Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of all time.  Aside from the fear of being cured or not, the treatments are also hard to deal with.  Chemotherapy is usually part of the cancer treatment, if you know a mom and would love to lessen the effects of chemotherapy on mother’s day, you would agree that a simple get well soon card just won’t do.

If you are at lost and still would not know what to give as a surprise, then you could check out the gift ideas that we have hand-picked below.  These items are very useful and can be used for a long time.  It’s not only intended for mother’s day alone either – you can give these to her on her birthday, Christmas or when she is feeling down about her illness.

Without further ado, check out the list of gifts for mom who is going through chemo.

Meditation CD

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Chemotherapy is tiresome and causes a lot of untoward side effects. Nausea, vomiting, hair loss and even pain, we could go on and on. As a relative or a beloved friend of a mom who is undergoing chemotherapy, you are a witness to the struggles that do come along with it. Sometimes, we say to ourselves if only we could take away the pain and the hardship then we would do so.

Luckily, you can help your dear mom who is undergoing chemotherapy of the pain and misery through this meditation CD. This guided imagery audio is very helpful in clearing the body and senses of a chemotherapy patient. The main aim of this meditation cd is to decrease adverse reactions of the body, to lift spirits and to place chemotherapy in a more positive light. This audio CD runs for 41 minutes and provides a cool and dazzling imagery of a dazzling wellspring of healing. Relaxation is probably one of the best gifts for mom who is going through chemo.

Dr. Scholl’s Circulatory Health Socks

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One of the untoward side effects of chemotherapy is having swollen hands and feet. Aside from the enlarged hands and feet, chemotherapy patients feel cold most of the time no matter what temperature a day has. If you would like to give the gift of warmth and comfort to the swollen and cold feet of your darling mom who undergoes chemo, then this next gift idea would certainly do the trick.

Dr. Scholl’s Circulatory health socks are scientifically designed to provide comfort, warmth and proper circulation to vulnerable patients with diabetes, edema and most especially the cancer patient who undergoes chemotherapy. These socks are made of 1% spandex, 8% nylon and 91% polyester. This pair of socks is designed to allow good circulation of blood on the feet with a non-binding top. The toe seam is made smooth so that it would be non-irritating for the vulnerable wearer. The sole of the socks is also cushioned for the added comfort. It keeps the feet dry, warm and comfortable which is perfect for your cold feet chemo mom.

Crochet Hat

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The hair is one’s crowning glory. Unfortunately, the beautiful locks would slowly go and shed because of chemotherapy. Hair loss is part of chemotherapy and it is one of the dreaded adverse effects of moms who undergo chemotherapy. We all know that this is just a stage in the healing process, while your mom is shedding her favorite locks while having chemo, you can ease her pain of losing her self-confidence by gifting her this comfortable crochet hat. This crochet hat is comfortable to wear and is very fashionable. It comes with different colors to choose from. Mom would be prettier and would love to keep this on as well to keep her head warm.

Deluxe Handbag

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Moms are gaga for bags. Not only because they add a fashion statement to one’s outfit but for the usefulness has it served especially for moms on the go. If you are a mom and you are undergoing chemotherapy, you would have tons of pills and medicines to drink within the day, important doctor’s appointment papers, throws to keep you warm and other essentials.

This deluxe handbag is not only pretty to look at but is very useful because of the compartments it has inside. Your on the go mom would love you more if you would gift her this bag on mother’s day for sure, because with this bag she would save some time searching for her essential things like car keys, pills, lip stick etc because she would know where they are exactly. The zippered closure on top is an added feature to keep everything in order inside the bag even during a sudden brake in the car, putting all her things in order.

Custom (Build-Your Own) Charmbracelet

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It is indeed quite stressful to have a disease with no assurance of being cured plus the dreaded side effects of chemotherapy, life would certainly be so unbearable no matter how tough a dear mom could be. This mother’s day, gift a gift of inspiration through this charm bracelet. This charm bracelet is a gift to affirm and inspire your mom you is losing hope of her disease and treatment. This charm bracelet would silently remind her that you are looking forward to her healing and just silently wishes for her fast recovery. It may also remind her that life is still beautiful and she can beat cancer. What thoughtful gifts for mom who is going though chemo!

Wellness Gift Certificate

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Dry skin is one of the not so good side effects of chemotherapy. Stressful chemotherapy can get the very best of your mom, this coming mother’s day try to cheer her up by giving her a gift of serenity through this wellness certificate. She can use it in as much as 20,000 spas worldwide. She would not only be relaxed and have a serene moment, her skin would also be moisturized and be hydrated well through the essential oils used in the spa session.

Satin Pillowcase

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Getting some snooze might be difficult for a chemo patient because of their skin’s vulnerability and dryness. The satin pillowcase would help alleviate the discomfort of their skin’s dryness and makes getting some snooze easier. The softness and the wonderful feeling it brings to one’s face and head would certainly make grumpy mom less grumpy because she could enjoy some shut eye through this satin pillow case. This satin pillowcase is handmade which is made with elastic satin which certainly feels like smooth silk and is crafty made with love and care.

Colorful Notebook

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Chemotherapy can get into the brain and make the patient forgetful. A foggy memory may come along with the treatment, added by stress and dose of medications. On mother’s day, a colorful mini notebook would be a brilliant gift idea to keep mom be on track of her to do list, make notes on the important things to remember or just do some doodling as she pleases whenever she feels like it. The compact size of this notebook which is 6.5" x 8.75" makes it handy and could be slipped in her purse and take whenever she goes. You can even write some words of encouragement inside to keep her going.

Your Brain After Chemo

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As we know it, one of the effects of chemotherapy is mental fogginess or forgetfulness. Getting one’s life be back on track on to give them ways to cope would be very helpful. This book entitled “Your brain after chemo” is written by Dr. Dan Silverman and Idelle Davidson to aid the chemo patients boost their brain potential and help them to reenergize their brain like the usual through their cutting edge science strategies and tips. Mom’s chemo brain would be back to normal with the help of this book and keep her going even while taking chemo.

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