Security officers are the ones who are keeping us away from harm. They are the responsible persons in charge of providing security and a safe environment in an establishment or a public place. Although they are usually concentrated on preventing the occurrence of any kind of crime, they are also happy to help and assist a customer whenever possible.

Security guards have, no doubt, made our lives easier by giving us the comfort of not having to worry about our safety. Their presence alone is enough to convince us that as long as they are in the same place, no kind of harm will ever happen to any of us.

To give them acknowledgement for their hard work, why not reward them with something that will not only make them happy but will also motivate them to do better in their job? To help you pick the right gifts for security guards, here’s a list that you can choose from.

“World’s Best Security Guard” Coffee Mug

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It is a novelty mug made from ceramic with a standard size of 10oz. As for the design, it is printed with the words, “World’s Best Security Guard.” If you are to scan a security officer’s desk, you will definitely see a mug. But why would you give them something ordinary? Once you decide to get this for them, they will be able to own an item which will help boost their confidence and will give them motivation to serve the customers better.

Plaid Insulated Lunch Box

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This is a lunch tote bag made from chenille fabric, waterproof nylon, and genuine leather waxed with beeswax. It is also insulated to keep the temperature of food to be packed inside. Enough with paper bags which are easy to wear and tear. This lunch bag is a perfect replacement for the paper bags used to pack their lunches in. With its stylish design, it will be more visually satisfying to whoever uses this tote bag. Also, it is designed to keep the temperature of food so your security guard will be able to eat their lunch while it is fresh.

“Keep calm, I’m a Security Guard” Thermal Mug

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It is an insulated travel mug which can hold up to 14 ounce of liquid. It also comes with a lid and rubber rim for easier access when drinking. As for the design, it is printed with the phrase, “Keep calm, I’m a security guard.” This travel mug will allow your security guard to pack their favorite coffee or juice drink at work. That way, they will have an easy access to a fine beverage and they will also be assured that it is guaranteed to be clean since they will be the one preparing it. With its design, it will be easier for them to identify their personal belonging.

Officer's Necklace

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This is a wonderful necklace made from good quality materials. Its ball chain is made of stainless steel, while the police charm badge is from aluminum. Its charm can be made to represent a badge, serial, precinct number or any kind of customization. If you are looking for a wonderful accessory which can add to their daily outfit, this is the perfect gift item that you should get for your reliable security guard.

7-in-1 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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It is a survival kit which consists of a safety whistle, magnifying lens, bright led flashlight, signal mirror, compass and thermometer. This item will make a perfect gift because this will be able to help them in different situations whether they are at home or at work. Since it is very handy, carrying this to different places will not be a problem for your security officer.

Security Cap

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This is a stylish cap made from guaranteed cotton material designed for comfortable wearing. It is also embroidered with the word “Security” in front to serve as the cap’s design. A cap never goes out of style, which means your hardworking security guard will be able to use it on a daily basis in different outfits. With its front design, they will be easily identified whenever in a large crowd or when someone needs security help. This can also be used as a protective item against the sun or the rain.

Night at the Museum

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It is a physical copy of the movie “Night at the Museum.” This is a movie about a security guard who got in charge of guarding a museum with moving objects inside. By gifting them this wonderful movie, they will be able to relax themselves and relieve stress while earning more motivation to strive harder as he serves and protect.

Organic Coffee

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This is a bag which contains twelve ounces of medium dark roasted coffee with a delicious flavor. Let's admit it, coffee is oe of teh best gifts for security guards because most of the spend the night awake. A great cup of a warm coffee is the perfect stress reliever especially for our dedicated security guards. If you pick this as a gift item for them, they will have a perfect source of energy which will help them to be alert at work. It will also be an effective instrument to help kick start their day as they head to work. Tip: This is perfect with a fresh batch of bagels!

Got Suggestions for More Gifts for Security Guards?

That’s the last one on our list. Have you chosen one already? Which one did you pick for your security officer?