Fashion designing is a job wherein a person uses their wild imagination and creativity to produce stunning pieces of work. Although it may take quite some time before one item is done, it is truly worth it especially when they already saw how gorgeous their creation turned out to be.

What most people are surely aware of is that designing is not a job everyone can effortlessly do. It takes a lot of time, patience and intense focus to be able to make a stylish output.

Has a fashion designer created a masterpiece for you once? Why not send them a gift to show them that you absolutely loved their work? For your convenience, here are some suggestions for gifts for a fashion designer which you can select from.

Tailor / Fashion Designer Key Chain

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This is a key chain made from guaranteed stainless steel for durability which is sure to last for a long time. It also comes with a charm in the figure of a mannequin’s body where fashion designers put their beautiful creations.

Every fashion designer knows how hard it is to search for their important things whenever they need them because their desks are usually filled with notes, fabrics and more. Therefore, this key chain will be a perfect gift for them to hold all their keys at one key ring only. They can easily slip this inside their bags where they won’t misplace it, and where it is easy to find.

Fashion Designer, Never Wrong T-shirt

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Funny Fashion Designer Gift Idea!

It is a statement shirt made from top of the line cotton shirt such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan or Al Style. This is also printed with a funny statement, “I am a fashion designer to save time let’s assume I’m never wrong,” using an eco-friendly ink.

If you are searching for a great gift which they can use even at work, this shirt should be on your list of ideas. By giving them this shirt, you are encouraging them to be more creative because they will surely find another way to improvise a simple shirt into a more stylish and trendy clothing to be worn.

Coco Chanel Necklace

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This is a gorgeous pendant with a chain made from is a silver plated link chain, available for two different lengths such as 18 inches or 24 inches. As for the pendant, it is also printed with an inspiring quote from Coco Chanel.

As a fashion designer, there will surely be a day when they will feel stressed and frustrated with work, but you can easily cheer them up through the use of this necklace. They will be able to regain their confidence and motivation whenever they read Coco Chanel’s inspiring quote.

Black Measuring Tape

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Useful Gifts for a Fashion Designer!

It is a measuring tape in the colors of black and silver, and made from fiber glass. The measurement of the sewing tape is 60 inches in lengths and 5/8 inches in width.

A measuring tape is one of the most essential items they need for their profession. Aside from having an ordinary one, why not get them this one of a kind measuring tape? Not only that they will stand out from the others, but they will also surely love its elegant style which suits them the most

Fashion Design Course

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This is a book in paperback cover which provides a series of step-by-step tutorials and exercises, and offers the reader with detailed guides and principles of the fashion industry, all from a renowned fashion design teacher.

There is always a room for improvement, which explains why this book will be helpful for every fashion designer’s career. It will enhance their knowledge about their field and will surely give them helpful tips on how to create a masterpiece.

A Stylish Watch

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It is a stylish and chic Casio wristwatch with a stainless steel strap, water-resistant watch and a hand-painted dial.

A fashion designer should never be left out on the latest trends, since Casio wristwatches are one of the in-style items as of the present time, it will be a wonderful idea to give them something that is classy and one of a kind. Using this watch, they will easily stand out among others and will love keeping track of time.

Jimmy Choo Perfume

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Designer Gifts for a Fashion Designer

This is a luxurious perfume from the famous brand — Jimmy Choo. It is an eau de parfum spray to prolong the fragrance when worn, and measures about 3.3 ounces/100 ml.

Fashion designers need not only to look good, but to smell good as well. This perfume will surely be enjoyed by them most especially because many people dreams of owning a luxurious perfume which will suit their personality as a classy fashion designer.

Custom Pencils

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It is a set of twelve one of a kind pencils created from wood, letterpress, and foil stamp. This is also available to be added with a personalized message, phrase or name which can be up to twenty three characters long.

Pencils are a must in every fashion designer’s desks. It is the magic wand they use to make their beautiful creations come to life. However, they do not deserve such plain kind of pencils, which is why this would make a perfect gift for them. Through this unique pencil, they will be able to stand out from the rest. Also, this is available in different colors so you may choose their favorite one to be more appreciated.

Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag

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This is a Maverick shoulder bag from one of the eminent brands – Marc Jacobs. It is made from 100% and top of the line imported cow-leather with a fabric lining and flap closure.

Fashion designers absolutely love designer items, most especially when it comes to bags. Giving them this luxurious bag will surely earn you a spot in their hearts. They will definitely appreciate it considering the fact that this is made from a rare kind of quality material. Through this shoulder bag, they will never go out of style.

Any more suggestions for gifts for a fashion designer?

How did you like our list? Are there any items you know that would also be perfect gifts for a fashion designer? Share us your ideas!

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