Your midwife is always ready to help you deliver your priceless baby, day or night. In return, show your appreciation by giving them gifts that deliver priceless memories too.

Gifts for midwives don’t have to be hard to find, you just have to look for ways. So to help inspire you, this post provides you gift ideas that will kick start your search for the coolest gift ideas for midwives.

Some of these gifts are for laughs. Others are pretty useful to make her job a little easier. But all these will be appreciated by your favorite midwife.

1. “Keep Calm and Deliver Babies” Mug

Funny and Cute Gifts for a Midwife

This white ceramic mug can hold 11 ounces of any hot beverage. It is dishwasher and microwave safe for convenience.

Midwives already mastered the art of calmness. But it does not hurt if you remind them from time to time with this mug that says ‘Keep Calm and Deliver Babies’. This text is printed on both sides of the mug.

2. Vitamin Capsule Pen

Such a Cute Pen! Perfect for Midwives!

This is a super cute ballpoint pen. It is designed with kawaii smiley face and shaped like a vitamin capsule. This pink pen is made of plastic.

Midwives remind you to take your vitamins before and after delivering your baby. It’s your turn to remind your midwife, if not to take vitamins, but to use this vitamin capsule pen in her day to day use.

3. Medic Bag

Who says this bag is just intended for medics’ use only? This bag by Fox Outdoors is perfect for midwife’s use too. It has a large main compartment to store various tools and essentials. It is made of fabric that’s imprinted with red cross symbol on front flap. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carrying. It has leather closure straps to keep your midwife’s tools intact and in place.

This bag is an awesome way to carry her tools while also making a statement. Honor your midwife by gifting her this simple but functional bag.

4. Cool Medical Themed Socks

Cute Present a Midwife Will Absolutely Love

This is a comfortable pair of socks designed with different medical-related symbols like syringes, charts and stethoscopes.

It is made from 75% cotton, 20% polyester and 5% spandex. It has red and gray color combinations.

Make your midwives’ job easier and more comfy.

Protect her from the cold with this pair of socks that can be worn up to the legs. Keep her feet dry from sweating.

5. Midwife Coasters

This is Rikki Knight’s set of 2 brown coasters that features a design of peace love midwife. These coasters are made of quality Masonite hardboard and non-slid cork backing. Each of them measures 4 inches and perfect for beer and other beverages.

These beautiful coasters are perfect for decorating and protecting surfaces from getting wet. Just because your midwives hands are the ones that should get wet from catching your baby, not her furniture. Give. Her. These. Coasters. Now.

6. Fertility Goddess Statue

Cute to Display in a Midwife’s Desk or Office

This beautiful statue is is the fertility goddess which many refer to as ‘Earth Mother’. The Earth Mother represents the support of all life. That’s why she appears to sit still, with her strength supporting the life within her.

This handmade piece by artist Lindy Lawyer is a perfect gift for midwives to manifest the fertility goddess’ qualities into her baby delivery vocation. Your favorite midwife can use this as a lovely accent anywhere in her home.

7. Pen Light

Prestige Medical brings you a cute pen light – the Quick Lite. This is in solid hot pick but also available in 5 different colors. It features a replaceable battery (included) for extended use. It has a sturdy pocket clip for easy push button operation. It is made of strong metal casing for durability.

Give your midwife the gift of light. Let her peek if the baby is out using the Quick Lite.

8. Headband

This headband features a two tone single band design and made of sturdy cotton fabric. It is a thin headband that has a 1” wide adjustable strap in the back to fit any head size. That special midwife in your journey as a mother can wear this headband all day in comfort due to its rounded shape that’s designed to fit and stay on the head perfectly all day.

Midwives have to keep their hair up and out of the way, and what better way to do so than with this headband.

9. “Get Ova It” Watercolor Art

Funny Gag Gift for a Midwife!

This art features a quirky looking uterus with the text ‘get ova it.’ Everything is hand painted from the uterus to the text using watercolor. It can be personalized with your midwife’s name too. No additional charges needed. This one of a kind piece of art is unframed and will fit perfectly inside any 8×10 or 9×12 frame.

If you are wondering how to help your midwife cheer other birthing mothers up, the answers right here. Look no further and get this art piece for her.

10. Business Card Holder

This is a unique business card holder for your favorite midwife. It is made of wet clay slabs and finished in a rustic texture and satin and glossy glaze. This stoneware is handmade and measures approximately 3 1/2 inches wide.

Get this business card holder for your midwife so she can easily pick and hand her business cards to birthing mothers like you.