Looking to win the heart of your mother-in-law? You can do that with a lot of patience and some presents. The technique here is to treat your mother-in-law like your mom, too. Remember important dates like Mother’s day, her birthday, Christmas. Send her a present. She will soften up!

If you are looking for ideas for great gifts for mother-in-law, then you should check out this article. I separated this list into three sections. Useful, funny and touching gifts for-mother-in-law.

Useful Gifts for Mother-in-Law

Kindle Fire and other tablets make great gifts for mother-in-law.

1. Kindle Fire – She might be bored at home! With a Kindle, she can read all her favorite books, play some games, listen to music or watch videos and browse the internet, all in one (reasonably inexpensive) piece of gadget. There is a reason why the Kindle is called the most senior-friendly gadget there is.

2. Cashmere Scarf – There is no cloth more elegant than cashmere. And scarves are probably the most versatile piece of clothing for a woman… she can use it to warm her neck, her arms, use it is an improvised blanket, tie her hair, among others. Very useful, very elegant!

Map Coasters for the Clean House Obsessed MIL

3. Map Coasters – Very classy, very useful! If your MIL is the neat-freak kind of mom who does not like glass marks on her living room table, you should give her one of these.

4. Personalized Burned Wooden Chopping Board – If MIL is the type that loves to cook, then a personalized kitchen tool like this burned chopping board would be a great gifts. You can have your mother-in-law’s name and your message burned into the chopping board. Useful and touching!

Jewelry tree is a great present for MIL if she owns a lot of necklaces, rings and earrings.

Jewelry tree is a great present for MIL if she owns a lot of necklaces, rings and earrings.

5. This Tasteful Jewelry Tree – She probably owns a lot of jewelry, right? Then you should give her a jewelry tree so she can hang her earrings, necklaces and rings in full, gorgeous display. It will always be on her vanity table, ready for her to admire her collection.

6. Fruit Infuser – Makes delicious fruit-flavored water naturally. Helps with digestion and helps her imbibe nutrients easily.

7. A Nice Smelling Perfume – Because everyone appreciates a nice smelling scent.

8. Simple But Gorgeous Pair of Amazonite Earrings – Classy earrings for a classy woman! This pair of earrings are very appropriate for her age.

Funny Gifts for Mother-in-Law

Goblet that is huge enough to hold one whole bottle of wine!

9. Huge Wine Goblet – Got an MIL who always drink a glass of wine every night? How about a huge goblet of wine to make her laugh? This one holds one whole bottle of wine! Drink up, MIL!

10. Scalp Massager – Relaxing. Not really funny, but this will probably make her laugh because it tickles! But mostly relaxing.

11. For the cat-loving mother-in-law, you can get her this “I Could Pee On This” poem book. It is actually a collection of poems if cats can write poems. Very funny!

12. Princess Leia Apron – If MIL is the geeky type who knows and watched Star Wars, you can give her this Princess Leia apron! Even if she only had an idea who princess Leia is, she will get the joke on this one!

Touching Gifts for Mother-in-Law

A great mother-in-law framed poem!

13. Framed “My Other Mother” Poem – This is a framed poem that will tug at the heartstrings of mother-in-law.

14. “No Better Friend” Wall Sign – Same as the gift suggestion above, only a bit more light-hearted. it says “no Better Friend Than a Mother-in-Law.”

15. A Large Bouquet of Flowers – Every mother would love to receive flowers. What woman does not want fragrant, cheerful flowers in her house?

16. Trip to the Spa – You can also treat her to the spa. If you are a woman, this can become a mother-daughter bonding for the both of you! Take her out to dinner afterwards!

A locket that you can put a photo and a message inside! Make it a touching message for your mother-in-law!

17. Personalized Locket – A locket with her child’s picture and a note saying “thank you for raising a great person” will melt her!

18. Pressed Flower Ring – It is like giving your mother-in-law flower, but preserved in a tasteful, colorful jewelry!

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