathroom, she would be prompted to wash the day’s dirt away, which would help in replenishing her battered skin cells. This coffee facial scrub feels nice and works well!

Moisturizer. After a good facial scrubbing, then applying a moisturizer is in order, especially if applied and allowed to stay on the face overnight, because it would be act as a supplement in helping the skin cells regenerate a new layer of cells, and so help in shedding the dead cells faster, making sure that it does not frolic around more than necessary. It would make her feel younger as the face can breathe easier and feel a lot lighter.

Guerlain Meteorites Compact UV Shield Pressed PowderConcealing Creme

UV-Protective Face Powder. Sometimes, it is time consuming or maybe she just don’t feel like because her hand is full with books and papers, but she would not always use an umbrella against the glaring sunlight, which means that her face is absorbing more UV light than what is necessary, and this would wreak havoc on her facial complexation, making her face appear older and more prone to wrinkles and premature lines. Thus, get your 18-year-old girl a UV-protective face powder so she can strut away under the sunlight without worrying so much.

Concealing Cream. When all else fail, a concealing cream is the last resort. There are days when no matter how much she does, she would really look so exhausted, because she actually is, so you can give a concealing cream in order to make her seem fresh even if she’s not. She would treasure this gift, for sure.

Classic High Heels

She is off attending parties (which you try not to think about too much), going to internship interviews and maybe she is already attending important conventions for her career, so she would need a trusty pair of high heels to wear for all of those occasions in order to her to properly assert her place in the adult world, and what is better than a classic high heel which she can partner with any clothing style and color.

Black Dress

Black Dresses Make Great Gifts for 20 Year Old Women

Classic high heels plus a Little Black Dress (LBD)? She is bound to mesmerize many people because you can never go wrong with the classics, which is simple, but timelessly elegant.

This classic style can be partnered with a trendier hairstyle to give her a personal set of aura and make her stand out from the crowd. But then, it is her self-confidence that would make her shine so bright so keep reminding her to carry herself with all the confidence that she could muster, while also staying humble.

Bath Essentials

Gifts for 20 Year Old Girls’ Favorite “Me” Time!

Don’t allow her to wallow in her stress, make an excuse for her to relax by giving her pampering bath essentials!

Bath BombsTerry Bath Robe

Bath Bomb. After a long day at school or work, she also needs to relax or else, she would experience a meltdown and she cannot afford to become a burn out at such an early age in her life, where her career is only just beginning, so give her a bath bomb to add some fan into her bath time and give her the best relaxation time ever.

Terry Bath Robe. People underestimate the importance of bath robes, when it is actually some kind of a mind trick that makes our brain feel like you are being pampered. Thus, get a terry bath robe for your girl so that after her bath, she would be like being taken care of and remind her that you are always thinking of her comfort despite of her distance from home.

Athletic Gifts for 20 Year Old Women

She has to take care of herself, because once she get sick, it would eve become harder for her to fulfill all the tasks that she has to complete and so, sports is in order, or maybe a little gym time?

Running ShoesCompression SocksWomen’s Fitness Tank Tops: Exercise Makes You Not Shoot People

Running Shoes. She would be inspired to become more active in gym or in sports if you give her an amazing running shoes. You would see how she would personally find the excuse to run because of a perfectly fit shoes that also boasts of great taste and style.

Compression Socks. No matter how comfortable the running shoes that have given her is, if she does not have a properly fitted socks, then she would still get blisters and lots of foot pain. So get her a breathable socks, which would adapt to her movements, while also avoiding overheating!

Cute Exercise Tank Top. So she can exercise in style! Get her this super cute  exercise tank top. This also says: “Exercise Give You Endorphins