So much has changed in our lives these days. The story is far from boy goes to school, gets a qualification and a job gets married, and provides for his family while she stays at home and looks after their home. The story looks more like: both boy and girl work long hours, leaving little time for their home life.

I have come up with a list of 10 essential gifts for a working couple that will make every young couple’s life a little easier and more convenient as they start their new life together. These gifts can either be in the form of a wedding gift or it can be given as a housewarming gift to the couple in their new home.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker makes it to the essential list because it does not use much electricity, making it an economical and good value for money.  It is also easy to use and does not require much attention. Even better If it is a digital one.

A slow cooker allows for unattended cooking and you can prepare anything from stew, pot roast, and soups. It is a great way to prepare tough cuts of meat and have them ready by the time you get back from work. Defy has one that is not only digital but the crockpot is divided into two, allowing you to prepare two different meals at a time.

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is the drive-through of kitchen gadgets. It is an ideal convenient product to use when you need to prepare a tasty meal quickly.  It makes the essential list because it not only saves time, but it is convenient and saves on electricity. It guarantees that you can come home late from work, prepare stew and still catch your favorite TV series before it starts. It requires little intervention, so you can switch it on adding the ingredients, put the timer on, and take a bath without burning your meal. You can prepare a variety of meals like stews, vegetables, soups and fish in a matter of minutes.

Coffee Maker

There is nothing more energizing than a cup of strong coffee whenever you need it. Having ready brewed coffee in your own kitchen will come in handy.  An automatic drip coffee maker is the most popular one allowing the couple to multitask in the kitchen while coffee is being brewed, making it an economical and convenient gadget to have in your kitchen


Every busy working couple needs a blender to create those tasty healthy drinks when you cannot sit down and eat the most important meal of the day. Traffic in major cities can be a nightmare which chews up most people’s valuable time on the commute to work. But if you have a blender you can mix and puree your fruits, yogurt, and drink in no time while leaving you enough time to navigate your way through the early morning traffic.

Food Processor

A food processor is like a blender with more functions. It uses interchangeable blades instead of fixed blades and does not need liquid to operate. You can use it to make puree, chop, slice, grind, mix and knead doughs. This is an ideal must-have kitchen gadget for those days when you need to prepare Sunday lunch or supper and you have family and friends over. It will not only save you time but it is economical. If you don’t get it as a wedding present, you can actually suggest it as your next birthday gift.

Sandwich or Panini Makers

The reason I love a sandwich maker is that you can use it to prepare your own lunch for work and also sandwiches for light supper at home. You can turn a boring sandwich into a gourmet sandwich in a matter of seconds. Using bread as a base you can put anything between two slices of bread, from cold meat, cheese, vegetables, ground, or minced meat. It is one of those gadgets that keeps giving.

Washing Machine

The next must-have is a necessity and I have no idea how any young couple can live without it. With little time left to do house chores for a working couple, a washing machine is something that a couple almost certainly cannot live without. Washing machines have become so advanced that they have electronic functions, you basically select all the functions you want and then the machine, soaks, washes, rinses, and spins without your intervention. This makes the ideal present because you can do your laundry while watching TV, or cooking or even finishing some work on your laptop.

Dish Washer

After nine hours of work, getting home and preparing a quick supper, and finally sitting down for a warm meal, the last thing on your mind is standing up and washing dishes. You can simply pack the dirty dishes in the dishwasher every day until it is full and then switch it on. A dishwasher is the best gift for a young couple because it will make their lives easy freeing more time to spend together.

Microwave Oven

Sometimes it will not be possible to prepare dinner from scratch and a microwave oven makes the ideal gift or ideal birthday present because you can use it to heat up leftovers, heat up ready-to-heat meals, or even take away and leftovers in a matter of minutes. On a day that you know you don’t have the energy to cook, you can still have warm food in no time.

Cooking Pots

Pots make up the most basic appliance of the kitchen, but it is not just about any pot. A busy couple needs a good quality nonstick pot that will make cooking and cleaning easy for them. A pot made from heavy-gauge material spreads the heat move evenly, cutting your cooking time in half. You also need a pan that has heatproof handles that can stay cool during the cooking period.  Le Creuset not only makes good quality pots but there are table-ready because of the aesthetic looks.

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