Is you mom not the conventional stay-at-home type? Is she a business woman or a corporate woman who spends most of her time grinding at the office to make ends meet? Show your appreciation for her hard work by giving her a gift that she will appreciate!

This list of gifts for working moms are divided into touching, useful and fun gifts. These gift ideas are applicable with any occasion, whether it is Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, Christmas or just because!

Useful Gifts for Working Moms

Want to give mommy something she can use everyday? Here are some present ideas.

Manatea Tea Infuser

Manatea Tea Infuser

1. Tea Infuser – When you are working at a desk, drinks are king. A tea infuser will help her create delicious tea and fruit-infused water using a tea infuser! Make it adorable by buying this Manatea Tea Infuser, featuring a manatee chilling in the hot, relaxing tea spa.

2. Lose Tea Leaves – Unlike tea in bags, lose tea leaves has a fresher, more enticing, charming aroma. Buy her lose tea leaves to go with the cute tea infuser you bought just for your dearest working mommy! I recommend these sampler pack of four different tea variants in tin can canisters. They look great and will stack nicely in her office pantry.

Kuerig K50

Kuerig K50 Coffee Maker is one of the perfect gifts for working moms.

3. Kuerig Coffee Maker – If mom is more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, you can get her this super elegant Kuerig Coffee Maker. For something she can enjoy immediately, you can throw in….

4. A Set of Flavored Coffee Samplers – This gigantic collection of 40 sampler coffee flavors will make your working mom excited about her morning coffee!

5. Neck Pillow – This is perfect for the working moms who travel via air a lot! A neck pillow is something she can use so she can sleep while commuting so she can rest well without having neck strain.

Still by Jennifer Lopez

6. Sweet-Smelling Cologne – Something your working mom can use during work. This is great especially if mom is in sales where she speaks to a lot of people. A good smell are always equated with better rappot. Still by Jennifer Lopez has a great, dainty smell.

7. Signature Handbag – What can go wrong with a very useful and very classy handbag? Get her this Michael Korrs handbag.

8. One Year Subscription to Working Mother Magazine – So she can get business and parenting tips and tricks, as well as inspiration from the stories of successful working mothers featured in the magazine.

9. Make Up Set – Mom can use this when she goes to work!

10. iPod – Makes commuting less of a hassle because there is entertainment. Perfect for moms who travel a lot.

11. iTunes Gift Card – Something to buy music. It goes well with your gift at #10, which is a new iPod.

13. Power Bank – Something she can use when her iPod or smart phone loses power and she cannot get an electrical outlet. Also perfect for whose who makes their presentation using their tablets.

Fun Gifts for Working Moms

These presents are fun to have! She will have a blast using these gift ideas:

Candy-scented candles

14. Chocolate Scented Candles – If mom likes chocolates, then buy here these novelty candles that smell like candies. Delicious smell!

15. Sunglasses – For that fashionista look while outdoors!

16. Bathrobes – There is something luxurious about using bathrobes, eh? Buy her a soft Turkish bathrobe and she will be using these whenever she takes a bath.

17. A Bottle of Delicious Wine – Alcohol for relaxing and celebration!

18. Wine Bottle Opener – Something to go with a bottle of wine!

Bigfoot Slippers!

19. Plush Slippers – A pair of plush slippers will keep her feet toasty when she is just chilling at home on the weekends! I love the humor of these bigfoot slippers!

20. Funny Throw Blanket – Another something she can use when just chilling at home. This galaxy cat throw is funny and cute!

21. Spa Gift Basket – For her everyday R&R when she goes home from a tiring day.

22. Funny Stress Balls – Something to calm her down when talking to that irate customer over the phone… again!

Touching Gifts for Working Moms

Mom framed poem

Gifts that will tug at her heartstrings!

23. “MOM” Framed Poem – A touching gift, especially if you are now living away from mom.

24. Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul – This book contains stories that will inspire, touch and motivate moms who wear different nameplates in life.

25. Spa Session (With You!) – You know, one of the best gifts you can give mom is your time and attention. Why not go to spa with her for a mom-daughter bonding?

26. Dinner Date – Then take mom to a dinner with you!

27. Hire a Professional Chef to Cook for Her – Or, you can hire a private chef that will buy ingredients, cook a nice three-course gourmet dinner and clean up inside her abode. I think this is a superb idea especially because working moms rarely get to eat something this special because of their schedules.

Looking for More Gifts for Working Moms?

How about these gifts for work-at-home moms (also known as WAHMs)? Or, since most working moms are single moms, you can also check out this list of presents for single mothers. Lastly, check out this list of gifts for managers… you might find something nice for mom there, too!