Hungry, that is our state when mom is not around the house.  Mom’s glorious hands can make scrumptious food in no time and if you want to give her some surprise on Mother’s day it would be a pleasant idea to gift her kitchen tools and other gift ideas that she can use in the kitchen.  Check out our top choices for gifts for mom in the kitchen.

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Cuisinart Mini Food processor

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Cooking takes time in the kitchen but you can help mom to lessen up her working time in the kitchen by gifting her Cuisinart mini food processor. She can now slice ingredients effortlessly and time can be saved and also her energy. You can even whip a smoothie from this food processor in less than a minute.

Vegetable spiralizer

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Slicing vegetable can be a tedious task for mom especially if she is doing it every meal. On Mother’s day, lighten up mom’s duties in the kitchen by gifting this vegetable spiralizer. This vegetable spiralizer is a heavy duty slicer that can slice and spiralizer veggies in no time!

Personalized Grill Set

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Barbecue Friday’s is mom’s favorite theme of the week. If you have a mom who does then this personalized grill set would be perfect for her. It comes with a complete set of utensils for grilling and it is based on bamboo which makes it unique. The personalized case makes it appear to be specially made just for your mom.

Chemist's Spice Rack

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Mom has tons of spices in the kitchen and to help her organize her ingredients well, it would be great to gift her interesting spice rack just like this Chemist’s spice rack. She can now organize, identify and beautify her spices and let her ingredients be seen creatively in the kitchen through this Chemist’s spice rack.

Gideon automatic salt and pepper shaker

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Salt and pepper are often used in the kitchen but we all know that mom may sometimes forget to seal them up and causes a mess in the kitchen. On Mother’s day, surprise mom with a Gideon automatic salt and pepper shaker. This shaker is one of a kind because it opens and closes automatically when placed on the base. Mess in the kitchen from the salt and pepper shaker would be a thing of the past now when you gift this Gideon automatic salt and pepper shaker on Mother’s day.

Farberware Classic 17-Piece Tool and Gadget Set

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The kitchen always needs tools and utensils to help mom create more scrumptious meals. On Mother’s day, surprise mom with this Farberware classic. This set comes with a seventeen piece tool and gadgets like spoons, turners, spatulas, peeler, and pizza cutter, can opener, measuring cup set and measuring spoon set.

Planetary Bowls and Plates

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China wares and blue plates are the thing of the past; you can now have more exciting bowls and plates in the kitchen through this planetary bowls and plates. Let mom have an intergalactic kitchen experience when she sets the table for dinner as she sees these wonderful planetary bowl and plate sets.

Brains Coaster Sets

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Refreshments are more refreshing when mom makes her special juice and cocktails but she is not a fan of drips and spills from the glasses that’s why you often see coasters when she serves them. On Mother’s Day, surprise the queen of the kitchen through these unique and colorful brains and Avengers coaster sets. Mom would certainly be surprised to see these one of a kind coasters but for sure she would be delighted to have something new on Mother’s Day!

Measuring Equivalents Tea Towel

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She may have tons of notes in the kitchen, like those for her recipes and the measurements she needs for such. It would be great to have a sort of reminder in the kitchen about these measurements so that mom needs not to search for her notes as she cooks. This measuring equivalents tea towel bears the measurement equivalents that would be very useful for the busy mom in the kitchen. Aside from the notes on this, she can also use this tea towel to dry her utensils too.

Kitchen Tablet and Mobile Phone Holder

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Mom can be adventurous sometimes and would love to try out different menu from YouTube. Her tablet can’t be held in one hand as she uses the other, so on Mother’s Day you can surprise her with this kitchen tablet holder. The kitchen tablet holder can secures mom’s tablet or iPad as she keeps her both hands busy as she follows the instructions from YouTube. She can also use this to keep her tablet in place as she catches up on her favorite soap opera while cooking or preparing the meals in the kitchen.

This Is What An Awesome Mom Looks Like Apron

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Surprise your mom with a simple yet sweet gift that she can use in the kitchen through this customized apron. This apron has the tagline: “this is what an awesome mom looks like”. For sure when mom sees this quote, her heart would melt into pieces.

Words For Mom Melamine Plate

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Are you the type of person who is always running out of words to say? You know in your heart how grateful you are for having your loving mom in your life but you just can’t say the right words to her. Don’t worry because through this melamine plate, your appreciation and love for mom is well written and she can display this also in the kitchen or in her favorite counter top.

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