Is your mother someone who already has everything? A rich mom who can stop working for the rest of her life and still have money to support her grandchildren’s children… Or the mom who is not filthy rich, but claims she has everything she needs and needs nothing on her birthday, on Mother’s day or Christmas. She is hard to shop for! I know!

Well, I created a list of gifts for moms who have everything. Check this out for ideas on what to give to that hard-to-shop-for mother.

People Who Has Everything Cannot Buy Your Time

The good news about mom having everything is that she only needs you. Spend some time with mom and she will love it! Here are some bore-proof ideas to spend with mom!

You two can hire a private chef to cook a dinner for you two

You two can hire a private chef to cook a dinner for you two

1. Take Her Out for Dinner – Having a dinner with mom at her favorite restaurant and some chitchat with her. Dinners with children are great gifts fro moms who have everything!

2. Hire a Chef to Cook for Her – You can also just stay at home and hire a professional chef to cook for you and mom and the rest of the family! The chef will buy the ingredients, cook a sumptuous upscale three course dinner and clean up. Nobody has to do anything, just appear at the mom’s house. (And of course someone has to pay the chef!)

3. Take Mom for a Balloon Ride – The scenery, the rush of being in the air, the wind blowing to her face… with her favorite child with her! Nothing can be better.

4. Snorkel With Mom Somewhere Warm and Sunny – When you live in a cold place, the warmth of the sun in somewhere tropical is a nice gift. I know mom can afford to travel, but traveling with you is something she cannot buy always.

5. Take Mom to a Gondola Ride – Who said gondola rides are for lovers only? How about some mother-child bonding on a gondola. Snacks included. Be sure to video mom while the boatman sings!

6. Go to a Spa With Her – A common yet effective mother-daughter bonding moment!

7. Treat Her to a Foot Scrub – If budget is tight, you can always buy some foot scrub and give mom a foot spa and foot rub!

Something Mom Will Never Buy for Herself!

There are some things moms will never buy for herself because a) she is silently waiting for someone to buy them for her b) it is awkward to buy it for herself.

8. A Beautiful Tea Set – Then share some tea time with mom!

9. Hand-Blown Vase – Beautiful and decorative! Throw in a bouquet of flowers, too!

10. Personalized Cutting Board – Burned wood cutting boards look very gorgeous while on display at her glorious kitchen.

11. Agate Coasters – Something beautiful to look at… and to use when she has visitors to serve lemonade to!

Agate coasters make great gifts for moms who have everything

12. Comic Book Coasters – These achieve the same effect as the agate coasters above, only geekier.

Terrarium necklace

13. Terrarium Necklace – For that eco-chic look! Fashionable!

14. “Pet” Cactus – This is a very small cactus she can take care of and even wear around her neck like a jewellery!

15. Unusual-Scented Soaps – Bacon soap, wine soap, beer soap. She will probably not purchase these herself because of the novelty, but she will use these because you gave them to her!

16. Pressed Flower Earrings – Looks beautiful! If her birth flower is available, get those for her!

Name wire necklace

17. Personalized Wire Necklace – You can have her name spelled or something like, “I Love Mom”. So Sweet!

18. Themed Cookbook – Because you know what her favorite food is, make it themed. For example, chicken or wine recipes (look at Never Cook Sober). Since she has the time, she will have a lot of cooking projects to look forward to!

19 Himalayan Salt Lamp – Looks pretty, and cleanses the air. Especially good if mom has some breathing allergies.

20. This “From Mom’s Favorite Child” Mug – Because she did!

Touching Gifts for Moms Who have Everything

I Heart Mom Frame

21. “I Love Mom” Picture Frame – Get a baby picture of you can mom. Add it to this touching photo frame!

22. Photobook of Her and You – Compile and print pictures of you and mom and add them to this photobook!

23. Mother-Child Necklace – A symbolic necklace of a mother’s forever bond with her child!

24. Hire Someone to Make a Song for Her – You can hire the guy from to make a song for her. Just supply details!

DIY Gifts for Moms Who Have Everything

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Kitchen Tablet Holder

DIY gifts must be one of the best gifts moms who have everything can ever receive. She will feel the love receiving these!

25. 52 Reasons Why I Love You, Mom Theme – Get a deck of cards, list on each of the cards why you love mom. Add nice graphics.

26. Home Made iPad Holder – This iPad holder made from a used chopping board is perfect for her kichen!

27. DIY Locket – What a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

28. Handmade Handbag (from Jeans!) – Looks too cute!

29. This Delicious 3-Ingredient, No Bake Cheesecake – Easy, easy, easy! Tasty, tasty, tasty!

Looking for More Gifts for Mommy?

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