Stay-at-home moms are probably the least appreciated kind of mothers. Most of the working class in the adult society think staying at home involves just sitting at home watching re-runs of Frazier. That is just not true! Staying at home and keeping the house clean, making sure the kids are tended to and cooking a delicious dinner before the hubby comes home is equally (if not more) tiring to working at a 9-5 office.

If you know that fact already, you can express your appreciation to the unsung heroes of the household: the stay-at-home-mom! Here are some gifts for stay-at-home moms, which are thoughtful and useful!

Useful Gifts for Stay-at-Home Moms

Tablets, like an iPad, make great gifts for stay-at-home moms!

A note of advice: be sure that these presents you give for the stay-at-home moms is not something that will help her perform her tasks (example, a vacuum cleaner) but useful in the sense that will make her life easier, better, more entertaining. Here are some ideas:

1. A Tablet – An iPad will help her in many ways, like getting up early, setting reminders to remind her husband and providing her with entertainment when the household duties are done. Really, being alone can drive one insane!

2. A mix CD of your personal choices for her. A DIY gift is one of the most charming, touching gifts for stay-at-home moms. And you know what? A mix CD will entertain her while she cleans the house. Nothing like listening to a whole album your child made just for you to help you get through boring tasks!

Funny cookbook will give a stay-at-home mom projects to look forward to.

3. 50 Shades of Chicken Recipe Book – Plus points if mom read 50 Shades of Grey! This parody recipe book will give her projects to look forward to in the weekends. Especially great if her art is food.

4. A funny coffee table photobook, like Awkward Family Photos. This makes resting moments filled with laughter, just by looking at photos. No need for energy for reading. Plus, it makes an entertaining book for those who visit the house.

5. Personal Coffee Press. Coffee is a stay-at-home mom’s best friend, so by giving her a single serve coffee press, she gets to have delicious coffee anytime, without any waste!

6. To give her a complimenting gift to the coffee press above, you can give her this “Master of Multitasking’ coffee mug! Super cute and this will make her laugh!

I’m like 104% tired. Funny shirt for work-at-home moms!

7.  A funny shirt! I love this shirt that says “I am like, 104% tired.” Perfect for stay-at-home moms with small children!

8. You can also give her this “I run on coffee, sarcasm and lipstick” shirt. Perfect for quick quipping queens.

9. Personal Smoothie Maker. This is a substitute to a personal coffee press if mom already owns one or in the rare moment that your mom gets her energy from fruit shakes!

10. Fruit Tapping Kit. Makes delicious fruit juices from real fruit. This makes perfect presentation for her guests and makes a great treat for herself, too!

Touching and Thoughtful Gifts for Stay-At-Home Moms

Supergirl apron!

Here are some gift ideas that are both thoughtful and touching.

11. How about a Supergirl apron? This apron will give her quite a laugh and you get to have a chance to tell he she is your superhero for doing everything she does every single day. Plus, it is quite useful in cooking, too!

12. A Day at the Spa. When you work to maintain the cleanliness of the house, your looks suffer a bit. A day at the spa will bring her beauty mojo back to par…

.13. ..But do not forget to hire a maid for the day! Since she has to go out of the house to consume your spa gift, someone has to sub her for a day!

14. After that spa date, why not taker her out to a dinner? Even better, make it a mystery murder dinner night, where after a sumptuous dinner, a guest will be “killed” and everyone in the guests are suspects.

15. A bunch of flowers because your mom is a woman and a woman loves to have fragrant, pretty flowers in the house. Carnations are a great choice. This gift idea can even be free if you spend a morning picking beautiful wildflowers.

16. A box of delicious chocolates! Hey, a woman should indulge!

17. This “MOM” picture frame. If you are grown up and are living away from her, you can pick a picture of her and you as a child. She will love it!

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