Your girlfriend’s dad may not like you much for a lot of reasons. Since his opinion matters to you so much, you need to step up your game and buy him a present to brighten up his dark skies.  For sure giving gifts for your girlfriend’s dad may go a long way and to ensure that you will get his blessing, you need to gift him something that he would treasure forever.  Whether you are dating your girlfriend for only few months of even for long time already, these handpicked gifts would surely help you out!

Kindle Paper White e-Reader

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If your girlfriend’s dad is an avid reader then it would be a very thoughtful gesture for you to give him a Kindle Paper White e-Reader. With the Kindle paper white e-reader, your girlfriend’s dad can read his favorite e-books anytime and anywhere. Since this e-Reader comes in a paper white background, it would make him feel like his reading his books only in a modern way. Teach your girlfriend’s dad how to use it, and he will be forever grateful. This would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend’s dad on Father’s day or in any special day it may entail.

Power Tie

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You know that your girlfriend’s dad has the power since he is in fact your girlfriend’s dad! To show him how much you care, you can gift him this power tie to make his suit look more interesting and eye catchy. This fighter silk tie is also beautiful and would be perfect in any sharp suit. And if you want a multi-purpose tie for your girlfriend’s dad the microfiber lens cleaner tie would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend’s dad.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Traveling is fun but the older we get the more discomfort we have from sitting from a long time. If your girlfriend’s dad is a traveler then it would be suitable for you to gift him something that he can use while traveling. The inflatable travel pillow is the fabulous gift for your girlfriend’s dad who is fond of traveling and moving from one place to another. As we know, the older we get the more difficult it would be to sleep in the plane or in the car that is if he is a passenger only huh not if he is the driver himself! This inflatable travel pillow can support his neck, his lumbar area or in any part that he would want a pillow while traveling. It comes with a bag for easy handling too.

Personalized Engraved Etched Scotch Whiskey Decanter Bottle

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Impressing your dad’s girlfriend is not an easy task. It may require a lot of gift giving to impress him and see your charm. If your girlfriend’s dad is fond of drinking whiskey, you can surprise him with this personalized engraved etched scotch whiskey decanter bottle with shot glasses. The bottle and the glasses are personalized and would be perfect for your drinking session. You can bond through a drinking spree through this one of a kind and personalized gift for your girlfriend’s dad. This gift comes in a wooden box which makes it look sophisticated and ready for gift giving anytime!

Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit

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Your girlfriend’s dad may be one of those parents who believe that making your own food is the way to go. If your girlfriend’s dad is a good old fashioned fellow who is a fan of cheese and wants to try to make his own cheese then this Deluxe DIY cheese kit would be the suitable gift for him. This gift for your girlfriend’s dad would win you brownie points when given to him along with this One Hour Cheese Recipe book on Father’s day or in any day you would like to surprise your future father in law!

Gondola Dinner Cruise for Two

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Scoring some brownie points from your girlfriend’s dad may be difficult if you don’t know the right moves. If you want to put your best foot forward, give a surprise to your girlfriend’s dad and also to her mom by gifting this beautiful Gondola dinner cruise for two. This may be a lavish gift for your girlfriend’s dad and mom but this would certainly get you to score more brownie points and let you earn their trust and confidence more.

Food Tour

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Any foodie would love to join a food tour. If your girlfriend’s dad is a foodie himself, gifting him something to much and crunch would just make him smile. Entice him more by giving him this fantastic gift for your girlfriend’s dad which is a food tour. Tasting the best food on the metro while being engaged in an educational tour would be a fun way to celebrate indeed!

Round of Golf Game

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Golf is the favorite leisure time of your girlfriend’s dad. On father’s day or on his birthday, you would love to surprise him with a round of golf in a beautiful resort. This round of golf would be the best gift for your girlfriend’s dad and he would be delighted to receive this from you for sure! He may love golf but would adore this sport more through this round of golf experience.

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