Basketball is one of the most famous sports played all over the world and definitely its influence is very evident in all people of all ages. Be it either the budding officemate who enjoys shooting a few hoops or the training athlete in your life, these essential gifts are perfect for any and all basketball players.

Here are our top 12 picks for gifts for basketball players.

Basketball Socks

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These elite socks are designed for those players who would like to bring their game to the next level. Basketball socks greatly differ from regular socks because it is made from Dri-Fit fabric and built to ensure that you will elevate your game. Though many gift-givers will just simply give basketball players regular socks thinking it’s enough to use in a game, a truly meticulous and caring giver will know that simple white socks are never enough to make athletes’ feet comfortable for training throughout the day.

Compression Shirt

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A must have for any basketball player, a compression shirt ensures that athletes’ will still feel fresh and clean even after sweating in training for the whole day. Equipped with the material that will soak up sweat and let air enter the tightly compressed shirt. One of the best parts of the t-shirt is that players can even wear it after the game or when they’re simply out and about because of the tight fit compression shirts have on their usually great physiques.

Basketball shoes

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This is perhaps one of the most important items that a basketball player should have. Depending on their preference, a pair May it be a signature shoe by their favorite player, or a custom pair that is made specifically for them, a pair of shoes is a must-have for anyone who lives by the motto, “Ball is life”. The best thing about basketball shoes is that players can wear them off court too for them to simply strut their stuff and showcase their shoe game to others.

Space Jam (movie)

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This is a movie which includes the basketball legend himself Michael Jordan. Together with the Looney Tunes characters, this live-action/animated film is one the must-watch basketball movies. Facing a tough matchup, Michael and company must defeat their opponent or else they must face a terrible consequence. An all-time favorite for the kids and kids-at-heart, this action-packed movie filled with adrenaline will surely be a great gift for basketball players. Though the film might have been set in the 90’s, its classic rendition of our favorite childhood characters with the spin of basketball will surely be enjoyed by all.

Official NBA game ball

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What better gift for basketball fans and players all over the world than the basketball itself? This official game ball is made for all the hoopers out there who wishes to hone their skills. With this, they can start training on their own as they bring out the best in them and perhaps start forming themselves to be one of the best players that the game has seen. Sponsoring the official game ball of the NBA, Spalding is the top choice when it comes to basketballs.

Philadelphia 76ers logo wall hanging sign

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Basketball fans, especially the Sixers’ supporters would definitely love this hanging sign. May it be in their bedroom or living room, it shows their affiliation as a member of the Sixers family. Made and handcrafted from wood, this logo is a perfect gift for them. More than just a wall hanging sign, this stunning gift idea may serve as a sign of their love and loyalty to the franchise. Real Sixer fans would definitely dig this logo, so giving them would be highly appreciated.

Basketball coffee mug

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A stunning gifts for basketball players who wish to start their day with a cup of hot coffee for breakfast. This coffee mug would definitely give any basketball junkie the jump start they need as they prepare themselves for another day of fulfilling their goals as one of the best players out there. The mug can also be used for any drink, as long as it would help the user gain some basketball knowledge. Get this cool mug now and start balling!

Los Angeles Lakers sandals

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Laker fans are spoiled by their team with a number of championships. The franchise itself is accustomed to winning, as their team led the city to basketball dominance over the years that the team has been in the league. Supporting the team is not a hard task to do, since merchandise can be found and a good example is this sandals made by adidas. Engineered to perfection, these sandals are perfect for fans and athletes that wishes to support the Los Angeles Lakers.

McDavid Padded Knee / Shin / Elbow Sleeve

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Are you worried about your body when you are playing ball? Or maybe you are nursing a specific injury that you had before? Do not fear anymore! This highly versatile sleeve are made to provide the player protection from abrasions, scrapes and injuries. Not only that, it can also be used on your knees, elbows or shins, wherever the sleeves may fit. With this protective gear, you can go hard every time you play without worrying or risking yourself from an injury.

Training waist band

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Designed to help the athletes develop their agility and strength, training waist bands are essential for honing home grown talent into future basketball superstars. It is recommended for having a complete set for safety and support and this training band ensures a quality output from the athlete through repetition. This waist band by Victorem also offers 80lbs of tensile strength for increased training reliability. So trainers and athletes, what are you waiting for? Gets your training waist band now and see for yourself!

Celtics long sleeve shirt

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The Celtics are currently the franchise in the NBA with the most number of championships won in their history. Due to this, players and fans of this team are no strangers to winning. Having said that, they are highly regarded as one of the top teams in the league in which fans would love to support. This long sleeved shirt is designed for the Celtic fans who wishes to voice out their support wholeheartedly as the shirt also offers comfort and style.

LeBron James jersey

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LeBron James, a first name basis and a common household threat in the National Basketball Association, is no doubt one of the best basketball players in the world. Considering all his achievements and career milestones, people may also argue that he may be the best in the modern era of basketball. And what better gift idea than to give someone a replica of a future Hall of Famer? A must-cop memorabilia for all of us as we witness him conquer the hardwood with his team in Cleveland.

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