Hey dude! Are you looking for a gift for mom that will not make you look corny or cheesy? Something that will not compromise your manly demeanor, but still something mom will enjoy?

Then you are in luck, because I have compiled a list of non-cheesy gifts for mom from son! These gifts will not make you appear soft but mom will still think you are sweet. No mom-son poems, no cheesy key chains, no sappy messages.

This gifting list is applicable with any occasion, like Mother’s Day, Christmas or your mom’s birthday!

Heart Necklace

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Just like a manly guy giving a piece of jewelry to his girlfriend, giving a piece of necklace to your mom is not corny at all! This gift idea is also very useful because mom can use this whenever she goes out of the house to attend a party or an event. A cool gift for mom from son, I might say!

"Favorite Child" Mug

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Well, you know you are mom's favorite, so flaunt it! You can make her laugh by giving her this coffee mug! The coffee mug says "I love that we don't even have to say out loud that I am your favorite child." Hilarious! I bet this will be mom's favorite mug because of no other reason than this was given by her favorite child!

A Big Box of Chocolates

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It is like you wooing mom! Giving mom a box of delicious chocolates will make mom melt! Choose this box of Cailler Chocolates. It looks very gorgeous and it tastes delicious!

A Hot Air Balloon Date

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One of the most touching gift you can give a parent is your time. Why not bring mom to a date and ride a hot air balloon with her? This is not as girly as a spa date and not cheesy at all! Mom will feel loved but she will also feel the thrill and excitement of being hundred of feet into the air and seeing the vast scenery below her. You will enjoy the sights, too! "Gifts for mom from son" like these make for lasting memories.

Beautiful Succulent Plant Pots

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This box of beautiful succulent plants will look nice on mom's kitchen counter. That's better is that decorative plants like these will clean and purify the air and absorb some bad smells. This will be perfect since most moms adore pretty plants. Especially the ones that were given to her by her son.

Kindle Fire

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A mom who love to read and browse the internet will love you more if you give her a Kindle. You do not have to give her a top-of-the-line tablet, just a relatively inexpensive Kindle Fire. With a Kindle she can read all her favorite books, browse the internet and may watch a movie or two. This will be her ultimate entertainment companion when she has nothing else to do!

Caffeinated Soap Bars

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Not only that these soap bars look gorgeous to the point that they look too good to use, they also contain caffeine which energizes the skin to make it look vibrant and alive. This is perfect for moms who always want to look at her best everyday. This also makes bath time even more enjoyable because it has a really nice smell.

This HUGE Wine Glass

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If mom is the kind of person that drinks wine or champagne almost every night, then you can poke fun at her love for alcohol with this large wine goblet! This huge thing can accommodate a whole bottle of wine. Finally, a wine that is big enough for one serving of mom's favorite drink!

An Elegant Throw Blanket

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When mom just chills at home on a cold weekend, she needs a little something that will help her keep warm while she reads a book or watches re-runs of Ally McBeal on her tablet. A throw blanket does the job! Why not get her one? Wool throw blankets look so good and feel nice to the skin, mom might even fall asleep with the comfort that this blanket gives! Mom will feel the love!

Bath Bombs

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When mom wants to relax with a nice warm bath, there is nothing more luxurious than a set of nice smelling bath bombs. bath bombs fizz and create bubbles that gently tickle and massage her skin, relaxing and pampering her without ever going to the spa! These smell nice too!

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