A stock broker is a stock invest newbie’s hero as everyone knows how intimidating it can be when a person enters the world of stock investing for the first time. Stock brokers are the professionals who scan and filter all the available options to be able to help you get the best deal when it comes to buying and selling of stocks in the market.

Everyone knows that being in this kind of profession is not as easy as everyone thought it would be. Being a professional in this field requires a person to be completely focused and disciplined. There are also a lot of terminologies about trading which is hard to comprehend especially when he/she is just a beginner, which is why people asks help from the ever-reliable stock brokers.

Did a stock broker help you make a major decision that gave you a positive outcome? Why not give them a small gift to thank them for their efforts and eagerness to help? Here is a list of great gifts for stockbrokers.

World's Best Stockbroker Mug

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This is a novelty mug made from high grade ceramic with can hold up to 11 ounces of liquid. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe, and printed with an uplifting phrase, “World’s best stockbroker.” If you want something simple yet useful, this mug should be one of your main choices. Using this specially made mug, they will be able to enjoy their hot coffee even more. Their energy and self confidence will surely be boosted!

Finance Themed Bracelet

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This is a silver bangle made from a silver metal alloy for sturdiness and thick. It is also nickel and lead free, which does not rust or tarnish and guaranteed hypoallergenic for the safety of whoever wears it. There are also a few charms included such as s success money happiness sign, a bag full of money, money sign and one hundred dollar bill. If a stock broker is great with stocks, then surely he is the same with money. Giving them this accessory can be their lucky charm which they can wear at work or during ordinary days at home.

"Trust Me, I'm a Stockbroker" Pillow

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It is a soft and huggable cushion pillow made from the finest quality of materials to provide more comfort to whoever uses it. The measurement is 40cm x 40cm, which is machine washable. It is also printed with a phrase, “Trust Me I'm A Stock Broker.” Stock brokers surely know how exhausting and tiring it is to be in this kind of profession, since it is not always a sunny day for them. There are times when figures are negative – which causes them stress. To help lessen their stress, this pillow will be of help to them to get a good night sleep and regain energy for the next day.

"Offshore Accounts" Journal

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This is a useful and original MOLESKINE® Cahier Notebook. Its measurement is 9x14cm and 3.5x5.5 inches, which comes with 64 acid-free paper page. Also, there is a back pocket inside the journal which they can use to compile cards and more. For its design, it is printed with the phrase, “My secret offshore investments.” Stock brokers use notepads at often times, to take down notes or to compute for figures. Once you decide to get one or two for your reliable stockbroker, they will be able to make use of this journal efficiently. Also, the funny print on it will make them laugh.

Handmade Fountain Pen

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It is a stunning fountain pen made from Irish bog oak, which gives a natural feel and sleek polish and wax finish. This also comes with a triple start screw cap, pocket clip, starter ink cartridge and ink convertor and elegantly packed in a black velvet presentation box. Every professional deserves a fine-looking and one of a kind pen which suits their personality and profession. And of course, your stock broker shouldn’t miss the elegance brought by this chic fountain pen.

Advanced Stock Trading Guide

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This is a well-detailed and informative book in a paperback book cover, which provides a lot of techniques and strategies regarding stock trading. Getting a copy for your favorite stockbroker will surely be a wonderful idea since they will be able to use this to refresh their forgotten skills or add more to their knowledge. After receiving this guide from you, they will definitely improve and more successful.

Money Wall Art

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It is a stunning wall art with a creative illustration of loads of money. This is a 1 ¼ inch deep canvas, framed in a classic walnut finish and loaded with a pre-installed hanging hardware and protective bumpers. A great figure of stocks means more money. By getting this wonderful wall art as a gift for them, they will be able to use this as a decoration and a motivation when they are getting tired of all the hardships they encounter.

Business Card Holder

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This is a classic card holder made from a high grade ¼ inch cast polished acrylic, decorated with dense gold glitter and industrial glitter. It can hold all business cards with standard size. Contacts are very important for a stock broker, and sometimes, they unfortunately lose one or two of business cards when they are about to reach out to them. To prevent them from losing another potential connection, this card holder will be a great help to them. Using this, they can easily compile all their business cards and find them quickly whenever they need them.

Artisan Coffee

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It is a Major Dickason's coffee blend which is dark roasted and smooth, and also a best-seller. After a long and tiring day at work, stock brokers also need a quick energy booster to refill what they lost. They deserve a best tasting coffee because of all the efforts they made to help their clients.

What Gifts for Stockbrokers have You Chosen?

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