Being a dad is a full time job, it’s full of responsibilities and it doesn’t really come with a handbook too.  He may be freaking out now because he is going to be a daddy soon.  If you have a friend who is an expecting dad, you can help him to boost his paternal instincts through these gift ideas for him.  These guy approved gifts for expecting dad will give him the time to get himself together and put an accent to his new stage in life.  Check out our great finds that we have rounded up from the web, see them to help you out on finding the perfect gifts for expecting dads. These are perfect for Father’s day, Christmas or  as a baby shower gift!

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads to Be

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Fatherhood may not really come with a set of instructions or a handbook but this book would help the expecting dad to prepare his paternal instincts and put them to action soon. He may not carry the child for nine months and would not feel the baby growing inside him but he is an expecting dad now and soon a child would call him daddy. Help your friend to get into the spirit of fatherhood through this inspirational book which is one of the perfect gifts for expecting dad.

Going to Be a Daddy Shirt

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Let him celebrate the new upcoming stage in your friend’s life and help him shout out to the whole world that he is going to be a daddy through this gift for expecting dad on Father’s day. This funny shirt has the design with two thumbs up and the caption of “This is going to be a daddy!” This shirt is comfortable to wear and fits true to its size. You can also choose the daddy to be’s favorite color for him to love this shirt more.

Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be

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Pregnancy is exciting since the new couple is starting a higher level in their relationship. The dad to be may want to have more knowledge about what his partner is going through so that he could help her all through out. This educational DVD entitled: “Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be” is a helpful compendium for the dad to be. This is one of the perfect gifts for the expecting dad on Father’s day especially if he is already freaking out for being clueless of what is happening now and what he would be expecting in the future. This pregnancy DVD would give him the power of knowledge and a sense of preparedness on this nine month crazy run called pregnancy.

Birth Plan Template

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The expecting dad is already overthinking at this time; help him to be prepared on his quest by giving him this helpful gift for expecting dad on Father’s day. This birth plan template has an outstanding infographic that would help the expecting parents to define their personal birth plan.

Matching Baby Shirt For Couples

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You may have a friend who is an expecting dad and has not announced it yet to the whole world. Help him proclaim his good news to many through this cool gift for expecting dad. These matching shirts for couples have colorful and fun way of telling their friends and family that they are pregnant. This funny “The man behind the bump” shirt is also too good not to post.

Dad to Be Travel Mug

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Your friend is going to be a dad soon. You would like to celebrate his new title coming by gifting him something that he can use. If he loves coffee even as he goes anywhere then this gift for expecting dad of a travel mug would suit him well. This “dad to be” travel mug is a cool way to appreciate his new role in life and also some sort of a simple welcome gift to being a dad. This travel mug can encase his favorite hot or cold beverage in almost anywhere he goes since it has a closed tight lid to keep the liquid inside stored and not leak.

Daddy to Be Ultrasound Picture Frame

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The expecting dad may still be in shock or is having mixed emotions. On Father’s day, surprise him with a gift for expecting dad that is meaningful and memorable such this Daddy to be ultrasound picture frame. It can hold the ultrasound of his partner that can measure up to 4 by 6 inches along with a special message on it. The frame is made from solid American wood that would be a perfect accent to their home.

Just Me and My Dad

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He is going to be a daddy soon and he may be starting his baby library as of this moment. Surprise the expecting dad with this children’s book which is one of the top gifts for expecting dad. This book entitled: “Just me and my dad” is a fun story of dad and his child going on camping and building beautiful memories together. He can read this story to his baby and help also his child to read as he gets older through this book. Your first word will be Dada is also a fun gift for expecting dad. He would surely love to see this book read it himself on how to teach his coming baby to learn Dada soon!

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