Statistics is usually associated to different kinds of fields with relation to computation such as Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics Industry, Commerce and Trade to name a few. Although simple math can be done by anyone, it is not the same case when it comes to statistics because it is way more complicated than the basic math.

Statisticians are usually hired by companies because they do not want to make any mistakes especially when it comes to the finances of an organization. Has a statistician made your life easy before? How about giving them a nice gift to remind them that you truly grateful to them? Here are some gifts for statisticians we would like to share with you!

1. ABC's of Statistics Poster

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This is a poster with matte finish printed with the twenty six basic statistical concepts which is also accompanied by the letters of the alphabet. Statisticians look at numbers as if it is the apple of their eye. While most people treat numbers as a source of headache, it is the opposite for the statisticians. By giving them this poster, you will definitely make them smile because it symbolizes that you sincerely appreciate their profession. They will be able to use this as a decoration in their offices or homes.

2. "Math Whisperer" Shirt

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This is a shirt made from cotton and digitally printed with the words, “Math Whisperer” and can be availed in different colors. Shirt has always been functional for a human being because clothing is one of basic needs. Therefore, giving them this funny statement shirt will definitely be a good idea since it is related to their beloved profession. They can also wear this at work, plus they will be easily identified because of the print.

3. Statistics Definition Coaster Set

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It is a set of four sandstone tiles with cork back to prevent the tiles from scratching. Also, it is permanently printed with the definition of a statistician using a non-toxic and Earth-friendly ink, measuring 4 x 4 x ¼ inches. This coaster will be a wonderful gift not only because of its statistics-related print, but because it would make a perfect display for their office desk or their tables at home.

4. #statistician Water Bottle

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This is a novelty water bottle printed with “#statistician”, which can hold up to 20oz of liquid. It also comes with an easy flip top straw for easier sipping. Nothing beats a nice drink after a whole tiring day of work! To give your statistician accessible refreshment whenever they are at home or at the office, you should pick this water bottle as a gift. By giving them this wonderful gifts for statisticians, you are giving them the privilege to bring their favorite drink whenever they go!

5. Statistician's Blues CD Album

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It is an album by Todd Snider entitled: “Statistician’s Blues.” After a long tiring day at work, everyone needs something to release their stress. The best way to do that is to listen to music which perfectly suits your beloved statistician. Also, you will be able to give them a good laugh because of the title of the album.

6. The Cartoon Guide to Statistics Book

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This is a book available in paperback entitled: “The Cartoon Guide to Statistics”. For someone who is not fond of reading books, this is the perfect gift to give. This is a book which will help our statisticians to have better understanding in their field while being entertained at the same time.

7. Mathematical Formulas Washi Tape

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This is a tape with the measure of 15mm x 10mm which is also printed with different math formulas. Washi tapes are one of the trendiest items nowadays, which is wanted by many. This will definitely be appreciated by your statistician because of its brilliant design, which they can use when putting marks on some important notes or even when they are designing their notebook. Remember to give them an extra because they will surely consume it right after they receive it.

8. Mathematician Notepad

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It is a notebook with the design of mathematical diagrams. The design itself is printed through gold lines on a burgundy background cover to highlight the details. It has a hundred and twelve pages made from 100% recycled paper with a high quality. Every statistician needs something to write on especially when they are in the middle of a computation. This will be a perfect gift as it is functional which they can also use when jotting down important notes or to remind themselves of their tasks for the day.

9. laser Engraved Pi Pen Holder

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This is a unique pen holder made from maple hardwood, hinged to be opened either way. It is also engraved through laser with original digital design of the Pi symbol surrounded by the numerical rendition of this mathematical wonder. We have seen pen cases made from rubber or cloth, but we rarely see something made from wood. This pen holder will surely be appreciated by any statistician because of its functionality, guaranteed durability and creative design. This can also be personalized by having their name engraved in the side of the case.

10. Customized Pen with Flash Drive

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It is a special kind of pen in the color of black. What makes it unique is that it has a laser pointer and a USB flash drive built in the same pen. In addition, it can also be engraved with a phrase or name of the owner in gold font color. This is by far the most wonderful gift you can give to your statistician. With its stylish design and its three functions, you will be assured that they will be able to use it in their daily life for a long period of time.

Which gifts for statisticians would you like to give your friend and why?

That ends the top ten gift ideas on our list which you can give your statistician on any occasion. Giving someone a gift is a symbol of your genuine feelings toward the person, whether it’s thankfulness, love or appreciation but what’s more important is the feeling of being thought of.