Aside from doctors, car mechanics are known to be life savers, especially for some of us who are basically clueless when it comes to the maintenance and repair of our vehicles. They are the experts who can easily identify a car issue in just a matter of minutes, not to mention that they can also fix our cars in a short period of time. Mechanics make car repairs seem easy, when in reality it is not.

A car mechanic is a professional who knows a lot about the different engines and parts of it. Not only they know how to drive a vehicle, they also know how to take good care of it. In addition, they also give us tips on how we can avoid car problems in the future. Some of them even contact a customer personally just to be assured that the car doesn’t malfunction again. One good reason to hire a mechanic is that they assure customer satisfaction and fast service as well.

They have probably helped you a few times in your life, so if you want to give back for the help they’ve given you, a nice tip will be good but a gift will be great. To help you surprise your mechanic, here are the lists of items you can choose from.

1. Funny Misspelled Mechanic Shirt

Gift for Car Mechanics With Humor

This is a wearing apparel made from guaranteed cotton material and printed with, “

Mechanics are fond to dust and dirt because of their jobs, so if you want to give them something they can use, this shirt will be a good idea. With its soft material, it gives a comfortable feel when worn. Your mechanic will be eager to get dirty at work and will surely love to change into this wonderful gift.

2. “This is Motor Oil” Mug

It is a mug made from ceramic with the size of 11oz or 15oz. Also, it is printed with the phrase, “This is motor oil.”

By giving them this wonderful mug, you will not only give them something to drink in, but you are also giving them a good laugh. His coworkers will surely ask you where you got this awesome mug!

3. Scrub Soap

Gifts for People With Dirty Jobs

This is a special scrub soap contains coffee grounds and finely ground walnut shells for exfoliation and has a wonderful bamboo fragrance.

If there’s one thing mechanics can avoid – it is dirt. Sometimes, dirt can be very stubborn and hard to remove from skin so this will make a perfect gift for your reliable mechanic. The soap is also nourishing and gives off a nice fragrance, so your mechanic will definitely enjoy bath time more than ever.

4. Wrench Charm

It is a small charm with the design of a wrench – antiqued pewter and lead free.

This charm is perfect for a mechanic’s accessories, whether it is a necklace or a key chain. With its wrench design, his profession will surely be highlighted!

5. Wooden Wrench Sign

This is a wooden sign with the measurement of 2 x 10 inches. It can be personalized by having the name of a mechanic, or their shop, engraved in it.

If you are intending to give your helpful mechanic something that he can use as display, this wrench-shaped wooden sign is a great idea! They can use this as a design in their homes or in their workplace. Considering the quality of material used, the durability of this sign is guaranteed to last for a long time!

6. Durable Work Gloves

Gloves Make Great Gifts for Car Mechanics!

It is a protective set of gloves made from soft quality of fabric.

Hands are the most important tool in a mechanic’s life; therefore they should be protecting it. This glove will protect their hands from dirt and from any kind of unexpected accidents. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

7. Auto Mechanic Badge

This is a wonderful pin with the design of “Auto Moto.”

Who says badges are only for boy scouts? Wrong! This badge will be a perfect accessory in their usual outfits whether they are heading to work or outdoors.

8. “Trust Me, I’m a Mechanic” Clock

Funny Clock Present for Car Enthusiasts!

It is a brand new wall clock measures 10 inches in diameter, with a black plastic frame with a clear cover.

Keeping track of time has never been this wonderful! If you decide to give this to your mechanic, you will receive loads of thank you’s from them. Considering its wonderful design of a mechanic fixing a car, this will surely fit in their house or even in their workplace.

9. Canvass Tool Bag

This excellent quality G.I. type mechanic tool bag is made from a heavyweight cotton canvas material with two snap pockets on the outside, and eight tool organizer pockets on the inside. It also has a nylon zipper and the overall dimensions are 11″ x 7″ x 6″.

A stylish bag is one of best gifts someone could ever receive. To make your mechanic extra happy on any occasion, this is a perfect gift for them. They will be able to use this as a tool bag or as storage for their clothes when they are travelling out of town. The heavyweight material used in this bag guarantees the durability of this item which will surely last for a long period of time.

10. Delicious Colombian Coffee

It is a Colombian coffee full of aroma and flavor.

After a long tiring day at work, every man needs a good cup of coffee to relieve stress or to keep them awake. This is definitely the perfect gift someone could ever give to a mechanic because it helps them to stay alert, which is essential to their profession. Tip: You can also give them a box of pastries along with this coffee!

These are only ten ideas that would make a perfect gift for your beloved mechanic but feel free to suggest more ideas, as we would love to make our lists longer! Always remember that whenever a car mechanic makes your life easier, you should not forget to at least say thank you and acknowledge their good work to give them fuel to work even harder for their customers.