Oh hey there! You have a lady in your life who is expecting a baby soon? My! She needs a gift! No idea what to give? Here are some gifts for expecting mothers. This list of mom-to-be gifts is divided into baby gifts, “mom” photo frames, touching and funny gifts, and of course, the useful ones.

This list of gifts for pregnant moms is appropriate whether the coming occasion is Mother’s Day, a baby shower, her birthday or Christmas.

Baby Gifts for Expecting Mothers

A Present That Her Coming Baby Can Use is a Great Gift for Pregnant Moms

Baby wraps make great gifts for expecting mothers!

Baby wraps make great gifts for expecting mothers!

One of the best gifts for an expecting mother are baby gifts for her incoming bundle of joy. Here are some ideas:

  • Baby Sling Wrap – Because carrying a baby all day is very tiring! baby wraps are these cloth wraps that you can wrap around your body and put your baby in. Even the hubby can use it!
  • Cute Animal Hooded Towel for Babies – Something like this shark baby towel. Cute!
  • Mustache Pacifier – Just too funny seeing a baby with a mustache!
  • Bib and Booties Set – This is something an expecting mother can use for her baby often in a few months!
    This shark themed bib and booties set is just too cute! This will go well with the hooded towel above.
  • Who said diaper bags should be ugly?

    Who said diaper bags should be ugly?

    Cute Diaper Bag – A diaper bag is essential because she and the baby would have to get out and get fresh air sometime! Diaper bags will not only hold diapers but also other baby essentials like wipes, feeding bottles, etc.

  • Dinosaur Baby Onesie – “My Auntie Loves Me!” says this dino onesie. This is a great gift from a would-be aunt, doesn’t it?
  • Infant Grooming Set – Useful for clipping the baby’s finder and toenails.
  • Baby Gift Basket – Includes baby soft toys, blanket, towels.
  • Diaper Cake – Not really a cake, but a presentation of a large collection of diapers so she does not have to buy them. Here is a how-to article on making a diaper cake.

“Mommy” Photo Frames

Mom photo frames are also a great gift, especially for the expectant first time mom. Actually I only have two recommendations for this section.

Mom Photo Frame

Mom Photo Frame

First one is this bronze colored “MOM” photo frame. The letter O in the word mom is holds the picture and this frame can stand on its own.

This mom frame will be a great gift as a baby shower present to a co-worker who will be taking a leave of absence to give birth and take care of her baby. You can expect she will bring this one when she goes back to the office.

The second one is this “Baby Bump” photo frame where a silhouette of a pregnant woman is printed on the frame and the tummy part holds the picture. This is perfect to hold ultrasound photos and the baby’s first picture in a few months.

Baby Bump Photo Frame

Sentimental Gifts  for Expecting Mothers

Touching Presents for Mothers Who are Having a Baby Soon

Mother Framed Poem

You can also go the emotional route and tug at her heartstrings. Here are some ideas:

  • “Mom” Framed Poem – The expectant mom is very excited to have her baby! This framed “Mom” poem just  fits a first time mother. One of the lines saying, “Mom is such a special word” will give her a giddy feeling because she is becoming one. This is especially great for first-time would be moms.
  • Mother and Child Heart Ring – A mom jewelry she can wear around her fingers and remind her of the sweet blessing she is holding inside her tummy. This heart-shaped ring is handmade and looks good. She will wear this even after she gave birth!
  • Mother and Child Necklace – Something she can wear as a reminder that she is becoming a mother. Get her something cute, like this mom bird and baby bird necklace! Too cute.
Mother bird and baby bird necklace

Mother bird and baby bird necklace

Funny Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Hilarious and  Silly Presents for Expectant Mums!

Mom-to-be sash

A lighthearted list of gifts for pregnant moms.

  • Mom-To-Be Sash – It is like the mom-to-be just won a beauty contest! Go ahead and give us a victory walk, Mrs. Mom-To-Be!
  • Mom-To-Be Tiara – Of course, there is also a crown! The sash and tiara gift combo make great baby shower presents!
  • Mommy to Bee Soap – Oh excise the pun! But seriously, this soap is very fragrant, and the honey will keep her skin soft and supple!
  • “I Am Eating for Two” Shirt – Funny excuse for overeating while pregnant and breastfeeding!
  • Go the F*ck to Sleep Book – Funny book to prepare her to laugh after she had a baby!

Useful Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Belmama & Cherub Shower HUg

Just some gifts a new mom can use while pregnant or after she gives birth!

  • Shower Hug – From the strain of carrying a baby on your tummy to the breast pain from feeding a baby, the shower hug can relieve them all!
  • Music for Pregnant Women – It has been proven scientifically that listening to classical music while pregnant can increase the intelligence of the baby? Give her this Mozart for Moms-To-Be Album!
  • Pre-Natal Massage Vouchers – having a professional perform a pre-natal massage on a pregnant woman’s tummy can help increase ease blood flow, easing tension to the midsection, hips and back. It also helps in regulating hormones, reducing depression and increasing the ease of delivery as well.
  • Hemorrhoid Ointment – Actually this can also go to the section above, as this can also be a gag gift. But really, many moms experience the need for preparation H after they had a baby.

Looking for More Gifts for Mom?

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