Guns and bombs are what air force soldiers are used to receiving, but there are also instances when they still prefer to get a nice and wonderful gift rather than deadly weapons.

We do not meet air force soldiers as often as we like. Most of their time is spent in war zones and they rarely get the chance to meet their loved ones. Sometimes they are given the opportunity to head back to their families but they are only granted limited time. It must be lonely for them, especially when they are longing to be with the special persons in their life.

What do we do to help ease their loneliness when they are away? We give them something to remind them that they are loved and they are special. Here are some gifts for air force soldiers!

Survival First Aid Kit

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As written on the product name, this is a 10-ounce kit that soldiers can use for survival in times of emergency. It has a bright color which makes it easy to identify, and it is also a waterproof soft bag that will surely last a long time. This survival kit contains first aid guide and some items as well, scissors, whistle and other helpful tools for unexpected situations they might encounter.

Being a soldier means your life is always in danger. We do not know when emergencies will come and that is why we should always prepare for them. By giving them this survival kit, you are assured that they will have an access to immediate first-aid wherever they may be. You will not have to worry too much because you know that they have this kit to survive.

Military Jacket

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It is a vintage Swedish Military coat that is made of durable cotton. The fit is made loose so that it will be easier for the person who wears it to move around. Perfect for outdoor walks, fishing, or even to shield them from breezy wind and cold weather. Make them feel your hug even when you are away from each other! This is a gift that will be perfect airmen, for any occasion or season.

Personalized Pocket Knife

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It is a knife made of stainless steel which can be carried almost everywhere because of its size and easy deployment. To make it more special, this can also be engraved with the name or initials of the soldier who will receive the item. A knife has a lot of uses, especially for the air force soldiers. It can be their key to survival whenever there are on a difficult situation. They will be able to use this to cut ropes, branches or slice a fruit.

"He Swore to Protect the Country" Beacelet

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A bracelet made of microfiber suede and lightweight aluminum metal. It is also engraved with a nice phrase, “He swore to protect his country, I swore to protect his heart.” The metal is hypoallergenic and will not hinder them from their tasks when they wore it.

This gift will be an effective tool to remind them that they have someone who truly cares for them, plus it can be a perfect symbol of love as well. You can also make a couple bracelet for the two of you to make it more special.

Aviator Sunglasses

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A perfect sunglass finely and carefully made from notable ground and polished optical clarity quality lens. Your airman deserves something that will boost their confidence as they walk down the streets. This excellent aviator will be the best item to compliment their style when wearing their uniforms or even their plain clothes.

Manly Toiletry Bag

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This one is a functional hand-made bag made of quality lining which is also water-resistant. It can be used for storage of toiletries or even their important items that they do not want to misplace. Help your soldier organize his stuff. This toiletry bag will be ideal for them because they often travel to different places. When they own one, it will be much easier for them to locate their hygiene kit even when they are on the mountains.

"Shoot, Eat, Sleep, Repeat" Statement Shirt

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A customized shirt for our air force soldiers made of quality cotton which is ideal to wear any time of the day. It is manually printed with the words, “Shoot, Eat, Sleep, Repeat,” which represents what they usually do. Boost your soldier’s ego by giving them this amazing tee. The words printed in the shirt will easily identify that your man is an air force dude, which can be worn with their heads held high.

Messenger Bag

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This is a functional bag that is made of heavy-duty material and color green in shade. Also, it comes with two compartments on the inside and adjustable strap for comfortable wearing. Our soldiers travel a lot. They go to different places, depending on their assignments. Which is why the perfect gift for them is something that they can easily use whenever they have unexpected trips. Using this bag, it will be easier to pack their important stuff in an instant. And also, they will not have any problem carrying it around because they can comfortably hand it in their shoulder.

A Nice Watch

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This is a handmade leather strap, scratch and water resistant that gives off a masculine vibe. Men love watch, just like how women love their shoes. It adds confidence to those who wear it because of the chic and outdoor style it promotes. This watch will be a perfect match for their any outfit which will surely be loved by your airman.

Drinking Flask

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This is a high quality stainless steel welded flasks that comes with two shot cups and one funnel. Every man needs a drink every now and then, especially after a long day. This flask will be the perfect container of their favorite drink, which they can carry everywhere.

Got More Ideas for Gifts for Air Force Men?

We have created a gift ideas list for all soldiers here.

How about you? What would you like to give your soldier to make them feel special? Tell us!