Techie moms deserve equally astounding gifts as she.  She may have all her eyes on her smartphone because it keeps all her busy schedule intact. Tech-savvy moms would love to have gadgets on Mother’s day, to give you a hint on what to gift her, you better see our prepared top picks for gadget gifts for techie moms below to help you out on your quest.

Pocket Nanny

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New moms would love to have some help especially in taking care of her baby. On Mother’s day, you give a lending hand through this superb gadget which is made just for her. This pocket nanny is a multi-purpose gadget which helps moms to keep track of the baby care details that she needs to remember. It has reminder alarm that she can use for medication giving, diaper changing etc. It glows with light up and has beeps that play briefly. The pocket nanny also has a night feature that can easily remind mom to nurse her baby and has soft glow that gleams without waking the baby up. The nightlight shuts off automatically after 7 minutes.

Mighty Purse - Charging Wallet

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For the mom who is always on the go and is always has a running dry battery on her smartphone, the Mighty purse wristlet would do the trick for her. The Mighty Purse wristlet has a lightweight 4000 mAh battery that can keep her smartphone charged even while she is on the go. It fits most smartphones which includes iPhones, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, HTC and other android phones. As long as the phone uses micro USB and lightning adapter, this fashionable purse which is made of 100% genuine leather could charge it at any time. The tech-savvy mom can now keep her gadget charged and pumped up at all times.

Programmable Smart Ring

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The tech savvy mom can also be fashionable at the same time through this smart ring. The smart ring is an NFC ring that can be used to unlock not only mom’s smart phone but also the doors (as long as its NFC enabled door). The gizmo mom can transfer information and link people through this smart ring too, the possibilities are endless!

Kensington Key Fob

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Mom is a wonder mom, not only because of her multifunctional role in our lives but because sometimes she is a forgetful mom who tend to wonder all the time. If you have a wonder mom, the Kensington Proximo starter kit would be the perfect gift for her on Mother’s Day. All you have to do is to attach important items like keys, her wallet or phone and put them on the dongle. You can use up to five dongles at a time and sync it to her smartphone through Bluetooth and the Proximo app.

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Vacuum Cleaning Bot

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On Mother’s Day, lighten up mom’s chores by surprising her with a helper through this iRobot Roomba 650. The iRobot Roomba 650 is a vacuum cleaning robot which cleans with a push of a button. It has a three stage cleaning system which can conveniently clean everyday mess like pet hair, debris, dust and more. This vacuum robot can provide thorough cleaning and is designed to fit under the bed, and most furniture. Roomba can vacuum up to seven times per week and is always ready to clean because it automatically recharges in between cleanings.

Parrot Flower Power

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We all know that mom is always too busy. The tech gizmo mom would surely love a techy gadget that could lessen her work load in the house. If your mom is fond of gardening but is caught up with a million things to do then this Parrot flower power could definitely help her out. The parrot flower power can measure the parameters of her plants such as the soil’s moisture, temperature and the amount of sunlight the plants are getting. This device can be linked to mom’s smartphone and would give her alert whenever her plants need her attention.

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Click & Grow

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Mom can now grow plants even if she does not have a green thumb. With the Click and grow, mom can grow her mini garden with zero effort required. All she has to do is to click the cartridge into the Smart Herb garden and fill the pit with water. The plant would sprout after a week or two.

HandHug Tablet Grip

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To keep mom’s tablet with a snug fit on her hands, gift her HandHug tablet grip on Mother’s Day. She can hold her iPad or tablet without any fuzz and strain on her hands. She can read and tap her gadget with just one hand even while she is cooking or doing other things.

Tablet Stand

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The gizmo mom always loves to keep her iPad in her sight. Sometimes, it takes a toll on her hands to hold it for a long time. On Mother’s day, surprise her with a fun and decorated iPad stand. She can now read or use her iPad hands free!

Nokē Bluetooth Padlock

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If mom is a frequent traveler, you can gift her Noke Bluetooth padlock. It would secure her belongings carefully as this padlock can only be unlocked through her smartphone.

R2 D2 USB Power Station

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We all need some power in our lives most especially if we have plenty of gadgets at hand. Mother’s day, surprise your tech-savvy mom with a USB power station to charge up all her gadgets at the same time. This Star Wars themed USB power station can fit 2 USB ports and 4 US standard sockets for all of mom’s charging needs.

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