Father’s day is coming really soon.  It is the day to celebrate and appreciate dad for what he is, for the things he provided us from food to life tips.  Dad is the most reliable man in our lives and we have to say he is the first love of every daughter.

A daughter can show how much love she has for dad through a warm message and a meaningful surprise.  If you have ran out of ideas on what kind of gift you would give dad on Father’s day or Christmas, below are the gifts for dad from daughter to inspire and delight you.

Daddy's Girl Wood Picture Frame

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Memories are delightful and unforgettable moments stored in our hearts and minds. We capture them through photos and one way to surprise dad and make his heart melt on Father’s day is by gifting him this Malden storyboard frame. Gifts for dad from daughter can be a sentimental as this one. Relive the fun times that you had with dad when he thought you how to ride a bike. Put that favorite 4 by 6 inch picture on this beautiful wooden frame with a caption of: “No matter how old, I will always be daddy’s girl.” Similar idea goes with this frame but with a different caption which says: “Dad, a daughter’s first love.”

Personalized Wallet for Dad

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Dad is the provider of the family and as we know he gives us support generously ever since we were kids. On Father’s day, this great gift idea is a fun way to celebrate him through this personalized wallet for dad. This leather wallet is handmade with a special funny message which says: "A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be". To personalize it more, you can add your name along with your siblings and have it engraved. This personalized wallet is one of the fun gifts for dad from daughter on Father’s day.

Super Dad Shirt

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If you think dad is a super dad then let the whole world know through this cool tee. This t-shirt is especially designed as gift for dad from daughter which says: “The man who wears this shirt is glad his daughter says he’s super dad.” This comfortable shirt fits true to its size and soft to the skin when worn. The rhyme on this caption is sure catchy!

Daddy’s Little Girl Magic Mug

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For the coffee lover dad who loves to take his warm beverage every once in a while, this daddy’s little girl magic mug would be a sure hit. This coffee mug is beautifully designed with a twist. When you put some coffee or any hot beverage on it, the funny design or a special photo would be revealed. This morphing mug is one of the great gifts for dad from daughter on Father’s day. It would certainly surprise dad when he drink from this mug for the first time.

Protective Father’s Hat

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Dad maybe a little too overprotective at times and we can’t understand his ways sometimes but we know in our hearts that he is like this because he loves us too much! On Father’s day, another way to surprise dad is through this gift for dad from daughter by gifting him this protective father’s hat. This hat has a caption of: “Yeah, that’s my daughter and this is my AK-47, any more questions?” A similar idea and with a funny caption too can be seen on this funny t-shirt for dad which states: “Yes I Do Have A Daughter. A Gun, Shovel Alibi.”

Father Daughter Keychain & Daddy’s Girl Necklace Set

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A stunning gift for dad from daughter on Father’s day is this matching keychain and necklace set. This father daughter keychain and daddy’s girl necklace set can showcase the love of a daughter to her dad. The keychain for dad has this caption: “There is this girl, she stole my heart, she calls me daddy” while the necklace’s pendant states: “Daddy’s girl.”

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

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Being a parent does not come with a handbook but it would be great to have some top tips from experts especially for the new dads out there. On Father’s day, this great gift for dad from daughter is an inspirational book entitled: “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know.” This would be a great gift idea for dad to know more ways on how to build a stronger bond with his daughter in the long run. For dads who are fond of reading some comic relief that he can relate to, this book would be a great gift idea for him: Vader's Little Princess.

Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube

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A unique way to decorate dad’s office desk is by gifting him this carnivorous creatures light cue on Father’s day. He can grow venus flytraps and sundew in this one of a kind terrarium which emits red and blue lights because it is USB powered. A glowing terrarium on daddy’s desk would be a charming and eye catchy aesthetic decoration on his office desk or workstation at home.

Levitating Speaker

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If you have a music lover dad then gifting him this cool levitating speaker. This levitating speaker brings crisp sounds while having an eye catchy levitation which gives the impression that this speaker is from the future. Surprise dad on Father’s day and for sure he would be delighted and amazed with this speaker’s every turn.

Food Tour

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Food is such a great way to comfort anxiety and depression. If you have a stressed out dad who turns to food for comfort just like you then if would be great to bond with him on Father’s day through this food tour. It would be great to have a daughter and dad day out and explore a gastronomical adventure together.

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