The well-endowed may seem to have it all.  Shopping for a gift for the very rich dad on Father’s day is like a hard task to ponder.  It’s like juggling if would he like it or is this gift would even catch his attention?  Your very rich dad may be hard to buy for but you can still surprise him with a dashing gift like no other. Your thoughtful gift for the very rich dad would surely be appreciated if you could add some kisses and warm hugs too! Check out our great gifts for rich dads below.

Funny Rich Tee

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The gift of laughter is one of the best gifts that you can give in any occasion. On Father’s day, this funny rich tee would be one of the unique gifts for the very rich dad. It suits him well and would bring a tickle to his funny bone as he sees this Trump line on the tee: “Part of the beauty in me, is that I am very rich.” This t-shirt has various sizes to choose from and since it is made of cotton, it would be very comfortable to wear.

Coffee Mug Caricature

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The coffee junkie dad would love to have a mug to house his favorite drink. It would be a thoughtful move to gift your very rich dad a funny coffee mug caricature that would make him laugh. This ceramic mug is one of the cool gifts for the very rich dad since it is funny and useful at the same time. If he is a fan of Trump or a hater of Trump then this would fit him well too!

30 Reasons I Love Dad

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Your dad may be a very rich dad and may have everything he wants and needs but it would be nice to gift him with a surprise that would melt his heart out. This handmade memorabilia which states the 30 reasons why you love him would certainly bring a smile to his heart. You can customize the sentences in this and make a mix of long and short sentences as you please. Your very rich dad would have a very rich heart every time he takes a glance of your gift.

Custom Bobblehead

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If your very rich dad is fond of playing golf and for you he is the best player there is and deserves an award for it, why not surprise him with this custom bubblehead on Father’s day. This custom bobble head is a mini caricature of your very rich dad playing favorite leisure time. He would certainly have an eye catchy table after putting this on top of his desk. This gift for the very rich dad would be a fun way to celebrate him on Father’s day!

A Great Dad Gift Basket

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Show dad how much he means to you on Father’s day no matter how very rich he is now. This gift basket for the great dad says it all. We all know that he is a great dad and he did a great job in raising you, on Father’s day let him know how special he is to you through this great dad gift basket. This gift for the very rich dad features the man food that he likes which includes cheese, crackers and coffee.

Memory Book

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Memories linger forever! If you have a very rich dad, material gifts would mean nothing to him anymore. It would be better to gift your dad something that he can treasure forever. Compile all the wonder memories that you have and make your very own scrap book that would serve as a memory book. This gift for the very rich dad would be a great way to showcase his greatness and his achievements as a dad to you.

Luxury Pen

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Signing cheques and important documents may be one of the usual tasks that your very rich dad does. On Father’s day, surprise him with a gift that could help him in his signing duties. This luxury pen is a smooth writer which is perfect for all his signing tasks, plus it has an LED light that comes to the rescue when he needs some lighting too. This gift for the very rich dad also comes with an inspirational quote to live by which states: "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. - MATTHEW 19:26". This is a useful and inspiring gift for the very rich dad indeed!

Paintball Adventure With Dad

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You dad would not be very rich if he did not pay attention to his work and investments. Let him loosen up a bit on Father’s day and spend some quality time with him through this paintball adventure. This paintball adventure would give him the adrenalin rush that he needs and the wonderful feeling of being young again. He can forget about the stressors even just for a while. This gift may not cost a lot for a very rich dad but the memories that you can create together is priceless!

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