Dad is a son’s first super hero.  Dad is the one who taught him how to ride his bike, how to swim, how to play basketball and many other things.  Dad provided us our basic needs from food and the unsolicited advice as we grow older.  On Father’s day, surprise dad with a one of a kind gift that he would love. If you are still clueless on what to gift dad on Father’s Day or Christmas, check out the great gifts for dad from son that we have rounded up from the web.

Crafted Engraved Father’s Day Pendant Necklace Set

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The bond between the father and son is so special that nobody can explain why. On Father’s day, surprise the man of the hour by through this gift for dad from son. This pendant necklace set is hand crafted which is made from stainless steel and is tarnish resistant. The father’s pendant says: “I love my little boy with the name of his son” while the son’s pendant says “I love my daddy”. The pendant comes with a shadow photo of a father and son and also the caption of “daddy and me” on each.

My Hero, My Dad Double Frame

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Most of us are not good with words. We may not express how we feel most of the time because we are ashamed or we would feel too fragile to open up. You can express your love and appreciation for dad on Father’s day through this gifts for dad from son in this my hero, my dad double frame. Enclose your most favorite picture with dad and let him recapture your moments together. Dad’s heart would also melt as he reads the special poem written on this frame.

Daddy's Shoes Pillow

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If you have a sleepy head dad, you would know that his favorite past time is snoozing. It would be fit to gift him a soft and cozy pillow on Father’s day. This daddy’s shoes pillow is not only soft and cozy but it also bears a wonderful message along with a dramatic photo of daddy’s shoes side by side with his son’s shoes. This gift for dad from son is a simple yet heartwarming. It measures 13 by 21 inches and would surely accent dad’s favorite couch or his bed.

Customized Father and Son Tie

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Dad needs to look sharp in the office. He wears suit and tie everyday but on Father’s day make his tie a special one among the rest. This customized tie has a drawing of a father and son which would bring a smile on dad’s face for sure! This gift for dad from son is a unique way of telling him how much you appreciate him for being your dad.

Batdad and Son Keychain

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You and dad are always inseparable. You do a lot of activities and quality time together. As mom says, you are like the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. On Father’s day, this gift for dad from son which is a special keychain with captions of Bat dad and side kick is cute way to brighten up his day.

"Like Father Like Son" Matching Shirts

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One of the best gift for dad from son on Father’s day is by gifting him something that both of you can use at the same time like this funny matching t-shirts. The father’s shirt has the caption of “like son” while the son’s shirt says: “like father”. Both shirts also have mustache to make it more fun and masculine! Whenever you would wear these shirts at the same time, you would definitely turn heads around. These shirts are comfortable to wear and fit true to its size.

Sarcasm Bets Dad Ever Coffee Mug

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For the coffee lover dad, it would right to gift dad something that he could use every day for his caffeine fix. This gift for dad from son which is a coffee mug with a unique and funny caption of: “You are the best dad ever, (thank you for teaching me about sarcasm) from your son”. Every time he gets a sip of his morning coffee or his tea in the afternoon, he would certainly smile from ear to ear as he sees the caption from this special coffee mug.

Father and Son Customized Ornament

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What would be a cuter way to surprise dad on Father’s day? If you would ask me, you can surprise dad by putting your favorite captured moment together and hang it on his car through this gift for dad from son which is a customized ornament. This customized ornament has a cute stick drawing of a father and son beside your best photo together. He would certainly smile from ear to ear on Father’s day when he sees this as he drives. You can also put this customized ornament on the Christmas tree to make it cuter than ever!

Father and Son Personalized Hammer Set

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If you have a handy man dad who loves to fix things up all the time then it would be great to gift him a new tool that he could use. This gift for dad from son is a special way to show him how much you care and how you appreciate his passion for fixing things too. This hammer set has a caption of: Dad’s hammer and your name on the other hammer. You two are the dynamic duo who are both determined to fix the common problems in the house together!

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