Superheroes save the world, alone, one night at a time. Single moms raise her children, alone, everyday. That is the reason why single moms are like superheroes.

If you have a single mom in your life, whether it is your mom, your sister, a friend, you have to show them you appreciate her hard work in being the mom and the dad for her children.

How about giving a single mom some presents? Here, I have gifts for single moms. I have divided the list to creative, pampering and helpful gifts for single moms. A little something for every taste!

This list is appropriate for Mother’s Day, her birthday, even just because you want to make her happy!

Helpful Gifts for Single Moms

Presents That Can Help a Single Mom do Her Duties!

A single serve blender like Magic Bullet can help tremendously in helping to keep a single mom’s energy levels high.

1. Single Serve Coffee Maker – You know, being a single mom takes a lot of toll on someone’s energy. A single serve coffee maker is a nice gift because a single mom can make delicious energizing coffee without waste and she can even bring the cup out when she and the kid are heading out!

2. Single Serve Blender – This achieves the same purpose as the coffee maker, but this time, she can use it even if she does not like coffee and is trying to eat healthier. I have Magic Bullet back when I was still a single guy and it is an amazing piece of gadget. Get her one too.

365 Days of Gratitude

3. 365 Days of Gratitude – 365 Days of Gratitude is a picture book that motivates anyone to be thankful for life’s beauty. This is not a self-help book but rather a motivation book that gives her a bit of alone time everyday, in small, bite sized increments.

4. Chicken Soup for a Single Parent’s Soul – Another good book for single moms to draw strength from! Includes small, beautiful anecdotes and inspiring stories of single parents, such as herself!

5. Hire a Maid or a Nanny for Her for One Whole Day – This one is big! Not all single moms can stay at the house to clean and cook, so hiring a maid to clean the house is a big gift that can help her stay sane. A clean house is so relaxing to live in!

You two can hire a private chef to cook a single mom, shopping for ingredients and cleaning up included!

You can hire a private chef to cook a single mom, shopping for ingredients and cleaning up included!

6. Hire a Professional Chef for Her – Making delicious meals is almost impossible when you are a single single parent, making many single moms to resort to ramen, quick soups and fried foods. This is unhealthy, not to mention not that gastronomically satisfying. Why not treat her once? Hire a professional chef who will buy ingredients, go to her house and prepare and cook her a three-course dinner. The chef will clean up afterwards, too! This is a great gift for single moms who deserve a little pampering though delicious food once in a while.

Bento making kits make great gifts for single moms because these can aid her in keeping her child well fed.

7. Bento Making Set – For single moms who can stay at home and prepare food, feeding a child is one big challenge everyday. A bento making set helps in feeding a child because it transforms ordinary food into kawaii-shaped deciousness a child will be interested to eat.

8. Slow Cooker  – Remember what I said about working single moms? They do not have the luxury to prepare dinner all the time, making her resort to fast food or fried food. This is not healthy. A solution is getting her a slow cooker, if she does not have one yet. A slow cooker can help because she can make dinner before she leaves the house. Just put all the ingredients into this miraculous kitchen tool and it cooks the food in low heat, making delicious soups and stews ready for dinner, without burning.

Pampering Gifts for Single Moms

Rest and Relaxation Gift Ideas for Single Moms

Spa is probable the best relaxation present you can give to a single mom!

Spa is probable the best relaxation present you can give to a single mom!

Because raising a child alone is very stressful, here are some pampering gift ideas for a single mom’s R&R (rest and relaxation).

9. Spa Gift Certificate – A trip to the spa is the ultimate R&R gift idea for a single mom! However, be sure to have someone (read: you) to look after her child, while she relaxes and forgets all the stresses of being a single mom.

10. Spa Gift Basket – If going out is not an option, you can also give her spa gift basket that contains special bath scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath and essential oils to help her experience spa-like heaven while bathing. While her child is asleep, of course.

11. Aromatherapy Set – Another cool gift for a single mom that can help her take her stresses away. Be sure to include essential oil and a diffuser or burner.

12. A Big Box of Chocolates – Who says treatments are the only thing that can relax a single mom? One word: chocolates!

Creative Gifts for Single Moms

Cool Gift Ideas That Will Entertain Her

Penguin mother and child sculpture

Creative gifts for single moms that entertain, awe or inspire. Also keepsake gift ideas she can wear and keep.

13. Louie TV Series Collection – Shows the life Louie, a divorced dad, raising two daughters. A single mom will laugh, cry and find inspiration in this TV series.

14. Mom and Baby Penguin – A cute sculpture of mother and child, in penguin form.

Mother and Child Necklace

Mother and Child Necklace

15. Mom and Child Necklace – A thoughtful and fashionable reminder that even the life of a single parent is hard, it is worth it when she sees her child move mountains.

16. Be Awesome Motivational Poster – A cool reminder to never stop being awesome. Also something colorful she can hang on her wall.

17. Bad-Ass Coffee Mug – Admit it, she is a kick-ass person who does a bunch of roles everyday.

18. We Can Do It Sign – It signifies woman power!

Wonder woman apron

Wonder woman apron

19. Wonder Woman Apron – This apron is a cute representation of her superpowers. She is a single wondermom!

20. A Large Bunch of Flowers – Of course, any woman will love to have a bunch of fragrant, colorful, cheery flowers in her house. I suggest lilies because they smell heavenly. Get her a vase, too!

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