Germaphobes are on a never-ending battle against bacteria, viruses and other microscopic things. Also, most germaphobes are a bit paranoid and hypochondriac. If you have a crazy friend that hates germs, you should take a look at these gifts for germaphobes. Make them happy or even more crazy. :D

Soaps as Gifts for Germaphobes

1. Soap On A Rope – This is a great present for the germaphobe guy. There are many manly soaps on a rope. Try this Musgo Soap on a Rope. It smells like woody coconuts, which is a surprisingly nice, clean masculine smell!

2. Fruit Soap –  For the ladies, a fruity smelling, fruit-shaped soap is a nice germaphobe present. How about this super cute pear-shaped soap?

3. Face and Butt Soap – Another soap gift you should take a look at is the “Face and Butt” soap, which is a soap bar with two faces, labeled face/butt. Now this is a funny gag gift for a germaphobe that is not meant to be used as implied… or is it?

Musgo Soap on a RopePear Shaped SoapFace and Butt Soap

Gag / Funny Gifts for Germaphobes

4. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals – This is actually just a small bottle of hand sanitizer. However, the label is just so funny, with a woman, shaking hand with a man. The brand name is implied as the woman’s thoughts. Hilarious!

5. Public Toilet Survival Kit – This can has one toilet seat and two antiseptic wipes inside! What makes this so funny is the label… what a filthy toilet! My germaphobe senses are tingling!

6. Weener Kleener– A donut-shaped soap! This gag gift for germaphobes is labeled “Weener Kleener”, to make cleaning a man’s unmentionable even more fun!

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand SanitizerPublic Toilet Survival KitWeener Kleener

Gifts for a Germaphobe’s Home

7. Air Cleaning System – This is a little something that cleans the air and removes odors.

8. Plant and Aquarium DecorBack to the Roots home decor. This aquarium combines flora and fauna to clean air and give you a pet! Also, it makes a classy home decor. Just look at it!

9. Dr. Doormat Anti Microbial Doormat – Most of the germs that gets into the house are brought in by the shoes. Why not get an anti-bacterial doormat so those tiny nasties die when people wipe their feet?

GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Cleaning SystemBack to the RootsDr. Doormat Anti Microbial Doormat


10. Verilux Sanitizing Wand – Who would have thought UV can kill germs? This is actually what Verilux Sanitizing Wand does. It will kill the germs on home furniture, so a germaphobe can live in peace!

11. Verilux UV Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaner – This is the vacuum cleaner version of the sanitizing wand! It also sucks dust and other lose stuff so it will be clean from dust and bacteria!

12. Comforday Steam Cleaner – This is for the germaphobes who want to kill bacteria the old fashioned way… with heat!

Verilux Sanitizing WandVerilux UV Sanitzing Vacuum CleanerComforday Steam Cleaner

Gifts for the Germaphobe’s Toilet!

13. Toilet Seat Cleaner Spray – So even house guests can join the paranoia fun in the toilet!

14. No-Touch Soap Dispenser – Problem with soap dispensers is that you have to touch it to dispense the liquid. Eww! Not the case with no-touch soap dispensers!

Happy Cheeks Toilet SprayTouch Free Soap Dispenser

Presents for the Germaphobe Woman

This needs a separate section because 44.2844% of women are germaphobes as opposed to 6.3321% of men! (Yes I counted.)

15. GoGirl Urination Device for Women – Who said a woman cannot do #1 standing up? A germaphobe woman can do it with this female urination device called GoGirl! This a is a tube a woman can use on her pelvis so she can pee standing up so her behind do not have to touch the toilet! Clever! And funny!

16. Purse Hook – A woman will never leave the house without her purse. The problem with bags though, is that you have to put them down sometime. What if you are eating at a restaurant? Or waiting for someone at the bar? Or you have to use a table to write something?

If you do not want to put it on your lap or on the floor then you should get a purse hook. (My wife scolded me quite a few times for putting her bag on the floor!) A purse hook is like a portable bag hook that you can install at any table or any elevated and flat surface. Plus, it is small to fit any bag!

17. EZ Towel – EZ towel is a moist towelette in tablet form (medicine size tablet, not electronic). Just add clean water and it magically expands into something so useful at cleaning many things, from your face, to your hands (after using the toilet) to wiping doorknobs. This works well with GoGirl above.

GoGirl Female Urination DevicePurse HookEZ Tablet

Gadgets That Sanitize Personal Things

18. Smart Phone Sanitizer – It uses UV rays so your smartphone gets cleaned without getting destroyed.

19. Toothbrush Sanitizer – Did you know that toothbrushes get very filthy when you let them sit anywhere, let alone the bathroom? Use this toothbrush sanitizer to clean that thing that cleans your mouth!

20. Keyboard Cleaning Gel – The keyboard is probably the filthiest thing in the office! Many people touch it, including that sweaty IT guy! Clean it!

Boxwave Gadget SanitizerToothbrush SanitizerKeyboard Cleaning Gel