As fun as the traveling sounds, it is one of the most exhaustive leisure activities one can afford. Save for the picturesque views you will see or the rare souvenirs you will take home, traveling will not only drain your wallet’s content but also your energy. Those are the prices to pay for the irreplaceable experience.

And while sometimes we can’t tag along for such trips, we can always give our loved ones something to bring along. Here are some of teh best gifts for those who travel a lot.

Instant Print Polaroid Camera

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Polaroid photography is one of the vintage trends that’s been prevalent for years. There’s just an unexplainable sentiment when you take photos and have them printed out in an instant especially that most of our photos now go straight to our social media profiles. But what makes this polaroid camera stand out is that it can record 1080p videos! It’s like a digital camera but has a built-in printer that instantly prints your photos. You can even doodle and add borders to your snaps before printing them out. Cameras always make nice gifts for those who travel a lot!

Water Bottle

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One of the terrors of traveling is getting lost in an unfamiliar place especially when you’re somewhere English is not a language. And as silly as this may sound but dehydration is a serious problem. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, hungry and lost. That’s why even a simple water bottle is very useful for travel trips to replenish your thirst and energy. What’s great about this particular bottle is that the manufacturer donates 10% of their sales to charity.

Sunglasses with UV Protection

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Wearing sunglasses is not only a fashion statement but is also a way to keep our vision healthy. Harmful UV rays can damage our eyesight and that’s why wearing sunglasses even on just a regular day out is important. These sunglasses are not only stylish but also has polarized lens that blocks off UV and UVB rays. Wearing sunglasses is perfect when going on a trip to a tropical country where the sun is with you throughout the year.

A Nice, Sturdy Backpack

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Backpacks are the most convenient type of bag you can bring in any trip. It’s easy to carry and is especially roomy for all your travel essentials and all the knickknacks you’d be buying from local bazaars. You can pack in a lot of stuff and backpacks can really lessen the strain on your body unlike body bags or tote bags that develop unbalanced postures.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

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Probably one of the worst encounters you will have when traveling is needing a bathroom break just to see that you are faced with a dingy toilet bowl. It’s extremely disgusting for you to actually get some release in there. Some toilets don’t even have toilet rolls available per cubicle and then you realize it when it’s already too late. Better safe than sorry! You need to have this survival kit to get through the toughest of your toilet woes.

Phone Lens Set

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When you’re on a tight budget and have no spare money to invest in a good quality and expensive camera, you can tweak your phone by adding in detachable lens to give flavor to your snaps! What’s great about this lens is they are both for the rear and front cameras. It features two lens effect: telephoto (2x optical zoom) and ultra-wide lens. You don’t need to bring in heavy lens and tripods for your camera because you can now take greater photos with your smartphone!

Travel Adapter

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Travelling comes with many surprises such as finding out that your phone charger is not compatible with the electrical sockets in your hotel! It’s the middle of the night and you can’t recharge your gadgets. What to do? You need this universal travel adapter that can accommodate various plugs around the world. You don’t even need to buy separate adapter because this one comes with five different ports/sockets.

Gadget Organizer

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Gadget organizers are essential gifts for those who travel a lot.

Our gadgets are some of the priciest commodities we own so it is only logical to give them proper care. But with the excitement and bustle when traveling, we usually just throw away our gadgets and their accessories in our bag and rummage for them when we need to. Thing is, this practice damages your gadgets little by little especially wired accessories like their chargers and earphones. Providing a separate case for all your tech stuff ensures their security from being pressed down by your other stuff. This organizer has garter straps to keep everything place even during a bumpy plane ride.