Ever saw someone patrolling on the beach and wearing a whistle on their necks? They’re the ever-reliable lifeguards.

Lifeguards are more than just the people who are roaming around the beach and telling people not to go too far. Their professions are one of the most challenging jobs for the reason that being a lifeguard requires alertness, good eyesight and prompt response whenever there is an emergency. They are the ones who dedicate their time and effort to make sure everyone is safe while they are having the time of their lives on water.

Even though their jobs can be tiring at times, they still manage to wake up each day and perform their duties on the beach. Has a lifeguard ever saved you or your loved one’s life before? If yes, why not give them something to treasure? The gift you will get for them can be their source of motivation especially during the days when they are facing hardships. Without further ado, here is the list of gifts for lifeguards you can consider.

Lifeguard Tower Art Print

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This is a minimalist art print printed by a professional lab using high quality inks, and archival paper with a luster finish. It has the creative photo of a lifeguard tower beside the beach. If your lifeguard is also on the artistic side, they will surely fall in love with this art print after you give this to them. The stunning and classy look of the photo makes it more fascinating to look at, which is why they will surely want to hang this in a spot where they can easily flaunt it to their visitors.

Personalized Lifeguard Necklace

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It is a necklace with a metal chain made from zinc and alloy and also comes with four charms. The birthstone is made from faceted glass bead, while the other three charms are created with lead-free charms. If you want to give them a nice accessory that they can wear, this necklace is one of your best options. The design is simple and chic, and light-weight as well. By giving them this necklace, they will surely have no problem matching it with any outfit they have for the day.

Lifesaver Shirt

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This is a soft and wearable t-shirt made from guaranteed high grade ringspun cotton material. For its design, it is printed in front with the word, “Lifesaver.” Every lifeguard is a lifesaver. They are the ones who save people from sudden death and help them live a second life, especially when a drowning person doesn’t save any intention to die just yet. This shirt will surely be appreciated by your lifesaver because of its style and awesome print.

Life RIng Bracelet

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It is a trendy bracelet made with different durable materials. The charm is an antique silver life ring with the measurement of approx 30 mm and guaranteed lead-free. The cord is a microfiber faux suede cord, while the ends of cords are finished with plated brass lobster clasp with an extension chain of about 2 inches in length. This bracelet is a perfect give because this can be a symbol of their dedication to their profession, or the effort they did in saving lives. Sure enough, they will definitely treasure this to motivate them during tough times.

"Shark Life" Hoodie

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This is a comfortable hoodie jacket made from California fleece material made of 100% extra soft ring-spun combed cotton. It has more features such as matching polyester draw cord, raglan sleeves, kangaroo pocket and weighs only at 7.2 ounces. It is also printed with a cross illustration and the words. “Shark Life.” This hoodie is a great gift item as for its purpose. Also, the print says it all about lifeguards – who are absolutely better and fast swimmers compared to that sea creature. They will be able to use this in the afternoon when they are feeling cold or when they want to add style to their outfit.

High Decibel Whistle

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It is a whistle made from PLA plastic and comes with a key ring. The whistle has two slightly different tones which can be produced at the same time through the separate chambers on opposite sides and alternate between amplifying and canceling each other out. Whistles are a must have when it comes to a lifeguard’s life. They use it to catch someone or everyone’s attention in a short period of time. They might have a whistle for themselves, but this can be their replacement just in case the other one is broken or lost.

Funny Lifeguard Coffee Mug

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This is a mug made from high quality ceramic and available in sizes such as 11ounces or 15ounces. For its design, it is printed with the phrase, “I Never Dreamed I Would Be A Super Cool Lifeguard But Here I Am Killing It” for both front and back sides of mug. It is recommended to be washed using hands since dishwasher is not guaranteed to be safe; however it is still microwave safe. Everyone knows how important it is to be able to start your day with an effective energy booster. Along with their favorite drink, they will be able to use this mug to drink from to get fueled up of motivation as well.

Lifeguard Throw Pillow

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This is a soft and huggable pillow made from natural and white faux linen, cotton twill, spun polyester, ribbed, and suede. It is also printed with a lifeguard logo. For the additional features, it has a double sided print, concealed zipper and cleaning instruction. We all know how tiring it is to be on patrol all day, which is why this pillow will make a perfect gift for them. By giving them this pillow, they will be able to sleep better because of its soft quality materials. Plus the print indicates that this pillow is their belonging so no one will attempt to use it without their permission.

Personalized Lifeguard Water Bottle

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It is a 30 ounces tumbler which has a lot of features such as BPA-free, shatter-resistant, can withstand sub-freezing and boiling temperatures, and has twist on the lid with a wide opening for ice cubes and easy cleaning. By giving them this tumbler, they will be able to continue patrolling despite of the heat brought by the sun. They won’t be easily dehydrated as they have this tumbler that they can fill with cold water.