People who do not want anything are a bit annoying to ask. When asked what they want for their birthday or for Christmas, they will probably say “nothing” or worse, “your relentless love”.

The truth is she indeed wants something, but that something is nothing money can buy. She want something emotional – make her laugh, cry or do a service for her. Anything that does those make perfect presents for someone who do not want anything.

If you have a mother who does not want to receive anything on Mother’s Day, Christmas or on her birthday, here are some ideas!

Here are my ideas for creative gifts for the mom who wants nothing.

Touching Gifts for the Mom Who Wants Nothing

When mom says she does not want to receive anything as a gift, she probably is content with what she already have. You can give her touching gifts that show how you appreciate her as you mom. Here are some ideas:

Mom framed poem

1. A “Mom” Framed Poem. This is touching and she will surely put this up on her bedroom wall!

2. Here is an idea: get an old baby picture of you and mom and have it framed in this MOM picture frame. Too cute!

3. A bunch of flowers. This is a classic gift suggestion that will melt the hearts of any kind of mom. Any woman will love to have cheery, colorful, fragrant flowers in the house.

Bonust points if you are able to give the bouquet to her yourself!

4. This personalized family tree pillow cover. The seller will list all your names into the tree so mom can hug this while she watched her favorite cooking show on TV!

Mom Bird’s Nest Necklace

5. This bird’s nest necklace is a pretty cool way to remind mom of her kids every time.

6. You can also give her one of these “I Love You to the Moon and Back” necklaces. You wear the other one!

7. Take her to the spa! Your time is more touching than most gifts you can purchase in stores…

8. While you are at it, take her out for dinner after that rejuvenating spa session!

This is something mom will remember all her life! I promise!

Heart if the Ocean Heart Necklace

9. Heart necklace. You can give mom something usually given to a lover, like this “Heart of the Ocean” heart necklace. Looks super cute and mom will feel the love while wearing these.

10. If mom is already a grandma from your baby, you can take your child’s drawings and then have them printed out into a keychain! Also works for a new mom’s first Mother’s day!

Funny Gifts for the Mom Who Wants Nothing

Presents That Will Make Mom Laugh!

Mom Medicine Wine Glass

Funny gag presents can also make great gifts for the mom who want nothing. Make her laugh heartily and she will have received a great gift, even if she did not want anything.

11. This “mom medicine” wine glass! Especially if she has one of those sacred wine nights!

12. “Definitely Not Vodka” Coffee Mug. Same idea as the above! For moms who enjoy alcohol.

13. How about this funny mug? It says, “Well done, mom! I am amazing!”

Well, you are amazing.

“Clean Underwear” Card

14. If you are looking for a funny but not offensive Mother’s Day card, then this “clean underwear” card is the one you need. It is a nice funny card that does not resort to calling mom names.

15. This “Ex Knife Set”. Tell her it is the person she hates!

16. Does mom like tea? How about this super funny tea infuser, featuring a manatee?

17. World’s Okayest Mom Shirt.

DIY Gifts for the Mom Who Wants Nothing

Another thing you can give to someone who does not want anything are home made gifts. You presenting them something you made with your time and love makes great presents for someone who says that she does not want anything as a gift. This works especially well if you employ the kids in making the gifts.

Stone Mat

Foot Massaging Stone Mat

18. This foot massaging stone rug is perfect for her bathroom!

19. Got a mason jar you do not use? You can transform it into a personalized vase that features you and mom! All you need is some paint and a photo of both of you! Check it out!

20. You can also make some candles in teacups! Here are the instructions.

Want More Gift Ideas for Moms?

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