Looking for gifts for nuns? Here is a list of what you can give!

Giving a gift to someone is a very thoughtful gesture. It would be a bit difficult if you have decided to gift a nun. She may be your child’s teacher or your mentor or a relative. The gift may be for a special day, a holiday like Christmas, or for her Jubilee but either way you might still be clueless on what to give. Whatever you may decide to give, will be treasured because it came from you! Religious gifts may come to mind but they might be receiving similar gifts for quite some time.

Be that as it may, there is no guideline against getting gifts for personal utilization or for sharing with a group. Check out the ideas we have prepared for you below to ease your gift-giving jitters away.

Here are some great gifts for nuns!

Nun Mug

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A nun’s life is not confined to the walls of the church alone. They do outreach programs, they go out and live an active vocation of service and tons of prayers. To keep up with an active lifestyle of a nun, gifting this travel mug is very beneficial. This travel mug has a rubber-lined lid which makes it spill-resistant. The double-walled stainless steel will ensure the hotness of the caffeine fix even after a long commute.

It has 14 ounce capacity with a dimension of 6.2 by 3.5 inches. To top it off, this travel mug has a cool label that says “nun power!”

This simple yet cool design would surely rock your nun’s world. In addition, you have the power to customize the design to your liking to make it more unique and personalized.

(The gift item is not unavailable anymore, so just get her this Whoopi Sister Act mug!)

Nuns Having Fun Book

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To err is human but to laugh is divine as the saying goes, your favorite nun deserves some good laugh. The stress of daily life can be too much to bear especially for a nun who lives in simplicity and dedication to serve others.

The nuns having fun is filled with 125 pictures from the 1950s and ’60s, high contrast and having an immaculate retro appeal. Drawing on their years as parochial school understudies, the creators investigate the legend and legends encompassing nuns, including favorite punishments from nuns, a list of people who could have been nuns, nuns say the darndest things, a wimple watch, and how to recognize a nun after Vatican II.

Perfect for individuals who like to keep track of the date while seeing nuns having a great time, or for individuals who wish to win a contention with a distrustful companion who claims that nuns absolutely never have a ton of fun.

"Friends" Throw Blanket

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Our beloved sister is like an angel who came to spread the faith and love to all. Her life is but a mere vocation that is dedicated to serving humanity. She may have a weary schedule piled up and taking some snooze would be good for a while. If you are planning to gift a lovely pillow to a dear nun then this gift idea would be superb.

This throw pillow is embroidered with a saying about friends being angels on earth would be a clear depiction of your thankfulness for having a sister in your life.

This throw is very comfortable because it is made from 100% cotton and measures 50 by 60 inches. Snoozing would be more comfortable and the note designed on it would make it more special than any other throw in the market.

Most especially because it came from you.

Amazon Gift Card

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Service is vital to nuns. They frequently give up on their own wants and needs keeping in mind the end goal to encourage their ministry. Giving a blessing to help bolster a religious woman’s service is an appreciated blessing without a doubt.

A nun doesn’t generally need anything, yet she’d happily take anything (cash, gift card, help) that can promote the service of nun’s life.

It is an extraordinary blessing in light of the fact that sister can pick what she needs. Perhaps it’s the most up-to-date music or a particular book that will help her with her service.

Handmade Soap

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Pretty gifts for nuns like these nurture her human feminine side.

Nuns love pretty things too. Nuns also love to pamper themselves once in a while. Handmade artisan soaps are so pretty to look at and luxurious to use! Give your favorite nun the gift of rest and relaxation by giving her this set of beautiful artisan soap.

Handmade Leather Journal

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Nuns absolutely love handmade items so this journal would be something she will surely use for a long time! This journal would be her companion in recording her thoughts, prayers she makes, and reminders for herself.

This particular journal looks so pretty with its elephant print and its antique looks. This would be one of the most memorable gifts for nuns.

Large Basket of Nuts and Dried Fruits

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Nuns are community persons. They eat, pray, and do activities with fellow nuns. A gift idea that can be shared would be a super cool idea.

One super nice gift is this tower of fruits and nuts. This snack pack is meant to be shared, and she and her sisters can indulge in the goodies together. Plus it can be stacked in a super attractive manner. It is so pleasing to the eyes.

She will be happy, the other sisters will be happy too. Gifts for nuns like this cookie tower make the whole convent happy!

Large Cookie Basket

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Just like the fruits and nuts tower above, gifts that can be shared are a great idea as nuns are always together. Plus, it is a super nice feeling to share.

This cookie basket from Mrs. Fields is a collection of 45 pieces of large cookies, all beautifully arranged in a convenient basket. Dear sister will have a fun time eating and sharing all of these cookies with the other nuns in the convent!

Food gifts are so much fun!

Stash Tea Assortment

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Another gift set she can share with her fellow convent-mates!

This set of tea samplers has around fifty different tea bags that she and her friends can brew and enjoy. This is perfect because the life of a nun, doing charity, church, and convent work has its own stresses and it could not hurt to sit back and sip a cup of tea (and maybe eat a cookie!) in the afternoon to relax!

This is a perfect companion gift for the cookie basket above.

Nun Bowling

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Do you remember Sister Act? If you do, then this next gift idea would somehow remind you of that. Through Sister Act, we found out that nuns can run, be cool and fun and can sometimes be alarmingly hilarious. As an extraordinary way to lighten up a nun’s life, this unique bowling set displays ten nuns, one Satanic fireball, and 32-page prologue to the cloister adherent playing game. Sister might find this ridiculously entertaining or a change!

Holy Toast Bread Stamper

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If your favorite nun loves some toast for breakfast or for a snack, then you could add a twist to her favorite toast in her liking. As we all know, a nun’s life is lived in divinity and chastity just like Virgin Mary. This one-of-a-kind gift would make a nun’s toast divine, as in literally because the image of the Holy Mother is embossed. This Fred holy dread stamper is really extraordinary and I figure the fact of the matter is the nuance of getting the Holy Mother in the bread. The holy bread stamper should be utilized with lighter bread. Make sure to press the bread before toasting to achieve the image perfectly.

Trust Me, I'm a Nun Wristwatch

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For heaven’s sake, sister is very trustworthy so whenever she has a decision to make we should never have second thoughts and trust her wholeheartedly. Cheer up your favorite nun while letting her to keep track of the time by gifting her this one of a kind wrist watch which is made especially for her. Make sister sparkle and shimmer with the trust me I’m a nun rhinestone watch! It is made with a rhinestone emphasized face and dark or white finish combination arm ornament. You can modify the face with your name to remind sister of your gift or personalize it with her name. The superb outlines gives a style and sparkle past time.

Spa-in-a-Jar DIY Gift

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“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), keeping this in mind you can easily gift anyone without being broke by making your very own DIY gift. Sister may live her life in simplicity but she still deserves some R and R. Check out The Gunny Sack for this dazzling spa in a jar idea. The materials that you would include inside could be homemade and customized according to what sister loves and prefers. She need not go to a spa if she doesn’t feel like it but she can still unwind even as she stays in the convent through this spa in a jar.

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