Father’s day is coming up, have you prepared your gift for dad?  If you are a little broke as of this moment and have only few bucks to spare, do you know that you can still buy a little surprise for dad?  Yes, you can!  We have gathered the top finds that you can see from the web that can maximize your cash.  Check out our hand pick gifts for dad under $10 below.

6 Pocket Armrest Organizer

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If you only have few bucks to spare, especially if it’s under $10 only you can still buy cool stuff for dad such as this 6 pocket armrest organizer. This gift for dad under $10 is something that dad can use during his favorite past time which is watching TV. The six pocket arm rest organizer has 6 large pockets that can store the remote, his phone, gadget, pen, paper and even his snacks too!

Bacon Body Wash

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Dad loves bacon and that is his favorite food ever! On Father’s day, you can surprise him with this funny gift which costs less than a fortune! He can smell his favorite food with every wash through this bacon body wash. This gift for dad under $10 is a surefire hit for the bacon lover dad. Of course there is also this bacon soap, bacon toothpaste, and bacon shaped bandages to choose from. All of which are under $10 each.

What I Love About Dad

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Tell dad how much you love him through this personalized cute gift idea on Father’s day. This gift for dad under $10 is a simple journal like book with the cover which says: “What I love about dad, by me”. This journal has blank pages that you can fill out with the notes, quotes, letters that you want dad to read on Father’s day or in any day that it entails. Dad’s heart would be filled with love and wonderful memories to ponder. "You Are The Best Dad Because" journal is also a great gift for dad under $10 which can store your doodles and letters for dad.

"Dad" Pocket Quartz Watch

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The pocket quartz watch is a small pocket watch can be a memorabilia that dad can treasure. This pocket watch is a gift for dad under 10$ only. He can keep track of time and be delighted every time he sees it since it’s from you. It has a special personalized name tag on top which spells: “Dad”. It may be simple but it may mean a lot to your superhero dad.

5-in-1 Geek Pen and Stylus

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If you are a fan of multi-functional gifts then this would be the perfect gift for dad under 10$. The five in one geek pen and stylus is a multifunctional pen that dad can use in his everyday tasks. This is pen that can smoothly write, has UV light, white LED light, capacitive stylus and a laser pointer too.

Pocket Stashes

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Dad is not a fan of using wallets. He stores his stashes on his pocket, keeps them in envelopes or whenever he wanted to place them. If you are worried that dad might lose his hard earned cash because of his principle of not carrying a wallet then this gift for dad under $10 would be the perfect gift idea for you. This handy pocket stash keeper is the best gift for your dad since it can store his secret stash that can come in handy for him. It would not be a burden for him to carry this around since it’s very compact and handy. It’s also waterproof and as small as a keychain, so dad can have no more excuse to keep this with him anywhere he goes.

6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool

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Being caught in a big surprise is not dad’s favorite. Having a flat tire would be a thing of the past and would not surprise dad anymore if he has this six in one tire pressure gauge multi tool. This tire gauge can help dad to keep track of his tire’s quality so that he would not be caught in a surprise of having flat tires. It also comes with six tools that would come in handy everyday such as a bottle opener, flat screw driver, Led flashlight, key ring quick release and of course as a tire depth gauge and pressure gauge. This gift for dad under $10 is a quality gift without causing pain on your pocket.

"I Love Dad" Keyring

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Tell dad how much you love and appreciate him through this gift for dad under $10. This I love dad key ring is a simple yet sophisticated way of expressing your love and affection for dad without stretching your budget since it’s only under $10. You can customize it and put your initial or dad’s initial to make it personalized.

Dads Gift Plaque

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Dad deserves an award for being all that he is. He is the source of strength in the family, the go to guy for us and the good provider too. On Father’s day, tell him how much you appreciate him by gifting him this gift for dad under $10 which is a dad’s plaque. This plaque has the caption which reads: “Dad – A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love”. He can display this on his man cave, his office or on his room. This is a simple yet profound way of telling dad how much you appreciate him.

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