There are stay-at-home moms and there are an offshoot kind called work-at-home moms. These momtrepeneurs take staying at home at a whole new level by making the home a workplace to create an income for the family.

If your mom stays at home yet is capable of paying the bills, then you should be thankful you have a resourceful, intelligent woman you can call “mama”. Thank her with a present!

Here is a list of gifts for work-at-home moms or WAHMs for short. This list is applicable not only on Mother’s Day but also on Christmas or your mom’s birthday! Even just because!

Bread Keyboard Wrist Rest

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This super cute and super useful bread keyboard wrist rest make great gifts for work-at-home moms who use the computer a lot! The keyboard can strain the wrist after prolonged computer use and this can help ease the tension from the hands. Goodbye Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

12 Cup Coffee Maker

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A personal coffee maker! Most WAHMs run on caffeine and what else could be a better coffee gift than a coffee maker? She can take fresh coffee with very little waste anytime she feels she is running low on brain fuel. This is especially useful for blogger moms.

Heat Transforming Coffee Mug

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To compliment the gift idea above, why not give her a heat changing mug? One of my favorite heat changing mugs is this 8-bit heart mug that has a heart that turns bright red when hot, steaming coffee is add to the cup.

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A Comfy, Luxurious Set of Pajama

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Since working at home does not include wearing uniforms or formal business clothing, many WAHMs wear pajama to work! Why not make her work clothes even more comfy and luxurious by getting her a set of silk pajamas? These are so comfy, lightweight and they look good. Good enough for working at home and napping!

"Every Day is Casual Friday" Shirt

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Work-at-home moms do not have uniforms. They can wear whatever they like, take a break whenever they like. If you would want them to chuckle on your gift a bit, you can get her this "Every Day is Casual Friday" shirt. She will laugh at the truthiness of what this shirt is saying!

Death Star Cookie Jar

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Working at home is hungry job! A cookie jar will keep all those munchies fresh, ready to be eaten while mom works at home! If she is also a Star Wars geek, this gift is something she will love to look at. Be sure to add a bunch of cookies, too!

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Here Are More Interesting Cookie Jars Your Can Give a WAHM

Cookie Jars Make Great Gifts for Work-at-Home Moms

Don't like Star Wars? Check these other cookie jar to give your work-at-home mom!

My Stache Cookie JarTARDIS Cookie JarEgg Chick Cookie Jar

Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Now this might sound weird, but most work-at-home moms rave entertainment outside the house! You can make an event special by treating her to an outdoor activity, like this hot air balloon ride. The feel of the air on her face, the adrenaline rush... this will inspire her to work more! Plus, there is a huge chance that your gift for her will become the feature of her next blog post!

Aromatheraphy Oil Burner

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Working at home while has its perks is quite stressful. When she gets a headache from all that stress, aromatherapy can help in easing that achy head. Aromatherapy is also known to relax (she can use this while taking a break from working) and help her think sharper (so she can use this while she works).

Aromatherapy Oils to go With the Burner Above

Scents Make Great Gifts for Work-at-Home Moms

The burner above is useless without oils. Here are some oils to help her work and relax better!
  • Rose: Relaxes tension and stress
  • Bergamot: Calming
  • Peppermint: Makes someone think sharper and faster

"We Can Do It" Poster

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A picture of a strong woman, like your mom, on a classic poster. She can put this on the wall she always face when sitting on her work station so she can see this every time she works. A WAHM can sometimes feel unmotivated and uninspired and this gift idea will remind her of you telling her "you can do it, mom!" Plus, this poster just looks too cool!

A Cool-Looking Bluetooth Speaker

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Those who work at a home office know that music help someone keep going with their work. How about giving a cool-looking Bluetooth speaker for your work-at-home mom? Something like this alien speaker. It also tells the time! Mom has a new fun companion while she works!

Looking for More Gifts for Work-At-Home Moms?

You can check out out list of gifts for stay-at-home moms, too. Some apply to WAHMs. Also check out our lists for expecting, single and for moms who do not want anything. Good luck on the gift hunt!